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Few Things You Should Check Before Moving In A New Rental Property

If you are thinking about renting a house or apartment, there are many things you need to consider apart from the location and the neighborhood. You are going to be living in a whole new place, you should be satisfied with it in every aspect. If something problematic comes up after you move in, the inconvenience it will cause you will make it impossible for you to live there comfortably.

Typically the processing before the finalization of rental property involves documentation and property inspection. In this inspection, both landlord and the prospective tenant mutually draw out an inspection report that includes all the things that need to be taken care of. These things usually involve damaged areas that need to be repaired.

In this article, we will go through all the possible conditions that would require your attention for a rental inspection report while you go about inspecting the rental unit.

Damaged Walls and Floors

If the rental property that you are inspecting was rented before as well, it would probably have some scuffs and scratches on the floors and walls which is normal. But, you should be mindful of prominent damage to walls and floors that are obvious enough to mar the overall look.

These damages could include big holes on the wall, prominently scuffed floor, and broken tiles. It is advisable to take pictures of the damages while you are inspecting to have concrete evidence.

Improper functioning of the thermostat

Many rental units come with an inbuilt thermostat so you do not have to spend on buying one when you move in. You should first look if the rental property has a thermostat installed. And then you should see if the place has a smart thermostat or not. Smart thermostats make it easier for you to control the temperature settings remotely, from your internet-connected devices.

After taking care of what type of thermostat is installed in the rental unit, you should then check the functioning of the system. Many systems start malfunctioning after some time of use, so if the place was rented before, it is best to check its working before you finalize things with the landlord.

Flawed or damaged plumbing

It is quite important to check the plumbing system of the property that includes checking the faucets of the bathroom, valves, and pipes. Make sure to examine every tap by turning them on to see the pressure of the water. Check the flushing system of the bathroom and make sure all the faucets are unbroken and working fine.

Not enough lighting and ventilation

Windows are the primary source of letting in natural light and ventilation. If they are not constructed correctly, you can end up in a place that would be suffocating and dark. Make sure the windows are positioned such that they allow enough sunlight and proper ventilation.
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