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Is Your Property Well Balanced?

A well balanced property is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. Achieving balance with your decor means selecting the right mix of furnishings, decorations, and anything else you see fit. These things should be a good fit for the room, but heights and sizes should vary to give the room some interest and further appeal.

When figuring things out, there are a few rules you need to remember. For example, a table lamp should never be bigger than the table it sits on. If you don’t manage to balance your property, the room may seem lopsided and won’t look put together. Below you’ll find advice on how you can create a property that is balanced:

Make Rooms Appear Grander

The thing with small rooms is that people think they have to fill them with smaller furnishings. This makes the room look more cluttered. Even if you have a small room, selecting larger main furnishings can stop the room from looking messed up and help it to appear more grand. If you’re unsure whether this will work, there are computer programs you can use that will give you an accurate idea before you start buying pieces and using all of your energy to move them around.

Focal Points

Focal points are nearly always necessary. These draw the eye in a room and help to highlight the composition. Fireplaces and even french doors can make great focal points. Some people also like to use mirrors and big pieces of artwork. Some people go as far as creating a full on feature wall, and this can work really well in a lounge or living area.

The focal point doesn’t always have to be in the most obvious area either. It can often be placed off center to create a more interesting look in a room. Lots of strategically placed green plants can even make a great focal point. With the right focal point, you can balance form and function, which is essential for any room and any property.

Churches by Daniels always focus on both form and function and you can see how this translates into their portfolio for inspiration.

Use Color To Unite Objects

You don’t need to buy items from the same sets or even in the same style, but it’s a good idea to use color to unite objects so that your rooms seem more cohesive. Many people think that buying sets is the done thing, such as furniture sets, but this is pretty lazy. Furniture from different sets can often look better, providing colors (or something else) bring them together.

Incorporate Personality

It’s your home, and it should feel that way. Make sure you put your own stamp on your decor. Display patterns, colors, and things you love throughout your home to let every visitor know that it’s yours. You’ll enjoy living there much more too!

Above all, make sure your home is functional. You need an equal mix of aesthetics and functionality so that living in your home is a dream.


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