Hurricane Coming? What to Do During a Hurricane to Stay Safe in Your Home

You have probably seen the pictures of hurricane damages on the news. Perhaps you’ve even lived through a hurricane or two. 

Whether you saw it through the media or experienced it first hand. The images are unforgettable. The effects are often catastrophic.

That’s why it is important to be prepared and to stay safe during a hurricane.  What you do significantly impacts the extent to which you’ll be affected. Your preparations before, during and after a hurricane determines life or death.

Want to be prepared for hurricane season? Check out this guide on what to do during a hurricane to stay safe in your home.

1. Keep Away from Windows and Remain Inside

Do evacuate as soon as possible if there’s an evacuation order. If you decide to stay and forgo evacuation, always remain inside and keep away from windows and doors.

An interior room (bathroom or closet) on the first floor of your home is the ideal place to be during a hurricane.

2. Stay Abreast With Local and National Alerts 

Riding out the hurricane at home will likely be associated with a loss of power supply. TV, the internet, and all high tech communication methods with the outside world will be lost.

Keep a portable battery-powered radio. It keeps you up to date about the hurricane, its path and when it has safely passed.

Stay tuned to the National Weather Service as all storm forecasts, warnings and watches will be aired. This means it is important to stock up on extra batteries for your radio.

3. Turning off the Main Energy Sources

Turn off your home’s main power. If a hurricane knocks out the power leaving it on is dangerous. Once the power returns it could produce a short circuit. Moreover, it could start a house fire.

Also, turn off the main water supply even though it won’t work if the power supply goes out. This prevents overflowing and potential flooding.

When the power gets cut during a hurricane turn off the gas. An overflow of gas supply could cause a fire.

If water is entering,  turn off the power supply as a surge could cause an electrical fire. Use towels to stop the water as well as home flood protection barriers.

4. Careful Use of Hurricane Equipment

If the power is cut, a generator may be used temporarily. Start by reading the manual before turning it on. Set it up away from doors and windows as it releases toxic carbon monoxide fumes. To be safe get a carbon monoxide detector.

If using candles do so with caution. Keep them away from flammable objects and blow them out when going to bed.

What to Do During a Hurricane to Stay Safe

Knowing what to do during a hurricane to stay safe definitely determines your outcome after it has passed.

Keep inside, stay abreast of the latest news and turn off power supplies. These are all key factors to your safety.

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