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Stop Traffic Noise From Getting To You By Soundproofing Your Home

Imagine that you are spending a quiet morning in the intimacy of your living room. You are enjoying a cup of warm mint tea and a good book. Your favorite character is about to do something major; you are absorbed in the action of your book when all of a sudden, you start hearing car noise. Your neighbors are awake and have started walking up and down the street.

If you are fed up with all the buzz ruining your relaxation rituals, keep on reading! Here is an introductory story for those of you who live near a highway and need all the protection in the world:

How to prevent road noise to get into the house

Double or triple glazing 

Glass is a good sound barrier, so using it to stay away from all the unwanted sounds is a great idea. So, you live in a noisy area! Double glazing will come in handy. Make your windows stronger and they will stop traffic noise from getting to you.

If double does not suffice, you can always go for triple glazing. Yes, that’s right, you can use that much glass to keep sounds away. Now, this solution is a little bit more expensive, so if you cannot afford it, you can choose to resort to it only in the rooms facing the road. You do not have to do it for all the windows in your house.

Install soundproofing systems

What can be better for soundproofing than soundproofing systems? There’s science standing behind this method. You can install soundproofing tiles on your wall and they will work great. Remember, though, if the wall facing the highway or street is the window wall, this method will not work. If that is the case, you should go back to triple glazing. If you are interested in finding out the physics behind this idea, you should go here.

Install solid doors

Doors are the gate to one’s home. Everything comes through the door, staring with family members, guests, pets, and ending with noise. Whenever you open the door, you can hear the outside sounds. But what about when your doors are closed? What do you hear then?

Choosing a solid door will not only stop unwanted sounds from getting into the house. It will also prevent burglars from barging in. Composite doors, made of wood, steel, and plastic, are not only a matter of noise cancellation. They are a matter of safety.

Use soundproof curtains

Here’s an idea to go in tune with triple glazing. This is no mambo jumbo. There are special curtains on the market that help reduce outside noise. They are thick and made from special materials. Apart from giving your rooms a classy aspect, they will let you sleep on Saturday mornings when your neighbor starts running errands.

There are other decorative measures you can take to reduce noise. If you live in a block of flats, you can rearrange the furniture so it goes against the shared wall. Huge shelves filled with books will look great and feel great for a book lover. Even picking up the right rug can help you.

How to prevent road noise to get into the garden 

Put up a solid fence

Everyone needs to put up a fence. But the model you choose will impact your daily life, especially if you are trying to hide from all the weird sounds outside. To start with, there’s thin fences and thick fences. Of course, it’s better if you go for the second one, just in the case of curtains. And it also helps if it is a tall one.

Wait, there’s more. An acoustic or sound insulating fence is what you are looking for. With a more reflective surface, this model is meant to keep the unwanted sounds of traffic away. Of course, it will be impossible for it to isolate sound, but it does a pretty good deal.

Build a wall

If you are into heavy construction, go for building a wall. This is a great construction which helps a lot with noise cancellation. Also, it is a very durable idea, which will last for generations. It will take some time for you to install it, but it’s worth all the effort. Here are some more hints on noise reduction techniques!

Use nature as a shield

There’s another method you can use to keep noise away. It does not require building huge constructions, it is not expensive and it is the most natural way of dealing with a street buzz. Yup, you guessed it: I’m talking about nature itself.

If you plant the most you can, this will keep you away from unwanted sounds. For example, you can decorate that wall of yours with plants but also plant bushes and trees. When it comes to the benefits of this method, the list is endless: it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will change your life for the best.

Water fountains are a treat for the ears

Have you ever thought that you can get rid of one noise by causing another? This website has a lot of great ideas on reducing unwanted sounds, and installing a water fountain is one of them. This is perfect for those who love to picture themselves in a forest or at the top of a mountain. You will have your piece of heaven.

Wind charms are magical 

In the same category of using sound to cover noise, we also have wind charms. They are effective only in windy weather, but even a mild breeze would do. And their sound is so soothing, it’s a great outdoor musical instrument and relaxation method.

There are so many things you can do to stop traffic noise from getting to you, whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor measures. You can install a solid door, choose the curtains properly, move furniture around, build walls, put up fences. On the more aesthetically-pleasing side, you can go with plants, water fountains and wind chimes. Do whatever you can do to make your home a cozy place!


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