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Need a New Driveway? 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Paving Contractors First

If you are planning to build a new driveway for your home, then you have probably already done the math and understand how much of an investment a driveway is. With this in mind, choosing the right paving contractor for the job is very important.

To help make the best choice, we have outlined 5 important questions you should ask paving contractors before settling with one.

1. For How Long Have You Been in Business as Paving Contractors

When shopping for a paving contractor, it is important to know about the history of your potential hire. A company that has been in the driveway paving business for a good number of years shows that they must be doing something right and have the relevant experience needed for the job.
This does not mean that upcoming local paving contractors cannot do a good job. Paving contractors who have been in business for longer just give a greater sense of assurance.

2. How Can You and Your Team Guarantee the Job

To guarantee a driveway paving job, paving contractors will need to provide you with information relating to:
• The scope of work to be done
• The most important elements of the project
• The possible challenges to be faced during the project
• The timelines for the driveway project
• The responsibilities of the contractor and his team
• The fees and charges summed up in the estimated quote

Experienced commercial paving contractors know their work well enough and should be able to communicate all these aforementioned details effectively. He should also be able to confidently answer your questions on whether there will be any hidden costs after the project is completed.

3. Asphalt or Concrete, Which Is Best

You should ask your potential paving contractor if asphalt or concrete is better for your driveway project. A competent paving contractor should be able to adequately analyze your project, recommend which of the two is better and clearly explain their rationale to you. Also, experience in working with different materials speaks highly of the expertise of a paving contractor.

4. Do You Have A List Of Other Projects You Have Completed In My Area

Seeing is believing, and since it is your money that you will be putting down, you should get a clear picture of what to expect. Paving contractors who can vouch for the work they do should not have an issue with providing a list of projects that they have completed in your area or the neighboring area for you to check out. Do your due diligence, check out the projects previously done and decide if you are satisfied with the handiwork and final looks showcased.

5. Is Your Company Better Business Bureau Accredited

Accreditation from Better Business Bureau goes a long way in guaranteeing the integral and accountable nature of paving contractors. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to consider working only with accredited members. Thanks to the Better Business Bureau, you can check out the rating of paving contractors you are considering working with as well as view their history of filed complaints.

You Are Driveway Ready

The above 5 questions should help you narrow down your options until you have the best paving contractor for the job. They don’t apply only to residential paving contractors. Check out our blog for more tips and information related to the real estate sector.


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