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Plumbing Checklist for Your New Home

Are you planning to buy a new home in Miami? Before you even try to think about doing interior design, you should first consider whether there are any home repairs that you must address and factor them into the purchase cost. Sometimes a home can be sold below the market price because there are many hidden construction issues. Note that some home warranties do not cover long-standing issues. In the end, these repairs can cause you to shell out more money than intended. One of the main things that you have to look at closely is the plumbing system. Next time you go to a showing, bring this checklist with you so you can have an idea of what plumbing issues you should take note of.

Inspect the Fixtures

As you go around the house, it is okay to turn on the faucets to see if they are working correctly. Take note if there are any signs of leaks. See if the taps and showers have the right water pressure. Also, don’t forget to check the drains. If there is a water heater, check that it does not have any issues.

When you head to the bathroom, flush the toilet, and see if any of them have any clogs. Take note if there is any smell after flushing. An unpleasant odor could mean that a part of the toilet system has issues such as the p-trap or air trap.

Take a Close Look at the Pipes

Don’t forget to check the pipes used to supply water to the home, since this can factor in the overall functionality of your plumbing system to see if they are working fine. See if the pipes have any leaks or corrosion. Sometimes tugging at it can already clue you in on its durability. If you find one that’s of poor quality, it is safe to assume that most of the plumbing works in the home are something that should worry you. If you have already bought the house, you can use inflatable pipe plugs to have a better look at the pipes.

Examine the Heaters

In new homes, hot water delivery is through the use of a boiler. If your area has cold winters, a properly working boiler is a must. Ask about the age of the boilers. Know that the average lifespan of a water heater is ten years. If the one in your house is older than that, it may be more prone to leaks. If you haven’t agreed to a purchase price yet, see if the seller can have the boilers replaced before finalizing the sale.

Scan for Water Damage

Most homes for sale are staged before any showing. It is to make sure that the house would sell fast. As a potential buyer, make sure to scrutinize every nook and cranny. See if there are any signs of water damage on the walls and ceilings. Are there brown spots that may indicate a sign of water damage? Does the ceiling have warping? Do this check in the bathrooms and kitchen as well. Make sure that you cover all the water sources in the home.

Check Exterior Plumbing

Once you have a complete run-through of the interior plumbing, don’t forget about the exterior plumbing. One of the signs that you should look for is if there is a specific area that has wet soil. It can be a sign that the house has a plumbing issue.

Buying a home is a tedious process. You have to make sure that everything in your checklist is ticked off. You have to be patient to go through this process for your peace of mind. Sometimes, the repair issues are apparent, but there can also be times when you have to scrutinize every room in the house to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.


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