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Staging a Home For Sale: All You Need To Know

If you have a house to sell, then the chances are that you’ll want it to sell pretty quickly. There aren’t many people that put their home on the market just to see what happens; they put it on the market to sell. Plus, you will want to get as close to the asking price as possible when it is up for sale. But if your home isn’t quite up to scratch, then in a competitive housing market, people will choose other homes, or they will go in with a low offer.

So to maximize your chances at getting a good sale of your home, sometimes staging your home is a good idea. Even if the people looking around the home have children, they don’t want to see toys all over the home, for example. You want to stage the home so it looks like a show home, so the potential buyer can see themselves living there.

Here are some of the ways that you can stage your home if you’re looking to sell your home pretty quickly. If you don’t make any effort with the home, then it can affect the time it takes to sell. There are, of course, sites like that you can use to sell in certain areas, if you need to move fast. But you might not get the price that you’re after. So take the time to stage; have you thought of any of these before?

Give the Curb Appeal a Boost

Curb appeal is what the potential buyers will see as they arrive at your home for the first time. So things like a driveway, front yard, doors, and windows, will all play a part. If the outside of the home doesn’t look good, then it can immediately put the buyer off. It can put them in a bad mood before as soon as they arrive, and then it won’t matter how good the inside of your home looks. Think about the ways that you could improve the curb appeal of outside of your home. It could be giving the walls fresh lick of paint or it could be rearranging the yard, or neatening up the driveway.

Deep Clean Your Home

A sparkling clean home is going to look good to every buyer. So if you’re not able to do it yourself, then a cleaning company could come in and have the whole house sorted in a short amount of time. Clean windows, shiny floors, and sparkling surfaces will show the buyer that you care about the home. It will make the home and interiors look newer and fresher, especially if things like bathroom shower screens are looking spotless. According to interiors site, you shouldn’t skip this step, it really is key!


If there is a lot of junk around the home, then it can make the home look messy and too personal. So de-clutter what you can. Even if it means putting things into boxes and into storage for a short amount of time, it can make a big difference to ho the home looks. Potential buyers will look in closets, cupboards, and cabinets, so it pays to have them looking good and free from clutter.

Go Gender Neutral

You never know who is going to be looking around your home, so it is a good idea to have something that will appeal to most people. For things like the master bedroom, it can be a really good idea to create a gender neutral look. If you normally have floral bedding and curtains, replace with more plain and subtle versions, for example. If there is anything that a buyer sees that gives them a negative impression, then it will be what they remember. So keep it simple and don’t have anything too over the top.

Take Away Personalized Items

When someone is looking around a home with a view to buy, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. But if there are giant photographs of you and your family all over the walls, then it can put them off. Instead, stick to generic pieces of art or photography. It is a fine line between making the home looked lived in and not too sterile. So don’t strip all the walls of any personality. Just make the ‘personality’ less about you and your family. It will make it easier for someone else to imagine living there.

One final point would be to think about how the home smells and feels when people look around. Could you diffuse essential oils in the home, for example? How about having the heating on a little? When it smells good and feels cozy, it can help buyers to enjoy their experience in the home.


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