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Top Tips When Caring For A Fiddle Leaf Plant

You may have come across the fiddle leaf plant, it’s considered one of the most popular plants of the moment. In fact, you’ll find examples of it in the background of celebrity pictures, magazines, and even Instagram feeds.

It’s enough to make you want to get a plant of your own.  Of course, before you invest you should know the basic facts about the plant and how to care for it.

Where The Fiddle Leaf Plant Comes From

These plants were initially found in the jungles of West Africa. They are known to reach 10 feet tall and enjoy a tropical climate. Interestingly, these trees grow from seeds embedded into the tops of other trees. They then grow downward, effectively starving the original tree of light.

Yet, despite this, they actually make very good house plants. The domesticated versions won’t grow as tall and they are happy to share their space.  However, you should note that even inside your home they can grow to be six feet tall. You’ll need to trim and monitor them every year to get the right shape and size.

It’s time to take a look at caring for your fiddle leaf plant.

Choosing The Right One

As with most things in life, it’s important to choose the right plant, it will make it easier to look after and for it to flourish. You can get your plants delivered from a reputable company and they’ll package them carefully to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. You should be aware their leaves can cause stomach irritation if eaten by your pets.

Sunlight Needs

These plants come from the tropics and like sunlight. You’ll need to find a position where they can receive plenty of unfiltered light. The ideal spot is by a sunny east-facing window.

As with most plants, they’ll grow toward the sunlight. If you want them to remain straight you should spin the pot every few months.

Watering Your Fiddle Leaf

The fiddle leaf plant will usually need watering twice a week. However, you should let the soil guide you. Only water when the top inch of soil is completely dry. It is worth noting that cold water can shock any plant, it’s always best to water them with lukewarm water.

Your pot must have a drainage hole at the bottom, this allows excess water out of the pot and you can empty the saucer, ensuring the only water for the plant is the moisture in the soil.


You should note that this plant comes from the tropics. That means it prefers a temperature between 65-75°F. They also like it to be humid. You can help with this by spraying the leaves and keeping other plants near them.

It’s also important to ensure the plant doesn’t have a draft hitting it, they really don’t like that!


You’ll need to report your plant if you want it to grow taller. Do this every time the roots start to poke out the bottom of the pot.

You should also prune the leaves regularly. This encourages healthy growth. In addition to this, you’ll need to prune the plant annually to ensure it doesn’t get too tall for your home.

Photo by Sarah Sosiak on Unsplash


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