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Selling Your Commercial Building? 4 Maintenance Tips for a Faster Sale

So you want to sell your commercial building. Before you can put your building on the market, you have to make sure it’s in tip-top shape to ensure the right buyer takes it for the right price.

Tackling such a project can be a daunting undertaking. When faced with such a wide range of tasks its easy to get lost in the endless list of ventures and duties. Where do you even start, and what will make your building stand out?

Luckily, there are dozens of ways to improve your commercial building to prepare for the cut-throat market! Spruce up your structure with these helpful hints and tricks!


When it comes to purchasing a building, the real selling point is what’s inside. Buyers will demand the best bang for their buck and if the inside of your architecture is lacking you might find yourself struggling to sell it off.

Start by inspecting the inside of the building. Take note of any problems or room for improvement. Sweep the space room by room and make a detailed list of all the updates and fixes you might need, and other projects to keep things looking sharp.

Make certain to fix any damage including holes in walls, leaking or sagging ceilings, scuffs or dents in the floors or stains and rips in the carpeting, as well as any deterioration on windows. Along with those fixes make certain that all doors are up to code and look their best. No one likes a squeaky door!

After taking care of the more important projects, there are hundreds of ways to clean up space and give it a hot new look! Get a fresh coat of commercial painting done, new flooring or carpeting, keep it clear of clutter or trash, spice up the common areas with the decor!

Before putting your building on the market it’s important to make sure it’s up to date and giving the site a fresh modern look will surly attract the top buyers!  By keeping the innards of your building looking it’s very best you nearly double the chances of getting your commercial building up and sold!


Keeping the exterior of your building is just as if not even more paramount to enticing potential buyers to your commercial property! The outside building and landscaping is the first glimpse of your product and its crucial that it’s kept clean and attractive!

Start with the landscaping. Make sure that all the lawns and plants are healthy and well-trimmed. Try to use native plants and flowers so you’re building will match the area you’re in.

Take a stroll through the parking lot or surrounding sidewalks. Keep these areas clean by power-washing them, and remove any unruly plants and weeds.

Moving onto the exterior of the building, ensure that the outside matches the gorgeous interior. Fix any exterior damage, including holes, cracks, and stains. Spruce things up with a fresh coat of paint and powerwash the walls to keep things looking sparkling clean!

Even though its what’s on the inside that counts, the first thing potential buyers see is the exterior, so making sure that everything is clean and ship-shape is crucial to making a sale! Touching up the outside of your commercial building is sure to temp likely buyers into taking a closer look at the inside of the building!


One of the most effective ways to seel your commercial building is to accentuate all of its most attractive and most interesting features. Maybe it’s in a beautiful location, or the building itself has exciting features. Potential buyers want to see every focal point of your commercial building and there’s a fantastic way to display those features in their best light!

After making sure all the necessary repairs and updates have been made to your site, bring in a professional photographer. Once the heavy lifting has been done, it’s critical you get the right shots to show off all the hard work!

By hiring a professional photographer, you save yourself the trouble of trying to find the best images to use for listings and marketing materials yourself! As well as handling the hassle pf choosing photos, a photographer will be fluent in all the ins and outs of capturing the perfect likeness of your building!

Photographers pride themselves in emphasizing the most attractive aspects of any project and know just how to get the shot. Using high tech equipment any pro will gather hundreds of images to use to get your site up and sold!


After getting your property in tip-top shape, and collecting all the necessary paperwork and materials, its time to sell! The process of selling your commercial site can be complicated but there are a few key tips to getting the ball rolling!

Before putting the building on the market, make certain that you have all the necessary documents, and that the entire site is up to local and state codes. Even though legal documents are best in the hands of a professional, it doesn’t hurt to look them over yourself, as well as double-checking that you have all the paperwork before the due date!

As well as collecting the paperwork and being up to code, it’s important to have a marketing professional on hand to assist with all the technical ongoings of the commercial real estate market. Hire a CRE broker to help sell your site quickly, and for the best price! Sometimes the dirty work is best left to the pros!

A Successful Sale

Now that you’ve tackled renovating the ins and outs of your building, gathered the materials to sell, and recruited a team of professionals in the business to promote your commercial building, its time to sit back, and watch the magic happen!

Like any form of real estate, your commercial building might not sell right away. It could take a few weeks or a couple of months, but good things come to those who wait! As long as you have all your ducks in a row, your site is sure to be a hit on the market!


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