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Miami Real Estate Investment Opportunities Are Still Abundant

High quality Miami real estate investment opportunities are still abundant.  It might be easy to get discouraged when seeing news reports of scarce inventory and reluctant sellers due to the current hot market.  My simple advice is – don’t believe the hype. And certainly, do not feel like the train has already left the station. I strongly feel that Miami is in the middle of a significant renaissance.

Capital is flying into the city from uber-powerful New York private equity firms.  I know this because I deal with them every day. Just yesterday, I basically heard the same message twice from two separate large NY groups, ” Kaya, even though we are living in New York, deals are just getting too difficult here.  We have a strong interest in Miami.  We think that it has tremendous upside.”   It’s never a bad idea to follow the smart money.  The big firms in NY employ large staffs in their underwriting departments.  They are following macro and micro trends and doing deep analysis on Miami and Miami Beach, and the results have yielded a strong green light for executing on Miami real estate investment opportunities.

Smart Miami Real Estate Investment Options

So, where are the best Miami real estate investment opportunities?  Well, that question depends upon your own criteria and risk tolerance. If we are looking at the residential sector, and you want a luxury home, there are a few communities that I would highly recommend.  Star Island and Fisher Island are at the top of the list for Miami luxury real estate. The communities are incredibly prestigious, located just minutes away from the entertainment of South Beach and have an assortment of interesting deals available at the moment.  The Sunset Islands have a similar appeal, although the community get lets press and is more understated. For instance, it’s possible to acquire a house on the Sunset Islands for under $1.5mil (while still being in a community for homes of $15mil and $18mil).

Sunset Islands Luxury Homes

Exploring the Sunset Islands further for their value as one of the best Miami real estate investment opportunities brings us back to the old adage of…location, location, location.  The community has a special amenity – walking distance to Lincoln Road.  There aren’t many private islands in the world that are actually walking distance to world-class High Street retail.  Residents often discuss amongst themselves that the Sunset Islands are the coolest and least pretentious of the Miami private islands communities.  The islands are home to some of the most glamorous annual costume parties on planet Earth.  Life is good on South Beach!

There are so many types of real estate investment opportunities in Miami to cover.  I have only scratched the surface here by covering the Sunset Islands.  Stayed tuned for future posts about more commercial-oriented investments.  As a serial entrepreneur and investor myself, I am incredibly excited about the economic growth of Miami.







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