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Moving To A Big City? Use These Tips For A Smooth Transition

Moving houses can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing in any circumstance. If you are packing up and heading into a big city from the suburbs or small town, then it can be positively frightening.

And the questions come fast and furious to the point that you can get overwhelmed. How do you keep your house safe? Does it make sense to keep your car? These are just a couple of the questions that many would-be city dwellers have to answer before the move.

In this article, I will give you some tips to keep in mind before the big move so you can make a smooth transition to the city.

1 – Pick the right neighborhood

One of the nicest things about a big city is how there are different neighborhoods with different vibes. For every stage of life, you are in or for every personality type, there is a neighborhood that will feel like the ideal place for you to live.

Each neighborhood will have landmarks that make it unique, restaurants and nightlife for the night owls, green spaces for families, or the hustle and bustle of businesses. So, before you pick a house or apartment, pick a neighborhood that is best going to suit your needs.

For instance, in New York City, families mainly stick to Brooklynn since there are lots of open spaces around and there are generally more schools to choose from. The Bowery district is popular with bohemian types that love to hit the bars and then go to see some live music when they aren’t working. And older couples enjoy the area around Central Park for the quiet.

2 – Find your tribe

Another benefit of living in a city is that there are going to be many people that share whatever your passions in life are. By reaching out to some groups or clubs, you are sure to end up with a ready-made social circle that doesn’t involve just your coworkers.

For instance, if you are a cinephile, surely there is a group that meets regularly to go to movies. Love to bowl? Pretty much every city in the country has a league you can join. If you like to paint then there is always a neighborhood where you can mingle with other artists.

3 – Get out of your bubble

Something that is a bit of a trap in a small town or suburb is that you end up spending most of your time with people that are just like you. Cities have a wider variety of people so life can be much more vibrant because you are meeting people that are actually much different than you are.

Try to branch out so you can be meeting these people. Try some new cuisines that you had never thought of trying before. Join clubs that do activities that are new to you. And make sure to explore some of the neighborhoods around that may not show up on the tourist maps so you can see new faces and experience unfamiliar sights and sounds.


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