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How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

If you have a house or property to sell, you want to get the best value for it and sell it as quickly as possible. There are a few excellent ways to achieve this that you can discuss with your real estate agent; however, there are also some good practices you can pursue on your own to ready the property for a quick sale at a high price. Read on to find out more.

Exterior appeal

The exterior of your home gives the first impression to potential buyers; it’s, therefore, important to pay special attention to your home’s exterior in the way you might pay attention to your outfit for a job interview.

Stand outside your home and look at the exterior in comparison to your neighbors. Does your home fit in with the neighborhood or doesn’t it stand out, both impressions have value? Either way, make an effort to enhance the appearance with paint and by mowing the lawn.

Interior Appeal

While it can pay to have a home that looks like a home when people come to view it, clutter can put people off. As with the exterior, you want to give the impression of a homely environment that is set up for someone to walk into but also has enough room for style changes.

Before viewings begin, downsize your home. Now is a great time to throw out unwanted items, give them away to charity, or stack them neatly in a closet. However, you get rid of your clutter, enhance the interior of your home by giving the impression of a lived-in show home.

Stay out of the way

When people come to view your property, they don’t expect you or your family to be around. They expect to walk into a house with an estate agent and look around undisturbed.

They want to be able to freely talk about the home and pass judgment on the style and placement of things, without the awkwardness of the homeowner listening in. Your real estate agents are experienced professionals who have sold many houses before, listen to their advice and leave the sale in their capable hands.

Repair, Restore, Revamp

There’s always a chance you will miss out on the sale of your property because of a tiny detail you didn’t notice while preparing it. It could be a broken light bulb, leaky taps, faulty fixings, or cracks that have yet to be prepared. These small details can have an effect on people.

They tend to see things in terms of the property value and how much work they will have to do for themselves. If you reduce these risks, you also improve your chances of a quick sale.

Use Natural Light Where Possible

People love natural light and often look for it in the properties they buy. If you have a lot of natural light in your home, it’s easy to show it off with well-chosen curtains and opened skylights.

However, if you don’t have that luxury, there are still some ways you can bring extra natural light into your home and improve your chances of selling it. Where you have large windows, take down the curtains altogether. This will give the impression of bright open space. In darker areas of the house install strong bulbs with cold light, use lamps if necessary.


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