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Top 5 Broken Key Extractors

Dealing with keys broken off in the lock is a big part of a locksmith’s work. Whether removing the broken key is a quick job or a long and arduous task all depends on your skill – and the quality of your tools! A poor or inefficient broken key extractor will make your job far harder than it needs to be.

Sure, you could try fiddling around in the lock with a pair of tweezers or even rip out the lock with a circular saw but professional problems require professional solutions. We’ll discuss five excellent key extractor tools, and why you should be carrying them in your toolbag.

HPC 2000 Series Extractor Set

This four-piece toolset is easily the pinnacle in lock picking and key extraction. However, it’s also the most expensive. Whether you invest in this set or not will really depend on how much you want to spend on a good broken key extractor.

Versatile, effective, and easy to use, this is a durable set of work tools that will have you picking out broken keys for years to come!
HPC Hook Style Key Extractor

Compared to the fabulous HPC 2000 series set, this simple hook extractor can seem almost primitive. However, this is a basic, essential tool that no locksmith’s toolbag should be without.

Going back to basics isn’t always a bad thing. Having a couple of these reasonably priced key extractors will always come in useful, even if you use them alongside other key extraction tools.
HPC Spiral Broken Key Extractor

Just like the hook style model, this is another key extractor tool that is basic, efficient, but cheap enough to always carry several around in your toolbag.

The spiral design is ideal for those cases where you can slide the tool right alongside the broken key. The spiral teeth sink into the key fragment, making it easier for you to slide the broken key out of the lock.

There’s also a variation on this tool, boasting saw blade teeth instead of a spiral design.

HPC Interchangeable Key Extractor Set

This is another key extractor set that has a higher price than some others, but in return, you’re guaranteed quality and reliability. This is an important consideration since key extraction tools are delicate and tend to snap easily.

This extractor set boasts four different tools, including a saw blade and three spiral picks of different measurements. Its compact and durable size makes it ideal for repairs on the go.

Ultra-Thin Broken Key Extractor

Another highly-rated must-have is this whip-thin key extractor. Ideal for those extra tricky broken keys, it’s advised to use two of these extractors at once. This kind of extractor is especially recommended if you’re dealing with a broken car key.

Fortunately, the price is so reasonable you can easily afford to add a couple of these extractors to your lock-picking kit.
As mentioned earlier, it’s always a good idea to have a generous handful of key extraction tools in your toolbox. The thin blades do have a tendency to break, but a good extractor should always provide reliable service.  Looking for a video guide on how to do this? Check out this youtube video on extracting keys from locks.


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