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Top US Retirement Destinations to Consider

When you are planning your life, do you plan to live and retire right where you are or do you plan to retire elsewhere? New property options, downsizing, and even getting a bigger home, can all appeal. But what really makes a great place to retire to? It is a little bit of a trick question, as the answers are going to be different for different people. Some people will want to retire where the sun never stops shining. Some people will want to retire in an area close to walks, golf, and winter sports. Others will prefer an urban retirement, being able to walk to museums and cafes right from their apartment.

Even if you don’t have any plan to move or relocate at the moment, hopefully, this list of locations could help to motivate or inspire you, for when you think about retiring. There are locations for all budgets and tastes, so which do you think will work best for you?

Catalina, Arizona

Set against the Santa Catalina Mountains, the area of Catalina is very picturesque, and a really traditional retiree destination. The sun shines, and living in this location could mean days filled with golf, spas, shopping, and stunning sunsets. It is a mid-size town, located near Tucson, and it has pretty much anything and everything that you would need. There are great places to shop, as well as museums and attractions close by, which can be great for when family comes to stay.

An average house price in this area of Arizona is $349,974.

Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert City is going to be the place to be if you are a lover of good weather, and want to spend retirement enjoying the arts.  It is located in the Coachella Valley area, and has a population that is over half populated with the over 50s. So there would be plenty of people in a similar situation, and an active community to be able to get involved in. There are lots of activities going on, so it is great if you’re an active person. Think yoga, cycling, hiking, and swimming, as well as golf, and jogging trails.

The average house price in this area of California is $334,398.

West Bloomfield, Minnesota

West Bloomfield in Minnesota is a pretty and idyllic spot that is worth considering for retirement. There are calm waters to live near, and being able to enjoy sunsets on a boat in the water. There are many lakes, so water sport fans, fishing fans, and those that like the great outdoors, would be happy in this area. With state parks, it can make family picnics possible, as well as a beach area. You can also experience a little of American automotive history, as the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation isn’t far away.

An average house price in this area of Minnesota is $276,018.

Upper West Side, New York

Let’s face it, city living isn’t going to be for everyone. But for someone that wants to experience something different, or just loves the hustle and bustle of city life and amenities, then retiring on the Upper West Side could be for you. You can enjoy the best of both worlds, as you’re so close to all that you need in the city. However, you will be able to enjoy New York State as a whole, with places like Clarkstown, NY only a short drive away. If you like to be active, like to keep busy, and like to have different things to do each day, then New York could be the place for you.

An average house price in this area of New York is $1,198,062, but less if you chose an apartment.

Bonita Springs, Florida

If you are powered by the sun, then there is no greater state for that than Florida. There is good weather, amazing beaches, as well as plenty of volunteer opportunities, which can appeal to retirees. Bonita Springs has plenty of beautiful nature spots like State Parks, as well as kayaking, walking and hiking trails, and other water sports and outdoor pursuits. It is a popular location for retirees, so there will be plenty of people in a similar situation to help and get to know.

An average house price in this area of Florida is $333,373.

All of these places vary, and it does depend on what you are looking for. Do you have a preference? It would be great to hear what you think.


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