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Storage Ideas For Luxury Apartments

Does your luxury flat seem disorganized and a bit cluttered? Even with a luxury apartment, making the most of your space is key to a comfortable and aesthetic appealing living space.

Unfortunately, if you are like many people, you may not know how to get started. Don’t worry! Here you can learn about some effective ways to optimize your space with smart storage solutions.

Keep Your Entryway Clutter-Free

While it’s a good idea to have a designated area for your mail, keys, shoes, and coats in the entryway of your apartment, it doesn’t mean the space has to be cluttered. Consider using a few hooks or even a simple storage cabinet by Cabinet City. By keeping things clutter-free and put away at the entryway of your apartment, you can set the precedent for a clean, organized space.

Floating Cabinets

Take a cue from a professional organizer who had the idea to install the super-chic floating cabinets or shelves up high above doorways. Not only is this out of your typical line of sight, but it also provides you with storage solutions that aren’t underfoot and in the way.

By keeping more real estate open on the floor, you can minimize the look of clutter, while still keeping the items you need within reach. What’s even better, you can find floating cabinets that are simple or more ornate depending on your style preferences.

Install Hideaway Storage

John Lennon is well-known for the line, “Hey, you’ve got to hide your love away,” and it’s clear this Beatle knew just what he was talking about. Everyone loves personal and sentimental items like toys, scrapbooks, clothes, and shoes, but they take up a lot of space. The answer to this problem is rather simple – just hide them!

Believe it or not, hiding all these must-have items doesn’t have to create an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful living space. All you need is to think smart. For example, find a storage option that will double as something else – like an ottoman or another type of seating.

Invest in a Platform Bed

Platform beds will go perfectly with the other décor you have in your luxury apartment. Even better, the storage drawers that fit beneath it are ideal for storing away shoes, sweaters, scarves, and virtually anything else you can think of.

Create a Bookshelf Headboard

Large, ornate or simple furniture is a staple for any luxury apartment. If you have large, blank walls in the bedroom, why not use it to your advantage? You can install a bookshelf to serve as your headboard, which is multi-purpose. With this in place, you get a huge statement headboard visual, along with extra storage – it’s a win-win scenario.

Put Storage Furniture in the Kitchen

Consider thinking outside the box when it comes to your apartment storage ideas. Your kitchen is also prime real estate for storage. For example, you can add a bar cart, use a bookshelf, or install simple shelving for pots, pans, plants, or anything else. You can even use the storage solution to for décor items. It’s a great way to improve the look of your kitchen and add more storage at the same time.


When it comes to luxury living, baskets are a must-have. Baskets are not only great décor items alone, they are also great for added storage to shelves, under beds, beside couches, and virtually anywhere else you can think of. Purchase the same basket for throughout your apartment or mix and match for a more eclectic feel. Regardless of what option you choose, you’ll find baskets fit in perfectly with your luxury apartment’s décor.

Hang Your Stuff on the Wall

If you are thinking about storage solutions for an apartment, being crafty is par for the course. Why not hang your stuff on the wall? Not only is this great for space-saving, but with the right creative viewpoint, it’s going to look great. Try it – see what type of unique look you can create.

Add Storage Behind the Wall

When it comes to storage and organization, make sure you are making use of the areas that are typically wasted. You can maximize your closet and bathroom doors by adding hooks or racks for more compact storage. Towels, jewelry, headbands, hats, and coats can all find a home in these areas, out of sight, but ready to be used.

Storage Cubbies

Storage cubes are both affordable and flexible when it comes to organizing your home. They work great for any apartment and are the perfect home for the baskets mentioned above.

Is Your Luxury Apartment Organized?

If you are still working on organizing your luxury apartment, the tips here should help you get started. If you are moving and want to get a head start with your organization ideas, try U Move Free for free today.


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