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Are You Making These Rookie Mistakes Selling Your Home?

Do you need to sell your home? If so, you must take the right steps. It’s easy to get lost selling your property. People make countless mistakes during this process. These mistakes can stop you from selling a home for the best price. Or, it will cause your home sale to take longer. Here are five mistakes you must avoid when selling your property.

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Choosing A Price That’s Too High

First, you need to choose the right price for your home. If you choose a price that is too high, you will struggle to get attention on the market. Buyers will just ignore your home completely. The price you choose must match the rest of the market. It’s not just about the size of the home or the build. If the market is poor, this will impact how much you can ask for. To avoid a price that is too high, get your home valued by a professional team. Companies like Brista Realty will handle this for you and provide the expert advice you need.

Forgetting First Impressions

Think about first impressions next. First impressions are critical if you want to sell your home without issues. To make the right first impression, consider your curb appeal. You can improve your curb appeal with changes to the garden.

Try making your grass a little greener or the garden, in general, more colorful. Add tropical plants to the garden to bring it to life. Many plants like this are easy to maintain. If you need help, speak to a landscaper. They will find the natural beauty of your garden while also accentuating key areas.


Your home won’t be the only property for sale on the market. It likely won’t even be the only home for sale on your street. You must make sure that your home stands out from the rest. It needs to attract the interest of buyers.

Do this by finding the right USP or unique selling point. There are lots of examples of USPs for homes. For instance, it could be part of your curb appeal. You may add a water feature to the front of your home. Or, choose a front door that stands out from the rest of the street.

Sending The Wrong Message

Finally, you must send the right message to buyers and avoid the wrong ones. For instance, you should never make them think you need a fast sale. This puts you in a weaker position. There are lots of signs you need to sell a home fast. One example would be leaving the home empty. Even if you are ready to move, you should leave furniture in place. It needs to look like you still live on the property and that you are in no rush to leave.

It’s clear there are countless mistakes you can make selling a home. It’s easy to avoid these issues if you take the right steps. Do this and your home will sell fast without any issues on the market at all.


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