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Why Sell to Companies That Buy Houses

As people’s lifestyles and preferences significantly improve over time, their choices wouldn’t be the same anymore. For instance, homes that were built for a long time has lost its charm and appeal to their owners, or it’s just simply way too old and weak for them to dwell in.

This is the time where people consider selling their current home to purchase a new one. The hunt for finding a house buyer is difficult, especially for homeowners who don’t have any experience in selling a home.

Fortunately, various people and organizations are also on their hunt for purchasing a new property. However, it’s more advantageous to have your home sold to companies that sell homes, like the Nexus Homebuyers and Cream City Home Buyers, that could provide multiple benefits to homeowners.

As you’re planning to sell your current home for your own purposes, you deserve to obtain the greatest value of your home by selling it to companies that are dedicated to buying houses. But you might ask yourself, why should you sell from these companies?

Having Sufficient Time to Decide

Companies that buy houses will definitely not pressure you to sell your home immediately to them. This is perfect for homeowners that are still hesitant about selling their homes. It might take you a long time to decide, but “We Buy Home” companies are willing to wait. Sometimes, you can even talk about your decision and seek their professional advice regarding the matter.

The entire choice is up to you. You can decide to sell your house to these companies, or not. In case you changed your mind, deciding to keep the home to yourself or even selling the property to other institutions, it will be fine for them. Nonetheless, if you decide to sell your home, then they’ll get you ready for the succeeding steps.

Immediate Purchase

Houses are huge investments. This makes potential buyers to be meticulous in every detail of the house, checking whether all features are functioning properly. Worse, after deciding for a long time whether to make the purchase, some buyers change their mind and it’ll be a total waste of time for you.

In cases where your house requires minimal to extensive repairs, it’s even more difficult to sell your house. For interested buyers, it’s more convenient to buy a house without necessary maintenance. Thus, in order for your house to be sold, you’ll have to make sure that it’s in tip-top condition.

However, repairing a house can be costly for you. The point of selling your house is to make money out of it, not empty your pocket even more. This is where companies that are dedicated to buying houses come in.

They’ll buy your home in cash, with no specifications of the repairs needed. The transaction will simply take about 2 days for making the offer and a week or longer for making the purchase, and you can take your money.

In cases where your house needs repairs, they’ll only deduct the potential expenses required in repairing your house from the original selling price.

Sell The House As It Is

As mentioned, most buyers require your home to be well-maintained and sturdy since it’s their lifetime investment. This disadvantage can consume your time and money as you’ll need to repair the necessary restorations of your home.

It’s a good thing that “We Buy Houses” companies aren’t picky when choosing houses. They will do the repairs themselves once they get the property, so you won’t be burdened by having your old house repaired when you want to sell it immediately.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to sell your home with an additional value, then you can have cost-effective upgrades to add value to your property as well.

This case is applicable for homeowners that aren’t in a hurry to sell their houses. These upgrades are a great investment since it increases your house’s value in the market once you decide to sell it eventually.

Minimal Waste of Time

Relatively alike with an immediate purchase, selling your home to “We Buy Houses” companies can save you a lot of time that could be used in a more productive manner.

Selling your house as an owner is extremely stressful, especially if you don’t have assistance from real estate agents. It can take months, even years, before you sell your house.

Moreover, you need to possess certain skills to get your house sold more quickly. Good marketing skills are a must for sellers, as buyers prefer someone with strong knowledge about the investment that they’ll purchase.

Additionally, in order for buyers to be more encouraged in purchasing your home, you need to maintain constant communication with them.

You can also opt for selling your house online. If you want to do this, this requires you to engage in different online platforms where you can seek the attention of interested home buyers. Also, you’ll need to upload photographs and features of your home, and it has to be excellently crafted to be pleasant to their eyes.

It will need to list some specifications of your house like you see in marketplaces where the finest details have to be mentioned, and it can consume a lot of your time.

All the wasted time and effort that you’ll need to sell your home can be remedied by companies that buy houses. It provides a lesser waste of time as they can provide you clear and concise negotiation integrated with their professionalism in their field.

Saves The Cost of Real Estate Commission

Asking for assistance from real estate agents and companies in selling your house is an additional expense. As their business revolves around making home purchases easier for homeowners, their service will be quite expensive.

This commission can decrease the selling amount that you acquire from your home instead of keeping all the money to yourself. In some cases, you won’t get a fair mortgage when working with a real estate agent in selling your home.

With their wide network of financial organizations and institutions that they’re in touch with, these people have more knowledge in finance than you.

Take note that these individuals have connections to insurance companies and banks that’ll also offer their services directly to the agent, whereas offering a price less than most competitors. As real estate agents obtain your engagement in this matter, you should bet that they’ll most likely get a commission from the buyer too.

If you will consider selling your home to “We Buy Houses” companies, it will save you the additional cost of hiring a real estate agent to sell your home. They don’t charge additional fees as they’re the ones directly purchasing your home, not acting as a bridge that’ll help you find your buyers.

Choosing The Preferred Mode of Payment

Most real estate companies have their own standard mode of payment. Your preferred mode of payment is most likely to be rejected, which can be a big disadvantage.

As a homeowner, you have different reasons why you want to sell your home. The value that you’ll gain is allotted for different purposes and you would like it better if your money will be sent to options that you prefer.

In companies that buy houses, you can freely choose which mode of payment you prefer. You can have it deposited in your bank account following a timely basis, in a cheque, or quick cash.

If you immediately need the money to pay for your other expenses, these companies can pay in quick cash in case you need the money immediately.


As companies that buy houses are not known to most people, they think that the best ways to sell their homes are to real estate companies and personal buyers. However, these companies have a lot of advantages in making the most out of the house that you plan to sell.

It’s quite difficult saying goodbye to your old home when transferring to a new one, but companies that buy houses provide you the relief of having your old home in good hands.


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