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Medieval Home Decorating Designs

Medieval architecture has a dark and steady appearance that somehow is regal and beautiful at the same time. You see medieval design in places like castles and old churches or structures from the medieval era.

It’s really a lost art but if you are a fan of castle structure, warrior eras, royalty, and similar romantic notions, you just might want to add a flair of medieval décor to your home and we have just the perfect ideas for you to do so.

If you decide to make your own décor or make medieval changes to your home, be sure your tools are equipped and ready for the job! You might need one of the best band saw blades for the job!

1.   Medieval Arch Design

One popular architectural design that castles particularly are known for is the use of arches. It’s easy to add arches to your home using open doorways and designs. It’s really pretty amazing how much an arch can change a space. In a location where you have a normal boxy cutout for a doorway, an arch will open up that space and transforms it into something that you just can’t look away from.

Arches are popular in other types of architectural styles as well but there are ways to bring medieval character to them. Arched ceilings, arched doorways, and arched windows are all a great way to bring medieval design to your home. Grab your circular saw and start planning!

2.   Wall Tapestries

A wall tapestry is one of the most basic and iconic ways to bring medieval décor to your home without doing any sort of renovation or heavy labor to get it done. Wall tapestries were one of the most outstanding features of medieval times.

Typically wall tapestries are some sort of art or patterned cloth that is hung on decorative rods, much like a curtain. This is then attached to your walls. Medieval tapestries are sizable additions and they may cover a large portion of your wall.

3.   Choose Your Color Wisely

Another great way to bring some medieval inspiration to life in your home is to use colors that remind you of medieval design or possibly a castle space. It might just be time to travel to a city like Mont Saint Michel or another similar medieval experience to get some inspiration.

Castles often have dark colors or jewel tones. Picture colors like burgundy, gold, and deep greens and put them to work in your medieval home décor. You can paint the walls and then use other accents to lighten up the room or you can integrate it into other aspects of the décor.

4.   Furniture Makes a Statement

If you really want a medieval design factor, use your furniture to make a statement. Medieval furniture was chunky, heavy, and large. It ALWAYS made a statement!

It was more than just thick and heavy but it was complex. Medieval furniture is well-known for having gorgeous hand-crafted detailing and carving directly into the heavy wood. Every piece is unique and artistic with detail.

A great way to bring medieval décor to your home is to mimic the style with furniture that meets the era.

5.   Wood Work

Finally, we recommend incorporating wood into your medieval design. In the medieval time period, wood and stone were the primary building materials. These were what you saw in the details and what will really stand out in medieval décor.

Use dark wood in strong and sturdy manners to bring a medieval touch. We recommend wood specifically in framing materials or across the beams of the ceiling. This will be similar to that of the medieval era.

You can also use dark wood furniture throughout the home as well for this particular medieval décor solution for your home.


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