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Marketing Tips For First Time Sellers

Have you decided that it is time to upgrade to a bigger and better property? If so, you will need to sell your current abode, and you will want to do so quickly and at a good price. With that in mind, read on to discover plenty of useful online marketing tips. When it comes to online marketing you should embrace free online listing websites and directories. Ensure your agent’s listing is up to scratch. Update your Facebook and Twitter pages. Why not look for relevant property blogs that could help to advertise your home?

What about print advertising? A good advert in both the major newspapers and the local newspapers can be a bonus. You could also post flyers on bulletin boards and in popular local shops.

Catching the eye of the buyer

One of the biggest blunders people make is overlooking the importance of the headline when marketing their property. No matter whether you are creating your property’s listing, writing a blog post, marketing on Facebook or Twitter, or writing a magazine post, you need to grab attention with a killer headline. It’s the fundamentals of writing. If a headline doesn’t catch the eye, who is actually going to bother to read the content anyway?

You probably already have a great real estate agency behind you. They will be able to further advise you but it is true that even with their help, some of the work should come from you. The content that you put out there should be great. It should be impeccable photography, incredibly easy to digest content. This is what will make people click and read further. You are selling the lifestyle, not merely your walls, floors, curtains and the furniture! Use descriptive language and speak about the life people could lead if they bought your home. Busy business people may want a luxury executive condo with modern finishes and wonderful city views. Look at what magazines are doing too, and what would attract you.

Does your main image make people click?

The main image you use of your property on websites and portals is so important so it’s best to hire a professional photographer. It’s good to utilize the space around the home, including any outdoor spaces. This sells. Make your home look as if it is the best place to live. Of course, location plays a big part so be sure to sell it on that too. If it’s in a city, that is a big bonus to many for career choices.

It is also great to provide the buyer with any other information you can get your hands on about the neighborhood and the opportunities in the area. Is it a sustainable area? Perhaps it is an up and coming area with new restaurants? There could be some leaflets or flyers that provide relevant information for them about the area which you could hand to them. Show them the best part of living here and what really makes your home great.


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