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Sell Fast! 5 Ways to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Attract Potential Buyers

Curb appeal is so much more than a buzzword. It drastically affects a buyer’s first impression, so it’s vital to ensure your home looks amazing both inside and out before putting it on the market.

Luckily, improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to complicated or costly. In fact, with just a few simple upgrades, you can make your house seem newer and more appealing to buyers.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to learn our top 5 tips for increasing curb appeal.

1. Take Care of Your Lawn

57% of people think less of someone with an unkempt lawn. If your grass is brown or overgrown, potential buyers may see this as a red flag and worry just how well you took care of your home.

Before open houses and showings, make sure you mow the lawn, clean up the grass clippings, and trim your hedges. If you have brown patches, try watering your lawn to make it lush and green.

2. Invest in Some Landscaping

If your yard is underwhelming, you may want to hire landscaping services to help. Some colorful and easy-to-care-for flowers or a nice pathway can make your home appear warm and welcoming.

You may also want to trim your trees, especially those that are close to your home. Any old and dirty landscaping lights should be cleaned or replaced to help your yard look well-maintained.

3. Upgrade Your Front Door

One of the best ways to make your home pop is to upgrade your front door. Start by giving it a new coat of paint. You may want to stick with a neutral color, like white or black, but that fresh coat will make your door look brand new.

You can then add interest by hanging a seasonal wreath on your door. Hanging or corner plants are also a great way to make your porch pop. However, be sure not to overdo it—for a small porch, just one decorative element should be enough.

4. Power Wash Your Siding

You’d be surprised just how great your siding can look after power washing it. This removes years of build-up dirt and grime, leaving your siding looking clean and new.

You can also power wash your deck, concrete porch, or your driveway. When you’re done, your home is sure to make a good impression.

5. Update Your Mailbox and House Numbers

It’s not just the “big picture” elements you have to worry about. The small details can also influence a buyer’s opinion of your home.

If your mailbox or house numbers look rusted or dingy, consider updating them. Stick to a traditional black mailbox and go big with your house numbers. You want them to be easy to read from the street as you’re driving by.

Increasing Curb Appeal

Don’t put your home on the market without first updating its curb appeal. Just follow the tips above to make your home stand out from the rest and attract buyers.

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