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What Does Trump’s Border Wall Mean for Homeowners in South Florida?

Of all the controversial promises Donald Trump made during his 2016 presidential election campaign, Trump’s border wall was by far the most explosive. Love him or hate him Trump is determined to do good on the promise he made, against all the odds.

What Is the Wall?

President Trump’s border wall is a radical response to his belief that it is too easy to cross the U.S- Mexico border and this allows illegal immigrants easy access to the U.S where they then live and work undetected and engage in criminal activity.

However, politicians serving states on the border believe the current border is secure and the cost of a border wall will be a massive waste of taxpayer’s money.

Trump’s detractors say Trump is making generalizations about all Mexican immigrants being criminals and in-fact. most are law-abiding. They are simply escaping extreme poverty in Mexico.

Opposition to Trump’s Border Wall – A National Emergency?

After losing control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, Donald Trump has sought to bypass congress who, now under control of the Democrats, have voted down his plans to fund the wall.

After this stand-off led to the largest government shutdown in history President Trump finally backed down and agreed to a budget that did not include any funding for his border wall.

As a result, he has turned to a different tactic and has declared that the lack of what he believes his efficient security on the border constitutes a national emergency. Such a measure would ordinarily allow him to bypass Congress and find funds for the wall from other areas of government spending.

However, declaring a national emergency in this way is considered by many to be unconstitutional. His declaration is currently being challenged by the courts and it may well end up being considered by the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, there is a motion that has been passed by the House and is now being considered by the Senate that would end Trump’s national emergency. This is important because the Senate still has a Republican majority, although Trump could veto this bill.

A Land Grab?

So what does all the mean for homeowners? The biggest issue at stake for those that live along the border is that it might mean the government buying up private property or private land.

This is a huge worry to those who already have houses or land where the border wall is proposed to be built. It means there is little they can do and they might not get what they consider is a fair deal in terms of compensation.

Challenging the government in court would be costly and take so long the wall might already have been completed before the case even gets a hearing.

This could also hurt Trump’s voter base as although many Republicans do support a tough stance on border security they also typically place a lot of emphasis on the rights of the individual.

This means the right to own their land. Hardcore republicans also oppose big government and are fearful of a powerful government that has the power to simply take away land at short notice.

There is evidence that many Texans, home to Trump’s biggest and most vocal supporters, don’t support a wall.

And such a decision could affect more than just physical property, as the Philly Inquirer points out, it could even destroy the centuries-old graves of families that still live on the border.

Flordia in Trouble

Although Flordia is not on the Mexico-U.S border, the declaration of a national emergency could cause huge problems for residents of the swing state that swung the election for President Trump.

This is because Trump could divert money from funds designed to help Flordia recover from severe flooding as a result of a spate of recent hurricanes. Nearly $800 million is apparently being earmarked to help pay for the wall.

So how much money is Trump asking for the border wall? Trump wants a total of $5.7 billion to build the wall.

If this were to happen it would spell disaster for the housing market as people realize that buying property in Flordia is a gamble.

Even residents of beautiful Myrtle Beach might decide that it is no longer worth buying property in the area if they feel they are not going to be covered when disaster strikes. Maybe they will decide to move to Vancouver and check it out instead.

It is important to remember, however, that none of Flordia’s politicians have been made aware of plans to do this and it is possible that the vast majority of the funds for the wall will come from the larger states of California and Puerto Ricco.

Will a Wall Actually Happen?

President Trump has a habit of defying expectations. Nobody thought he would win the Republican nomination, let alone win the Presidency and those that predicted that he would have also said he’d be impeached within his first year in office.

With the unpredictability of politics in 2019, nothing is certain. However, it looks unlikely that Trump will manage to pass all of the obstacles required to get the funding for his wall. With both houses set to vote down his plan for a national emergency and many lawyers suggesting that even if he were to use his controversial power of veto to pass it, it would be blocked the courts, it seems more likely that he will be forced to consider alternative measures.

Your Perfect Florida Home?

Ever dreamed of retiring to Florida and building your perfect dream home? Many people think Trump’s border wall might make this more difficult. It will be if it means diverting money from hurricane relief funds.

However, with Congress and all of Flordia’s politicians against this plan, it is unlikely to come to pass and Florida’s property market will remain well equipped to defend itself and, if necessary, re-build after a hurricane.


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