How to Buy a Garage Door: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a new garage door? There are more options than you’d think.

Garage doors come in a variety of different colors, styles, and materials with additional features and add-ons available. If you are about to start your search, you should know how to buy a garage door and what will fit the style of your home  


How to Buy a Garage Door

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you’ll want the best door that suits your home, is easy to operate, and that will last you for many years. A new garage door can boost curb appeal and choosing to insulate could save you money on your energy bills. 

Below are some of the basic factors to consider when looking for the perfect garage door for your home.  


Sectional doors move up on a vertical track and as it bends it will run parallel with the ceiling on a horizontal track. This is the most common across the United States.  

Roll-up rolls around a large cylinder in the garage up by the ceiling.  

Side-hinged doors look like large barn doors when opened and closed. Hinges on the side let this door swing open. 

Slide garage doors bend to the side and run parallel to the wall. 

Tilt-up tilts up instead of bending and can either extend past your house like a canopy or retract into the garage 



Wood is beautiful but requires a lot of maintenance. They need to be stained and painted every few years and they are prone to rot due to exposure to the elements. 

Composite wood is made of fiberboard with a wooden frame. These doors are filled with polystyrene insulation for increased energy-efficiency. 

Aluminum doors are great for weather resistance and their durability but are easily dented. This type of material does absorb heat from the sun and it will require more energy to cool this space down during the hot months. 

Steel is low in maintenance, energy-efficient, and offers many customizable options. 

Vinyl is durable, easy to maintain, but it can be more expensive when insulation is added. 

Fiberglass is lightweight and quiet. The outside of the door is fiberglass while the interior is a foam core and supported by a steel frame 

Accessories & Added Features 

Windows let in natural light and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Insulation provides energy-efficiency and can save you money on your energy bill while leaving your home a more comfortable environment. 

Automatic door openers are very common and require strong motors and safety sensors to stop the door from closing on any objects. Door openers are on small remotes and personal codes can also be used to open the door. 

Does It Fit Into My Budget? 

Before you go shopping, consider how much you want to invest in a garage door. What you’ll be paying depends on the factors listed above. Prices can range from several hundred to several thousand depending on what you want. 

Installing a new garage door adds a solid return on investment. Nationally, this number gives an ROI of 85% on average.  

Take into consideration the cost to hire a professional if you are sticking to a strict budget.

Choose What Fits Your Needs    

Garage door shopping isn’t something you get to do very often. Don’t walk into it blind. Know how to buy a garage door and everything that’s offered on the market today. 

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