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Top 3 Most Extravagant Miami Penthouses for Sale

Life is good at the upper-crust of society. In this red-hot market, the top 3 most extravagant miami penthouses for sale offer some of the most beautifully-designed real estate assets in the history of the world.  Developers are going to incredible lengths to create new properties that bring a heavy, jaw-dropping ‘wow factor’. With each new luxury building announcement, the pressure is on to create a new masterpiece of ambience, functionality and overall aesthetics. Darwinism has now fully immersed the condo market of Miami and the end result is that each new birth of a building concept brings with it innovative features, branding and perks.

We’ll examine the best-of-the-best today – the absolute peak of the golden mountain of all miami penthouses for sale. These residences have all been meticulously and methodically planned to provide a lifestyle standard that is on-par or better than grand estates.  They are intended to be key signature-piece additions for those with multiple homes in the best cities of the world. Whether you are a sheikh from Dubai, an A-List movie star or a billionaire entrepreneur, these residences are built to satisfy every need and offer a daily lifestyle bathing in abundant indulgences and conveniences that the rest of the world simply does not have at its disposal.

1 Top Miami Penthouses for Sale

#1 of the Top Miami Penthouses for Sale: Porsche Design Tower

While technically located within Sunny Isles Beach, we must include the Porsche Design Tower development because it is absolutely insane. Incredibly, 2% of the world’s billionaires have already purchased the amazing condos within the development. Yes, that isn’t a typo – according to the news website Atlantic Cities, a stunning concentration of billionaires will be living in the building. The 60-story tower comprises 132 condo units and is set to be delivered in 2016.  Anticipation has never been as great for a new condo development in miami due, in particular, to one phenomenal feature.  A brilliant system has been developed by Porsche to allow for condo residents to never have to worry about valets or long walks to automobiles.  Porsche Design Tower residents will be able to pull into the garage and have a super-elevator lift their automobile to a garage adjacent to their condo unit.  Three elevators are all capable and ready to ensure that the entire process is incredibly efficient. The ultra-luxurious condo tower has 284 parking spaces in its glass “sky garages,” where the cars will be visible to owners from within their condos. It creates an incredibly seamless and convenient single-family home lifestyle benefit.  Car lovers will be able to bring their collection to Porsche Design Tower. The entire 4th floor will feature a car museum and garage with now garage spaces available for sale. Garages range from 4 to 9 spots starting at $1.9 million. The collection of cars within the building will be like that of a super auction or car museum with  Bentleys, Porsches, Ferraris and Rolls Royces.  One resident is reportedly bringing with him a $25 million Ferrari.

With an incredible sky home concept, it’s not difficult to see that Porsche Design Tower ranks number 1 – it’s the most extravagant of all Miami penthouses for sale.  The building boasts a three level penthouse that features two stunning rooftop decks.  Residence 5605 is the top penthouse in the building with Northeastern exposure that is the best line in the building with breathtaking views in every direction.  The 16,915 sq. ft. (1,571 m²) unit has its own private and exclusive 4 car garage in the sky. The four bedrooms  six and a half baths can be easily reconfigured to add an extra two bedrooms and features finishes and appointments that are out of this world.

With an asking price of $32.5 million for this condo, it isn’t the most expensive of all miami penthouses for sale.  And the asking price is still under some of the past record-breaking threshold numbers that were set in the Setai and at the Faena, which also made our list.  Make no mistake about it, when this building has completed construction and is resident-occupied, it will be the place THE place to own..and the top floor penthouse unit in the building will be one of the most desirable real estate assets on planet Earth. If you are interested in extravagant buildings, you must be also interested in architecture, check out Newtecnic who are specialists. The high-end condo world is driven by great architecture, design, location and a certain type of X factor that a building may provide. Think closely about the quality of those items if you are contemplating a penthouse purchase.

Top 3 Miami Penthouses for Sale Faena

#2 of the Top Miami Penthouses for Sale: Faena House

I have loved the Faena brand for a very long time.  Staying in their hotels in Brazil and Argentina is an iconic experience. They are simply the best of the best.  So, it comes as no surprise that the Faena House arrives in at #2 on our list of the Most Extravagant Miami Penthouses for Sale. This midbeach development has created an entirely new neighborhood…and done so with tremendous style and notoriety.  The area between the hip and happening Fountainbleu Hotel (with its incredibly popular nightclub Liv and pool parties that are out of this world) and South Beach was once a dormant spot with little sex appeal and interest. Buildings were older and dull-looking – not giving locals and visitors any reason to flock to the area. Then, in came Alan Faena with his cool looking white hats and bold vision for the future. Unlike other developers of the past looking to create a new building, Alan came looking to create a new DISTRICT for Miami Beach. An area to rival South Beach in sex appeal and fun.

The Faena House has had a remarkable sellout.  Due to the fact that the recent $50million transaction set a new record for Miami penthouses for sale, it had to be included in our list, since we are speaking in terms of extravagance.   With 8,273 square feet of interior space and about 10,000 square feet of exterior space this penthouse offers an incredible homeowners experience.  It features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two half baths. Best of all, the residence features a breathtaking 70 foot ‘on top of the world’ rooftop pool.  Sitting on top of the 18 story building, this penthouse rules the roost over the other 46 units in the building.

When completed, the Faena District will include a refurbished Saxony hotel, retail space, and an arts center.  The superstar development team includes architects Rem Koolhaas and Norman Foster, design firm Roman and Williams, landscape architecture firm Raymond Jungles, and film director Baz Luhrman. Baz Luhrman has created an amazing film to promote the development of the Faena District.

Glass Miami Beach

 #3 of the Top Miami Penthouses for Sale: Glass Miami Beach

Glass Miami Beach rounds out our countdown of the top 3 most extravagant Miami penthouses for sale because it is such a wonderfully unique building and concept.  I have spoken previously about how the Glass developer decided to tremendously scale back his approved unit density in favor of an astounding, inverted unit-to-floor ratio.  Instead of having a typical 6, 10 or even 15 units per floor, Glass Miami Beach decided to create a building with only 10 units per 18 floors – an unfathomable .55 unit to floor ratio.  Renowned Miami architect, Rene Gonzalez, has given Glass a memorable identity.  Residents will feel free of the confines of typical condos with full floors to themselves and glass walls everywhere throughout their residences.  The concept is meant to ellicit an immersion in the natural landscape of Miami.  I guess that means that you’ll feel a part of the sky without the burden of visual obstructions.

None of the other new Miami penthouses for sale located within the South of Fifth neighborhood can compete with the three stories of heaven that are offered for the biggest and best unit in the complex. With a price tag of $35 million, picking up the unit and ruling the Sofi area won’t be cheap. The ultra-luxurious penthouse comes as a steep price, but the incredible location that is a stone’s throw away from hotspots like Prime 112, Cavalli and Story just might justify the lofty investment.  Bragging rights are priceless aren’t they?


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