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Selling 101: The Basics of Selling a House

Selling your home is hard by yourself if you don’t know how to go about the process. But, follow the right steps and your home will sell pretty quickly.

There are a lot of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties in the market. The reason these stay for longer in the market is the owners typically have no idea how to go about the process.

But for those who use tips like those listed in this Home Selling 101 article, you’ll find your home will sell fast.

Ready to get that home sold? Let’s do this.

Get a Good Real Estate Agent

On average, homes listed by real estate agents sell faster than those listed by the owner themselves. In fact, 87 percent of home buyers, purchased their homes through real estate agents.

This is not surprising seeing as they do a better job of marketing your home and presenting it in a good light. They do this by taking great pictures of the home, know the right angles to take the pictures from, and even use drone shots.

Unless you’re a professional real estate photographer, these are results you’ll never be able to replicate. They also know how to get your property in front of as many prospects as possible. They’ll also take care of the open house and house showing events.

If you’re not using this guaranteed option, you’ll spend a lot of time entering searches like “how to sell my house quickly” on Google. Which means your house will stay on the market for long.

Get the Appropriate Valuation

Most homeowners either overestimate or underestimate the value of their homes. Most just do a price projection based on their perceived yearly rent and other associated costs.

This is not the proper way to carry out a property valuation. Instead, get a proper valuation of your home from a professional before listing it. Check real estate property listing sites for similar properties in your area.

This will give you an idea of the price range you should be targeting. And if you feel the price range is low, have the property properly valued.

Stage the Home

Your home looks better with home staging than without it. This is a proven, time tested practice that real estate and property agents swear by.

And it’s understandable seeing as people like to see what their potential new home could look like after they buy. If there’s one thing you need to do, it’s this one thing.

Homes sell better when they’re staged than when it’s just an empty space. Most people need to be able to imagine themselves living in the property. Help them see this by getting it staged.

In case you’re thinking of using your current home settings, don’t. Unless you just recently updated your home’s furniture and interior decor, it might be better to hire a home staging professional.

Selling 101 -Is That All?

The tips mentioned in this Home Selling 101 article work and will cost you nothing. You just need to implement them. Selling a house isn’t that difficult if you do all we recommended.

But, if you need more tips, you should consider renovating the home, improving its curbside appeal, and giving it a facelift. But we think that usually costs more money -which is why we didn’t mention them in the first place.

If you need more help to sell your property, contact SkyFive Properties!


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