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Finding Metro Detroit Commercial Window Office Tinting Companies For Properties

For any business or commercial property, the overall look of your office is a representation of your image or brand. You want to make sure that your employees and clients are protected, as well as your information and all your assets.

That’s why you need to upgrade your office equipment, office furniture, security devices, and even your office windows. You don’t have to keep your boring old office windows because commercial window office tinting companies now offer a modern look for your investment properties.

In this post, you’ll learn more about how to find a trusted and reliable commercial window office tinting company, as well as the facts, features, and benefits of having your office windows tinted, or the advantages of office window tinting services.

Finding A Commercial Window Office Tinting Company

Window tinting or glass coating is the newest trend to achieve a modern look for your investment properties. It has a lot of uses like sun protection or as a perfect design element with solar wind shades.

Of course, you want to protect your property from harsh elements and still keep it looking professional and modern or up-to-date to encourage investors and gain more customers. This is why you have to find a good office window tinting company to achieve these goals.

When it comes to choosing a commercial window office tinting company, you need to consider hiring a licensed, insured, experienced, and reputable company. You have to see the portfolio of the company to determine the right type of window tinting product or service for you. Be wary if the company refuses to provide a portfolio and references.

The benefits of hiring a commercial window office tinting company with a good reputation and a solid background include excellent craftsmanship and high-quality output.

Learn more about the good qualities and benefits of hiring a commercial window office tinting company by continuing to read below.

Here are some tips when finding an office window tinting company in Metro Detroit:

  • Go to the website of your prospective office window tinting company and check the offered products and services. Read the “About Us” and “FAQ” pages to get to know more about the company and the type of office window tinting services they offer.
  • Call the company and ask for the physical address and get at least three references. Contact each reference to get an idea of how the office window tinting company works.
  • Choose one that works with different suppliers, like 3M, which provides high-quality window tinting products. It’s a popular brand of adhesives for windows.
  • Check the portfolio of the company so you’ll have a proper perspective of what window tinting products to choose for your investment properties.

Benefits Of Office Window Tinting

Window tinting is a great investment as this makes your office building or investment properties look modern. Glass coating is not only for aesthetic purposes. It has a lot more to offer for your business, your employees, and your clients and customers. Check the best benefits of window tinting below:

  • Health Benefits: Using glass coating or having your office windows tinted is beneficial for your health. You technically avoid getting the people inside the building exposed to the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.
  • Safety and Privacy: In any business, safety and security are essential. That’s why you need to keep all your assets safe inside your building through window tinting. You’ll have more privacy and security because unauthorized persons can’t see what’s happening inside the building, keeping all your information and assets safe.
  • Keep Your Office Cool: Window tinting can block 99% of harmful UV rays that get inside the room, so solar heat is also minimized, keeping your office cool and comfortable.
  • Reduce Utility Bills: Replacing your old windows with tinted windows is a good idea. Window tinting promotes energy-efficiency because it can also block 80% of the heat coming from inside or indoors to help you out with your heating bill.
  • Business Benefits: Once you upgrade your old office windows to glass-coated windows, you give your customers and investors a good impression that you’re up-to-date, flexible, and adaptive to changes. These are good qualities for an investor like you, helping you establish a good and solid reputation. Increase your rental rates and reduce vacancy rates by upgrading your windows through glass coating.

Qualities Of A Good Commercial Window Office Tinting Company

Once you have narrowed down your choices of the best office window tinting companies in your area, it’s time to choose the right company by looking at the following:

  • Solid Years of Experience: Ask how many years the company has been working in the industry and what type of services they’ve been providing in commercial properties around your area.
  • Expert Workers: Make sure that the company only employs experienced and skilled window workers. Ask for the last training they’ve attended, as well as certifications and other credentials.
  • Excellent Customer Service: You would want to be able to contact the company fast and easy if issues arise during the installation process or even after the office window tinting job is done. Ask about the communication methods the company offers like a dedicated customer support line (toll-free number or landline number), email, chat support, or text message.
  • Warranty and Insurance: These two must always be sought in any service work. You want to ensure that you won’t be liable for any untoward accidents or damages the office window tinting job entails, so you have to ensure that the company offers service warranty and insurance.

Decorative Office Window Tinting

You can boost the aesthetic appearance of your building without spending a lot of money. Decorative window tinting is an excellent alternative to etched glass, which is appealing and budget-friendly. When it comes to office window decorations, the durable material is polyester along with its significant architectural beauty.

Here are the facts about decorative window tinting:

  • Decorative office window tinting refers to the application of window films to the inside part of office windows. Professional window installers should perform the job to ensure correct application.
  • Office window tinting is perfect for residential homes, conference rooms, lobbies, private offices, verandas, glass partitions, and retail settings.
  • The different patterns or specific assortments you can choose from include the following: decorative accents, decorative vision strip (crystal clear), full coverage privacy (with graphics to cover doors and windows from top to bottom), and privacy banding (perfect for meeting areas and conference rooms).


Protect your investment properties by upgrading your office windows, and you’ll also reap other benefits. All the people working for you, as well as your customers and clients, are kept safe from harmful UV rays. Of course, window tinting adds a touch of modernism and professionalism to your property, creating an inviting environment that can encourage more investors and customers to do business with you.

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen: 5 Stunning Kitchen Remodeling Tips to Help You Get Started

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home projects out there.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, your remodel can get out of hand fast. Learning how to remodel your kitchen takes a bit of research and preparation.

That’s why we’ve put together these five helpful kitchen remodel tips to help you get started.

So let’s get started!

1. Know When to Splurge and When to Save

There are some things that are worth spending extra money on, but there are also things that aren’t worth the expense. So before you start your kitchen remodel, make sure you know what things fall into each category.

For example, full-extension, soft close drawers are a good investment. They give you the ability to see and access everything inside, and they don’t slam when you close them.

But a pot filler feature, on the other hand, might not be worth what you spend to install it. While it does make filling up pasta pots easier, you’d have to make a lot of pasta to justify the price.

Make sure you set a budget before you start renovating. This will help keep you on track financially and keep you from overspending.

2. Reuse What You Can

Kitchen remodels can get expensive fast. So make sure you save and reuse everything you can.

Just because you don’t like the look of your cabinets doesn’t mean you should throw them away and buy new ones. You might be able to sand them down and repaint them instead.

You can also save money by keeping the appliance hookups in the same spots, or you can create new counters by keeping the same structure and installing quartz countertops.

These things can help you save money and transform your kitchen at the same time.

3. Don’t Overlook the Little Things

The small details may not be as noticeable as appliances and counters, but they are just as important.

Old, painted-over cabinet door hinges will make your kitchen look dated and shabby. By installing new, shiny hinges, you’re giving your entire kitchen a sleek, clean feel.

You should also avoid installing mismatched appliances. Even installing a new sink fixture can pull your whole remodel together.

4. Utilize Every Inch of Space

Don’t leave any space in your kitchen underutilized. Instead, look for creative ways to add other important features or extra storage space.

For example, consider putting toe-kick drawers under your kitchen cabinets. Although small, these types of drawers can hold cutting boards, Tupperware lids, foldable stepstools, etc.

But don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your counter space. Don’t cut your workspace short just to add another set of cabinets.

5. Don’t Do It by Yourself

You should never do your kitchen remodel completely on your own.

Unless you have the necessary experience, DIYing a remodel can make your kitchen look thrown together. It can also make the job more expensive.


You might have to buy extra supplies if you make a mistake. Or if you mess up too bad, you might have to hire a professional anyway.

Always let the experts handle the remodel for you.

Understanding How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Trying to figure out how to remodel your kitchen?

Creating a budget is the best place to start. After that, make sure you do some research and find out what features are worth your money and what features you should skip.

And remember, a remodel doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Reusing some of the things you already have can save you both time and money.

Want to learn more about kitchen remodels?

Make sure you check out more of our blog!

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The Benefits of Installing a Stair Lift Dallas into Your Property

Inside your own home, safety and comfort should be of utmost importance. Homeowners should prioritize the functionality of their home as it will greatly influence their lifestyle and outlook in life. Every space in a property counts, and every inch of space should contribute to its residents being able to move and live pleasantly.

However, people with mobility issues tend to require more assistance in navigation, especially when living in a multi-story residence. Installing a stair lift from can be the best mobility solution for people requiring more attention. If you’re interested in knowing what options you have for a stair lift, you can visit

While most people may not be aware of this, stair lifts have passed through countless generations, as the first stair lift was used by King Henry VIII to help him with his walking issues. Before, a block and tackle mechanism supported by ropes are used. As stair lifts are progressively evolving today, new technologies are added to help humanity with their needs. Homes are becoming more luxurious and functional upon a good investment. As a new stair lift technology is curated, humans can harness the additional benefits and advantages of having one.

Independence and freedom

Every circumstance doesn’t guarantee that we can offer people some help when climbing up and going down the stairs. With the help of stair lifts, people with mobility issues can climb from floor to floor independently. As some people may not prefer depending on others every time, they can have the freedom of climbing without anyone with the use of a stair lift.

Additionally, as an able-bodied person that offers help to your relatives when taking the stairs, you can have the freedom to move as well. You won’t have to worry about them whenever you’re not around, as they can count on the stair lift.


Many factors can provoke stair-related accidents, such as slippery floors, poor lighting, obstructions and slipping hazards, or you just happened to miss the steps. This can be particularly dangerous with people with mobility issues, as their disability, plus the chance of getting involved in accidents, puts them at a disadvantage.

For less accidents inside your home, stair lifts can be installed along with other safety and personal features. You can add some features such as foot sensors, harnesses, and seatbelts. There are also special sensors that detect when an object is along the pathway of the lift, so you can remove them instantly.

The mechanism of the stair lift is designed to run in a smooth and balanced way, even with sudden halts that could ruin the experience of the occupant. You can have an additional remote control for your stair lift, to help the occupant control the stair lift in any way they want without feeling unsafe. Because of these features, you can feel more assured that you and your family are in good hands.

If you think those are all the features you can add, there’s actually more on the list. There are available flip-up seats and rails, and a stair lift’s system where you can fold and set the chair aside when not in use, so people who prefer to climb the stairs can do so.

Saves more space

Unlike elevators that require a vast space for installation, stair lifts can be installed right away in any stairway. It is simply an elevating chair that could fit one person at a time, and it doesn’t take up a big space on the stairs. Furthermore, the other equipment that come with it, such as the rails, don’t take up too much space as well.

Cost- and time-efficient

Instead of having an elevator, installing a stair lift in your home saves on expenses and time in the long run. Your home needs a huge remodeling during the process of elevator installation, such as removing furniture and decorations on the elevator space, digging up for the elevator’s hoistway, and more. Also, if your home already has stairways that will be replaced by an elevator, you still have to demolish the existing stairs rather than simply installing a stair lift.

Moreover, building elevators require more materials, equipment, and labor than stair lifts. Aside from the equipment costs of a stair lift, you’ll only need to worry about the electrical costs that will be installed at the stairs’ foundation.

Additional functionality and accessibility

When your home looks pretty dull and in need of new upgrades, ergonomic stair lifts that suit your aesthetics can be a good boost to your home. The overall appearance of your home mirrors your lifestyle and personality, and vice versa, so you should maximize its potential to become an amazing home that looks pleasing to both its residents and guests.


Upon installing a stair lift, you have successfully added a new function and piece to your home that can be readily accessible at any given time. As stair lifts come with a maximum size that would not block the whole stairway, anyone can climb the stairs and use the stair lift at the same time. These functions will help the residents when running errands and during emergency situations.

Everything is customizable

Stair lifts can come in the same size—but not if you don’t want them to. Today, various home decor trends are emerging, and you can add a touch of personal customization to your stair lift so it could fit the needs and preferences of its occupants. You can have a tailor-made chair to be installed, which caters to the size of the occupants so they will feel more comfortable while using it.

There are also options for stairways that have unique builds and designs. For instance, there are some homeowners who hesitate installing a stair lift because their stairways are shaped into curves or spirals. Evidently, straight rails will not fit into these types of stairways. But don’t panic—you can still have a custom stair lift made for you.

These custom curved stair lifts can handle the stair’s complexity and can fit on the landings and curves of the stairs. Of course, the cost for this special type of stair lift is relatively higher, as they require more work and personalization.


As time passes by, more breakthroughs will help people engineer more inventions and innovations that will help the human race live with ease, and stair lifts are a small step towards that. Regardless, stair lifts have provided more than people can expect, as a simple equipment can greatly matter in improving one’s mobility.

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10 Roofing Tips for the Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are one of the deadliest types of storms. In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean and the southeastern United States. There were 67 deaths in total.

There’s no guaranteed way to stay safe from a hurricane, but there are ways to prevent a disaster and to protect your home or business. Start with your roof.

Hurricanes can blow debris and even a tree on your roof, causing a collapse. The risk increases for a hurricane that’s a category 3 or higher.

Hurricane season is here and it’s time you start protecting your home from its effects. Read these 10 hurricane season tips and know how to protect your roof.

Hurricane Season Tips for Your Roof

While you board up your windows and remove your yard décor, you should also do some roof maintenance to ensure it will stand up to the elements. Here are some roofing maintenance tips to follow.

1. Install Roof Tie-Downs

They have many names: tie-downs, hurricane connectors, and even hurricane straps. Nonetheless, you should install them before a hurricane. Hurricane tie-downs are small structural bracing devices made of galvanized steel.

They provide a strong connection between the roof and the rafters. This prevents your roof from blowing away.

Keep in mind, not all homes and buildings will need these straps. Take a look at your local building code to see if they’re required.

2. Get a Roof Inspection

If your roof is old and your shingles are wearing down, your roof is lacking strong structure. This means it can collapse if the smallest piece of debris makes an impact. This is why it’s smart to get a roof inspection.

Be sure you only get an inspection by a qualified roofing contractor. They find the weak spots and recommends different courses of action to take, such as repairs.

You should also find a contractor who promotes storm-specific services, the way Storm Group Roofing does.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Debris and other things collapsing on your roof isn’t the only danger. Hurricanes bring lots of rain, and this rain will go into your gutters, causing them to clog up. In addition, they can fill up with debris and further degrade your home.

Make sure your gutters are clean before the storm. After the storm, clean them again to ensure they’re not clogged.

4. Trim and Cut Down Your Trees

The easiest way to prevent a tree from collapsing into your roof is to not have trees in your yard! You shouldn’t cut down all your trees, but you can get rid of a few to protect your roof.

Cut down any trees that are close to your home or hang down over your roof.

In addition, you should trim them up. Cut down any long or old limbs.

5. Look for Other Warning Signs

While a roofing contractor can handle the big diagnosis and damages, you can see any warning signs.

Inspect your roof before and after the storm. Before the storm, check for small issues such as loose nails. Hammer in those nails to prevent your shingles from breaking off.

After the storm, do another inspection. Check for water damage on your ceiling, rust spots, and any leaks.

6. Secure Your Skylight

Skylights are a trending feature. It’s a window on your roof that lets natural light in your home, helping to save energy. However, a hurricane can damage your skylight.

The heavy windows can form cracks in the window. And if a tree or debris falls through it, the window can crack and cause rain to enter your home. Repairing your skylight can cause thousands of dollars.

Secure your skylight by covering it with plywood.

7. Take Photos of Your Roof Before

This isn’t a maintenance tip. But it can save you in case there is any damage.

FEMA and other organizations provide funding for natural disasters. In addition, many insurance companies also provide relief. But your insurance company may be stringent.

To prove your claim, provide pictures of your roof before the storm to prove the damage.

You can take pictures of your roof while on the ground, but it’s best to get up on the roof to prove your roof is in good shape.

8. Remove Décor and Debris From Your Yard

Powerful hurricane winds can pick up anything, including that exquisite patio furniture set you spent lots of money on. You wouldn’t want that outdoor sectional or fire pit bursting through your roof, right?

Be sure to take all your yard décor and place it inside of your home.

Your décor isn’t your only concern. Remove all debris from your yard, such as leaves and dead branches. These may be small but they can damage your roof and gutters.

9. Continue With Regular Roofing Maintenance

You shouldn’t only get a roof inspection when a hurricane hits. Continue with regular roofing maintenance. You’ll always have a powerful roof in case a last-minute storm hits.

Meteorologists can only predict a hurricane between three and five days in advance before it hits. That’s because it takes time for a storm to form into a hurricane and get more powerful before it hits land.

It’s best to know you have a high-quality roof when you first hear of the storm.

10. Keep Up With Your Home Insurance and Roof Warranties

Even with all these tips, there’s no way to protect your roof from a hurricane. Prepare for the worst and know there’s a chance you can have a damaged roof.

Keep all documentation. Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover hurricane damage.

Make sure your insurance covers this by searching through your contract and seeing your coverage. In case your policy doesn’t cover hurricane damage, have FEMA contact and information nearby.

Do you have a roof warranty? Keep that information handy, as well.

Keep Your Roof and Home Safe From a Hurricane!

From important documentation to hurricane protective products, there are many ways to prep your roof for hurricane season. Keep these hurricane season tips in mind when the new storm rolls around.

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7 Key Tips for Finding the Best Drain Cleaning Experts

The septic, drain, and sewer cleaning industry is currently worth $3.4 billion, and for good reason — most people have no idea how to clean their own drains!

If you’re part of this group, hiring drain cleaning experts to come to your home and take care of your sink or shower drain can help you save time and ensure the job is getting done correctly.

Of course, to enjoy the benefits that drain cleaning experts have to offer, you need to make sure you’re working with the right ones.

Read on to learn more about how to find the best drain cleaning professionals for your home.

Signs You Need Your Drain Cleaned

Not only do many people have no idea how to clean their drains, but they also have no idea how to tell if their drain needs cleaning.

Here are some common signs that you need to clean your drain:

  • Water drains down it slower than usual
  • It gets clogged on a regular basis
  • It gurgles or makes other strange sounds
  • There are bubbles in your sink
  • A black residue is coming out of your shower drain
  • You have flooding in your basement
  • You can smell sewage
  • Fruit and drain flies are buzzing around

If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance you need a drain cleaning expert to come over and take a look at things.

Why Hire Drain Cleaning Experts?

Why do you need to hire a drain cleaning expert? Why can’t you just troubleshoot the problem yourself?

In theory, you could try to fix the problem on your own. Do you know anything about plumbing or drain cleaning, though?

That’s what we thought.

Instead of trying to Google your way through the problem, why not bring in someone who’s trained to deal with clogged, dirty trains?

There are lots of perks that come with hiring a professional, including the following:

  • Save time
  • Get a superior clean
  • Stay safe
  • Avoid accidental plumbing damage
  • Get access to the right tools
  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Hiring a professional also allows you to get to the root of the issue. You won’t just get your drain cleaned and unclogged. You’ll find out why it was clogged in the first place.

All of these great benefits seem worth the price of hiring a professional, don’t they?

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaning Experts

Clearly, there are benefits that come with hiring a professional to take care of your drain.

If you’re in the market for a drain cleaning expert, these seven tips will help you ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

1. Ask About Licensing and Insurance

First, make sure that the drain cleaning experts you’re considering are licensed to work with your state.

In most cases, in order to qualify for a license, the drain cleaner will have had to pass a standardized test and complete specific apprenticeship requirements. Make sure that the cleaner you’re considering has completed these pre-requisites and has the knowledge to work on your drain and get it fixed.

Remember, too, that licenses often come with insurance coverage. If a drain cleaner doesn’t have insurance, you could be held responsible for anything that goes wrong during the repair process.

2. Consider Their Experience

In addition to having the proper license and insurance coverage, your drain cleaner should have plenty of experience under their belt, too. Find out what kind of homes or apartments they typically work on and how long they’ve been practicing.

3. Request References

It never hurts to ask for references. Any good drain cleaner (or another service provider, for that matter) will have no problem with providing references and putting you in touch with past customers.

If someone you’re considering balks at the idea of providing references, that’s a major red flag.

Once you have a list of references from a cleaner, but sure to contact those references and find out what their experience was. Were they satisfied? Would they hire this person and their company again?

4. Look at Their List of Services

Before you spend too much time considering a particular drain cleaner, make sure they offer the services you need. Most cleaners will have a list of services available on their website. Check this to ensure they can handle the task you need them to address.

5. Consider the Cost

The cost of drain cleaning can vary quite a bit from person to person.

Ask the cleaner you’re considering for a free estimate to get an idea of what it will cost to clean your drain. Compare prices from a few different cleaners to see who will give you the best deal.

Remember, though, that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. If someone is charging a lot less than their competitors, there’s a chance they’ll provide subpar work.

6. Ask About Their Availability

If you’re excited about working with a particular drain cleaner and are ready to hire them, be sure to ask about their availability first.

You may be eager to visit these drain experts, but they might have a long waiting list.

Find out how soon they can get to your drain before you commit to hiring them.

7. Find Out if They Guarantee Their Work

Finally, make sure the cleaner you’re considering guarantees their work.

Will they come and fix the drain for free if something goes wrong within a certain period of time? Will they refund your money if it needs additional work?

Find out what kind of guarantee they offer before you sign any contracts.

Get Your Drain Cleaned Today

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring drain cleaning experts, as long as you’re working with trained and qualified professionals.

If you’ve noticed signs that your drain could use a professional cleaning, keep these tips in mind to ensure that only the best are working on your home.

Do you want to learn more about maintaining a home or apartment?

If so, we’ve got lots of helpful articles available on our site. Check out the maintenance articles today for more information and advice.

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10 Easy Ways to Incorporate an Industrial Look Into Your Home

There’s nothing more exciting than renovating your home. After all, it is your chance to transform the space that you cherish by giving it a fresh new look that is both exciting and inviting.

One of the great things about a home renovation is the endless choices and amazing potential. In fact, there’s never been a better time to upgrade an interior than now.

If you’ve been searching for a new interior style to refresh your home, we are here to offer great design ideas.

In this article, we give examples of how you can use the industrial look to make the interior of your house the envy of your friends and neighbors. Keep reading to see 10 fabulous examples of cool industrial modern design.

1. Exposed Mechanical Details

One of the standout features of industrial-inspired interiors is the use of exposed mechanical details. This could include anything from lamps to ceiling fans, sink fixtures and door hinges to overhead light fixtures.

This is a great look that really adds depth and texture to the overall feel of the environment.

2. Use Expressive Artwork to Add Artistic Flair

Most of the time, artwork is added to the room as an accent to the decor. Yet it can also be utilized as the dominate decorating theme.

We encourage you to go big. Make the room itself a work of art, incorporating the walls, floors, ceilings, and doors into the canvas of your artistic creation.

3. Utilize Exposed Pipe

Never underestimate the aesthetic value of exposed pipe. It has tons of uses. In rooms with old iron pipes that are still in use in your home, don’t try to hide them. It’s a great look that is both classic industrial and contemporary.

You can also add fixtures and furnishings made of pipe. Bookshelves and other forms of shelving add a touch of class and warmth.

Exposed pipe is a great way to tie in other industrial features within your home. It’s a subtle decorative touch that makes a big statement without being overwhelming.

4. Make the Most of Black

Black is a great interior color regardless of your design scheme. This is especially true when you’re wanting to work with a cool industrial vibe. The great thing about black is it’s so versatile and never goes out of style.

Black is perfect for walls, the floor, furnishings, fixtures, and accent pieces. The options are absolutely limitless. And it allows you to pull back with small touches or go full throttle.

5. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is one of the all-time great looks. It works with any style of home decor.

If you live in an old building, take advantage of the original brick surfaces that you might find hidden beneath drywall or wood paneling. There’s often a treasure trove of amazing brick hidden underneath.

Brick is timeless. Even if you decide to add brick to your home, manufacturers offer a wide range of products that will help you make the most of your industrial them.

6. Cement Plasters

Here is another super cool option for bringing a splash of industrial design into your space. Many homeowners are discovering high-quality cement plasters composites that look like polished concrete they can use as a material for floors or walls.

This material is composed of lime graded silica sand and admixtures. It helps achieve the look you want without the time and labor intensive work of using 100% cement.

The pre-mix dry powder substrate is formulated to maximize workability, durability, and adhesion. It’s available in a wide range of textures for both interior and exterior spaces.

The install process for cement plasters is relatively simple and works on both new and existing surfaces.

7. Maximize Repurposed Furnishings

Industrial design enables you to take advantage of a wide variety of aesthetic options. This includes the ability to combine old furnishes with new pieces. Repurposed furnishings provide a timeless look that is throwback yet enhances your contemporary vibe.

We encourage you to use weathered wood, distressed leather, and other materials that have actually gotten better with age.

Repurposed furnishings never go out of style. It’s always a matter of having a good eye for design and understanding how to mix and match. This is also a great way to save money by utilizing pieces you already own, or by shopping at swap meets and flea markets.

This is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fresh look for your space that will blow your mind.

8. Weathered Wood

Wood is a classic look that brings a touch of the outdoors into your interior space. And the use of weathered wood helps to add texture and dimension. Weathered wood looks amazing with nearly anything, including iron, glass, exposed brick, and even cement surfaces.

The great thing about weathered and distressed wood is that it’s a material that has the look of something that’s been around and lived a life. After all, it was once a living thing. In other words, it has a soul.

9. Focus on Contemporary Yet Rustic

The industrial look is appealing because it works on different levels. It’s a blend of the old and new, the sophisticated and rustic, artistic and mechanical. So make the most of this blend and you’ll love the results.

10. Mix Your Materials and Textures

Again, industrial design is all about mixing the materials and textures that combine to create an eclectic space.

From metal to leather, exposed brick to glass, and vibrant colors to back surfaces. It all combines to create a look that is constantly evolving and never boring.

Tips for Achieving the Industrial Look for Your Home

The industrial look continues to grow in popularity. This isn’t surprising, considering it’s a great look that can evolve and expand as your tastes change.

Choosing the design scheme for your home is the perfect chance for you to express yourself. The look of industrial design is flexible, offering both warmth and endless creative possibilities.

Continue reading our blog for more insights.

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10 Amazing Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to improve your home’s look and its value.

Do you want to know how to go about remodeling your bathroom yourself for less money? Just follow these ten helpful hints to make your bathroom beautiful!

1. Make Sure Your Bathroom Renovation Budget Is Realistic

While a custom tub and gilded faucets may be your dream, you should be aware of how much it will cost. An average bathroom remodel costs around $11,500 in the United States. A high-end remodeling job could cost you over $20,000 while a less ambitious project could still run you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

You should also figure out how much of the work you can take on yourself. Many aspects of bathroom remodeling can easily be learned, but you don’t want to make a mistake with a power tool that you can’t fix. It is worth consulting with a professional to get a sense of both price and difficulty level for your dream bathroom remodeling job.

2. Go Antique for Bathroom Remodel Chic

If you have never gone antiquing for a home renovation project, it highly suggested for several reasons. If you are going for an older look or aesthetic, a thrift store or antique shop might be your ticket to bathroom bliss.

If you happen to be a true DIYer, you can easily buy reclaimed or antique wood to help give your bathroom remodel a unique look. Older furniture and vanities can be made into purpose-built bathroom furniture and even sinks.

3. Make Sure You Have Everything the First Time

Rather than getting everything for your bathroom remodel as needed, you should make a complete list and have everything on hand. If you are unable to put your bathroom back together with what you have, what’s the point in ripping it apart?

Avoid this mistake will save you time and money. It will also make sure your bathroom is out of commission for as little time as possible.

4. Consider Quality Over Cheaping Out

If your bathroom needs something to help make it stand out, consider investing in a showpiece like a custom countertop or unique showerhead. It is also worth noting that less expensive bathroom fixtures need to be replaced more quickly. If you have money left over for something nice, spend it on something that you love, and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Consider If You Need a Full Remodel at All

It can be frustrating to dislike the room that all of us spend our time in out of necessity. Before tearing up the whole room, you should consider how much work needs to be done. Simply upgrading your faucets or lighting can make a large difference in a bathroom’s appearance.

If the tile is what you don’t like, that can be a relatively cheap and easy way to make your bathroom look brand new. Rather than buying a whole new toilet, consider replacing the seat or lid to change its appearance for the better.

6. Make Your Own Custom DIY Shelving or Mirror

While a fancy mirror can make a bathroom remodel pop, did you know you can easily make your own? You simply need some molding for the frame and some professional-grade mirrored glass. You’ll end up with a custom mirror for a fraction of the cost that all your guests will envy.

Shelving is one of the easiest DIY projects for beginners to construct. All you need is some scrap or reclaimed lumber, a circular saw and some screws or nails. For pennies on the dollar, you can fully upgrade your bathroom storage to meet your needs.

7. When in Doubt, Use the Right Grout

One of the simplest yet most often overlooked aspect of bathroom remodels is making sure you use the correct grout in the right places. Grout is quite literally the glue that holds your bathroom together and can cause you many headaches if used incorrectly. For example, cement-based grout is only good for use in dry areas and will crumble if used on showers or baths.

Another thing to consider is how much you care about the grout’s appearance. As with clothing, white grout will be much more easily stained and discolored. Consider using colored grout if you want to avoid this issue for your bathroom remodel.

8. Know When to Call in the Professionals

If your bathroom remodel ideas call for relocating electrical outlets or the plumbing itself, make sure you know what you’re doing. If you just start cutting away without the right knowledge, you could cause thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

You do not want to mess around with water lines or electrical wires unless you know what you are doing. No remodeling job is worth getting electrocuted or causing a flood over.

9. Paint Your Way to a Better Bathroom

As the saying goes, sometimes all you need is a new coat of paint. Before committing to a full bathroom remodel, it is worth painting the room first and then seeing what needs to be done. Of the various remodeling tasks that you can take on yourself, painting is one of the cheapest and easiest to do.

You will be surprised how much better your bathroom looks. Painting can also help you establish a baseline to see what other improvements need to be made if any. You might end up surprised with how different your freshly painted bathroom appears.

10. Consider Alternatives to Tiles

While a tiled bathroom is a thing of beauty, it is also very costly to accomplish. Rather than covering every wall with ceramic or porcelain, consider using wainscoting, which is much easier and cheaper to install yourself. For replacing your flooring, modern vinyl tiling or beadboard can make a beautiful substitute at a fraction of the cost of tiling.

Make Your Bathroom Remodel Easy and Affordable

Starting a bathroom remodel can greatly improve the value of your home or rental property as well as your overall happiness.

Much of the work can be done yourself, but you should always recognize when you need professional help. Keep checking back for more home remodel ideas!

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Go Green: Why You Should Consider Getting Eco-Friendly Flooring

Aside from aesthetics, people generally don’t think twice about the type of flooring they put into their homes. However, it’s time we do. It’s time we start looking at eco-friendly flooring.

Every year, Americans dump roughly 5 billion pounds of carpet into landfills. Considering most carpeting is made from synthetic, nonsustainable fibers, this creates a 5 billion pound problem.

Additionally, while it may seem like a status symbol to use rare, elegant hardwoods in your home, it’s only a status symbol because they’re expensive. The reason they’re expensive, unfortunately, is because they’re rare.

However, along with saving the planet one floor-plank at a time, eco-friendly flooring boasts a ton of benefits.

Take a look!

Limitless Options

There are so many eco-friendly flooring options, it’s impossible not to find something you like. From metal tiles to corkboard flooring, your options are nearly unlimited.

For example, Empire Carpet and Flooring offers a wide variety of affordable eco-friendly flooring options and can be found in nearly every state! Find other Empire Flooring locations here!


Cork is an amazing, natural renewable resource that comes from cork oak trees. Most of the cork harvested comes from Portugal, where environmentally conscious laws protect them.

Additionally, cork oak trees are unique in that their bark can be pulled off in layers to harvest cork, yet regenerate over time. This means cork oak trees can yield a harvest time and time again without being cut down.

Cork is both hypoallergenic and an excellent fire-resistant insulator.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been around for as long as we can remember, made famous by landmark buildings such as St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

However, as environmentally conscious folks look for more eco-friendly flooring options, recycled mosaic tiles have made a huge reappearance.

Because most recycled glass tiles are made small, it creates a great opportunity to be creative and artistic with your floors. You can keep it simple with one or two basic colors, or create geometric shapes and patterns.

Eco-Friendly Carpet

As we mentioned above, America has a 5 billion pound carpet problem each year, accounting for a large percentage of landfill waste.

However, many people, even green-enthusiasts really appreciate the warm, cozy feel of a well-carpeted home. No worries, eco-friendly flooring has an answer.

Wool carpet is a well-insulated, fire-resistant, and hypoallergenic option for carpet lovers everywhere. Unless they’re allergic to wool, that is.

Alternatively, if you like using recycled materials to slowly save the world, consider PET carpet. PET doesn’t actually have anything to do with pets, it actually stands for polyethylene terephthalate, better know as polyester fiber.

Pet carpeting is an eco-friendly flooring option produced from recycled plastic bottles. However, some companies use some recycled materials while others use 100% recycled materials for their PET carpet.


Bamboo is an awesome, rapidly renewable resource. During harvesting, only the bamboo stalk is cut down, so it immediately begins regrowth. Additionally, bamboo shoots only take three years of growth to be ready for harvest, whereas hardwoods can take more than 25 years.

However, bamboo is a great example of when a good thing turns bad because big corporations get involved. Big bamboo companies have begun producing large crops in an environmentally unconscious way, partaking in deforestation and the heavy use of toxic chemicals.

A bamboo is still a great option, just ensure you’re getting it from a reliable green source.

Eco-Friendly Hardwoods

Sustainably harvested hardwood may sound like a paradoxical statement, but it is possible.

Certain hardwood floors are green-certified, regulated through the Forest Steward Council. They are harvested in a way that has little impact on the environment and the people in the area in which they are harvested.

Natural Stone

Natural stone floors are beautiful, elegant, and wildly sustainable. They are also incredibly durable and long-lasting, coming in a multitude of seemingly endless sources, such as marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and granite.

Eco-friendly flooring, such as natural stone tiles only have one real impact on the environment, and that’s transportation. Otherwise, the planet is naturally reproducing stone through tectonic movement all the time, and there is no shortage of stone to speak of.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood is kind of a no-brainer. First, you’re recycling wood that’s already been cut down, rather than impacting more trees. Secondly, reclaimed wood is super trendy right now. It offers a rustic and warm appeal to floors, furniture, and decor.

Finally, reclaimed hardwood is a type of eco-friendly flooring that lends itself quite easily to the DIYers out there.

Just make sure you’re using an eco-friendly finish!

Why Eco-Friendly Flooring is Important

It’s easy to distance ourselves when buying flooring, taking extra long showers, or using an excess of plastics every day. We think “it won’t make that big of a difference.”

Unfortunately, because the vast majority of people have that same mentality, it does make a big difference, but in the wrong direction. Environmentally conscious choices, such as eco-friendly flooring is the only way to move into the future.

Without a global change in the way we live and operate as an international society, we will absolutely lose our planet. There is ample, undeniable evidence we have been placing on the backburner for far too long.

Choosing eco-friendly flooring helps us protect our environment in several ways.

Slowing Deforestation

First, it helps us slow the astronomical rate of deforestation. Deforestation is the perpetual eradication of forests to make room for other purposes.

As you’re reading this, the equivalent of 27 soccer fields a minute of forests is being permanently destroyed.

Using Less Toxic Chemicals

Secondly, mainstream flooring companies use a myriad of engineered chemicals that are toxic to our planet and our health.

Using eco-friendly flooring companies can help protect our planet and your family from any adverse side effects.

Using Less Unrenewable Resources

Finally, eco-friendly flooring helps us slow down the rate of unrenewable resource usage. The more people who begin to go green, the more big-name corporations will be forced to do the same.

It’s simple, businesses exist to make a profit. People do unspeakable things in the name of money. Slowly killing our planet is just a cost of doing business for them.

When it’s no longer financially prudent to be indifferent, the whole world will be able to go green. Until then, nothing will change.

Do Your Part

The next time you’re remodeling your home, choose an eco-friendly flooring option. If it costs a little more money, rest easy knowing you’re doing your part and being environmentally conscious.

Additionally, look for ways to save water, energy, and resources in everyday life.

We’re running out of time to change it around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference!

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Mini Excavator Tracks and Other Heavy Equipment Needed For Property Building

When it comes to construction or property building, you need reliable equipment, such as a mini excavator track to get the job done. While it is best to buy new construction equipment, the up-front costs can be hard on your budget, so you might resort to buying used heavy equipment. Whether you decide to buy a new or used heavy equipment, it’s crucial to ensure that it is always in good running condition. But what are the heavy equipment you need for a successful property building project? Find out more by reading below.

Mini Excavator

With any demolition or digging work, you’ll need fast and reliable equipment like a mini excavator or compact excavator. When buying a used mini excavator, you need to check for substantial dents, cracks, and bends, which are signs of neglected maintenance or a potential problem. These signs may indicate that the machine is worn and has been compromised.

Here are the things you need to look for when checking for signs of wear and tear when buying a used mini excavator:

  • Inspect the connection points of the boom, stick, and bucket, and make sure that these parts are solid and don’t move or give out.
  • Loose pins and bushings mean lack of care and lubrication, which lowers the accuracy of the stick position and the actual bucket placement.
  • Cracks present around the connection points can be dangerous.
  • Pay close attention to a half-moon shape or scalloping between the bucket teeth, which can severely impact its cutting force.
  • Bending of the bucket means that your mini excavator track is being used beyond its capacity, which could compromise or damage your machine.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions or manual regarding the things your mini excavator can or cannot handle to avoid these issues from happening. Compared to steel tracks, rubber tracks for excavators are highly recommended by experts.


Dumpers are mainly used for  property building and construction sites to transport different loose materials like gravel, sand, and earth. There are different types of dumpers, and tracked dumpers provide better control and traction than others, suitable for steep inclines or terrains with muddy, wet ground.


A bulldozer, also called dozer, is a continuous tracked tractor or crawler equipped with a blade or substantial metal plate used to push large quantities of sand, soil,  rubble, or other materials during construction. It is equipped with a claw-like device or ripper at the back to loosen dense and compact materials.

Here are some good-to-know facts about bulldozers:

  • The wide tracks of bulldozers provide excellent ground holding and mobility when working in very rough terrain. The weight of the equipment is adequately distributed to prevent sinking in muddy or sandy ground.
  • Bulldozers are equipped with transmission systems, providing an excellent tracking job and tract force.
  • Bulldozers are used in construction, road building, and infrastructure development, as well as mining, forestry, and land clearing.

Dragline Excavator

This is a piece of heavy equipment used in property building for larger depth excavations, most especially for building a luxury property with an underground pool or amusement area in the basement. A dragline excavator consists of a digging bucket and long length boom suspended from the boom with the use of a cable. It is used for constructing ports, underwater excavations, and sediment removal, among others.


Backhoe is a common type of excavator seen in almost any property building site. Backhoes are generally used in small to moderate operations, such as constructions and foundation building. The use of backhoe is widely applied to various construction operations and not just specific to excavation. The cab easily rotates to 360 degrees to load excavated materials and transport these materials on dump trucks. Backhoes are also used to excavate soil in mining sites and load wastes in dumpsites. Also, a backhoe can be used to drag collapsed ice, soil, or other debris away from houses and roads.

When buying a used backhoe, remember that mechanical problems may arise due to wear and tear, needing repair or new parts replacement. That’s why proper visual inspection is crucial to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Also, it’s essential to operate a backhoe following the right techniques for safety.

Here are the signs of mechanical problems you need to look out for when buying a used backhoe:

  • Cracks or uneven wear: These signs could mean deeper mechanical problems that are expensive to repair.
  • Hydraulic leaks: Check the fluid or any leak behind the sprocket and final drive seals, which is a sign of wear. The teeth should not be pointed, but flat.
  • Rust and large dents on the undercarriage: These signs mean poor maintenance and indicate abuse. Because the undercarriage is crucial to the overall proper operation of your compact excavator, it shouldn’t show any signs of uneven or excessive wear. Take good care of your undercarriage because it is about 50% of the overall maintenance cost of mini excavators.
  • Cracked lines or worn belts on the engine: These signs of neglect are expensive to repair, most especially leaks, so always take time to inspect for leaks on top of your engine. Soot may accumulate due to a major engine overhaul. The presence of dark and thick engine oil is usually caused by poor maintenance. Another sign of wear is battery corrosion, so you might consider getting a replacement.


A trencher is a type of construction equipment mainly used for digging trenches, laying cables or pipelines, or for drainage. There are different types of trenchers, from walk-behind models, to models with attachments for a tractor or Skid Loader. Trenchers come in various sizes and digging implements, which depend on the hardness of the surface and required depth and width of the trench.


When you’re into property building or the construction business, you need to invest in reliable, durable, and dependable heavy equipment to get the job done fast and easy. It’s important to check your building equipment regularly because preventive maintenance staves off costly repairs and parts replacements. It’s best to invest in high-quality heavy equipment and replacement parts, like rubber tracks for excavators, to save time, money, and effort.

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Home Improvement Tips to Turn Your Home into Paradise

A home should be a haven, where we spend more than half of our life. Taking a vacation to relax in a cozy place doesn’t always mean that you need to set off on a destination to a foreign country. There is a lot you can do to enjoy your space at home, but first, you must make some adjustments.

Most homes are relatively comfortable, but with the addition of a few things, the place can transition into this paradise that everyone wants to go to. The best place to begin is to think of any creative ways you can make good use of what you have, and with incorporating some new furniture, fun elements, and thoughtful design, you can get your home to the level you want it to be.

However, a pretty common concern in home improvements is how to utilize available space more efficiently. For this, you should look for the upgrades that occupy less space and are still convenient as the normal ones, such as the arc-122dhp a portable AC and heater, that can be placed anywhere near a window and when you are not using it, it can easily fit into a storage closet.  Here are some more home improvement ideas like this to get you started:

Establish your entertaining zones

Your house can be what you want it to be, but you cannot change your entire space. Identify some spaces in your home that you want to maximize your leisure time on. For this one, consider both your indoors and your outdoors.

Add color to create movement

You can trick your brain into thinking differently in the way you use colors. As your eyes meet up with different colors in a space, the brain deduces different meanings. Your brain can even be tricked to think that you are in a large space when it is not so much the case. Remember, the idea is to create some form of movement with the colors. Therefore, consider a collection of different flowers in colorful containers, or decorative pillows on the seating, to introduce a pop of color in a too often dull room.

Bring nature inside

Without a doubt, nature has a way of easing things up and livening a room. Since plants can help calm you down, introduce some in your house. Go for low-maintenance plants like succulents, and go as green as possible. Other than that, try some green, earthy, and other natural patterns on different surfaces.

Change your Lighting

As you install the best appliances in your home, don’t forget that lighting is also an important element of your home. It plays a significant role in making a room feel and look better than it is. If you do not have the advantage of natural lighting, consider changing that. Go for larger windows that are strategic to incorporate light into different angles in your house.

While at it, change the artificial lighting you have. Some can beam down too brightly and make you uncomfortable, while some too dim. Increase the light in your house by going for task lamps like desk lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps. You can also add some beautiful outdoor lighting with stips of hidden LED lights, pendant lights or outdoor lanterns for an extra charm to your dream home.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

You can completely update the look of a room with paint. Fresh paint will bring in more perspective and liven up your room a great deal. Choose modern colors and opt for low-VOC paint, which is more eco-friendly, especially for spaces like the kitchen or the dining area.

Capitalize on all the space you have

You may have a full house and therefore not have the advantage of too much space. However, some spaces in your house can be turned into something great. For one, your basement could be improved and transition into an extra living room or game room. You can create thins as your ideal escapee. All you need are some few equipment and furniture to go with your idea and some colors to tie everything together. Other than that, consider the attic space which can also be a playroom, craft room, or game room.

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