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Settling Down in the ATL: A Starter Guide to Atlanta Homes and Styles

Looking to build a life in the ATL? Congrats!

Whether you’re moving to the city or just looking to graduate from apartment to house, finding the right home could feel overwhelming. Where do you start and more importantly, what style home should you select?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the quick guide to popular Atlanta homes and styles!


This is one of the most popular styles in Atlanta. In fact, the alternative name for a colonial style home is actually the Georgian. So that gives you a pretty good idea of how abundant they are in the area.

These homes are always at least two stories, sometimes three. They’re very symmetrical so the front of the home and the sides are usually flat. You’ll typically see them painted in a light color with dark shutters accenting the windows.

In this style home, the kitchen and living space are on the lower level while bedrooms and more bathrooms are upstairs.  The best part is that these homes are easily serviced.  For example, Atlanta garage door repair can be called in to improve function and operation for easy entry by even the largest, modern SUVs.


A lot of consideration was given to the balmy summer months in the southeast when this style of home was created.

Southern style homes will have both front and back porches, allowing homeowners to spend time outside and keep cool in a shaded area during the warmer months of the year.

Often times, at least one of the porches will be screened in to prevent bugs and mosquitos from bothering you.

Southern style is also denoted by pointed roofs and dormers. You’ll see various materials used on the exterior of these homes like brick and wood or even stone.


You’ll see this style home closer to the city center. They tend to be a bit smaller and typically are one story.

They keep neighborhoods looking historic and have a homey and cozy feel to them with lots of beams and built-in wood-work inside.

On the exterior, they have lower roofs and porches with square columns holding up the roof. You’ll see them in a neutral color with accented window trim and detailing below the dormers.


Ranch style homes became popular in the 1950s throughout the country so they’re not specific to Atlanta or the south but are still popular in the area.

This is a great option if you prefer a big layout on one level. They typically have attached garages, a roof that slopes forward and a smaller front porch as opposed to a wrap around.

If you’re thinking of doing a renovation or adding on to an existing home, ranch style is a perfect canvas for that type of expansion. You can add a story on top of it or build out.

Keep in mind before you move into a new home or begin construction on one, you’ll need to have homeowners insurance. Check out this website to learn about the average cost for insurance in the Atlanta area.

Choose From These Atlanta Homes Today

With the guide above, you now have an idea of the kinds of Atlanta homes available to you.

We’d love to help you find your dream home. Check out our site today for information about our current listings!


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