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Selling Your House? Do These Things First

Are you thinking about selling your property? Did you know that is much more complicated than just putting up a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard? There is plenty of preparation that you need to do before you get to this point. In this article, we will look at some of the things you need to think about.

Choose a real estate agent

Your real estate agent can be the difference between a house that sells fast, and one that sits on the market for months. Don’t make the mistake of contacting the first agent that puts a flyer through your door. Do your research and find one with a reputable track record, such as Cami Jones & Company. It is also worth talking to other people in your neighborhood who have recently bought or sold a house. Word of mouth recommendations goes a long way when buying and selling property.

Maximize the curb appeal

You want potential buyers to be lining up at the door. You want the offers to be rolling in. For either of these things to happen, you need to go the extra mile. First impressions will always count, so maximizing the curb appeal of your house is essential. Give the front of the house a fresh lick of paint – keep it neutral and in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood. Make sure the front yard is tidy. Mow the lawn, fix any broken walls or fences, and get rid of any unsightly trash cans.

Get rid of the clutter

When making your home attractive to potential buyers, the number one rule is to get it as neutral and to depersonalize it as far as possible. While it is still your home while you live there, you want buyers to imagine what the property looks like with their own furniture and possessions in. That can be very difficult to do if your collection of antique thimbles are on display or photos of all of your family. Put these things away for now – and replace them with a few healthy green plants and bunches of fresh flowers.

This is also great practice for when you are packing up to move – having a big declutter in the style of Marie Kondo means less stuff to pack and unpack!

Light it up

No one wants a dark and dingy house. There are plenty of tricks to give the illusion of light. Make sure all the windows are sparkling clean, and pull any window coverings open as much as possible to allow maximum light. Replace any blown light bulbs and place lamps in dark corners.

You can also paint rooms in a bright, light color and add mirrors to make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Make it smell nice

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cover up any bad smells lurking – get rid of them. Bowls of white vinegar placed around the home for a few days before any viewings will help to eliminate bad odors.


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