Lighting Hacks: 5 Awesome Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting is something people often think about for security reasons. 

A well-lit street is less likely to attract would-be thieves than a dark street.

Even if you’re thinking about where to place outdoor lights for your overall landscape design, they may end up serving a dual purpose. 

Looking for some amazing outdoor lighting solutions for your backyard? Stick around to learn some lighting hacks that will brighten up your summer evenings.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions to Brighten Your Entertainment Space

What are the best lights for outside? Well, that depends on your needs and your style.

What kind of look do you want? Do you want mood lighting? Do you need a lot of bright light? 

Let’s take a look at these 5 outdoor lighting tips, hacks, and solutions. 

1. String Lights 

String lights are perfect to string over a deck or hardscape, like a firepit, for just the right mood lighting. 

They provide subtle light, a beautiful glow, and create a picturesque backyard scene. String them on trees or add planters with posts to hold the lights around your patio or firepit area. 

2. Flood Lights 

Do you have a large area to “flood” with light? Maybe you want bright light on your driveway for when you arrive home in the dark. 

Floodlights are also great to light up your patio for an evening dinner party or your backyard for some late-night cornhole or bocce ball. 

Check out this flood light buyer’s guide to find what works best for your home. 

3. Bollard Lights

Do you have a path up to your front door or in your backyard? Bollard lights are designed to shine light in all directions and light your path

These posts with lights on top are easy to incorporate into your landscaping and they give your yard a look of sophistication. 

4. Spot Lights 

Spotlights point in only one direction and are usually used to highlight something like a beautiful palm tree, a decorated wall, or a statue for example. 

You can choose from really bright to more subtle spotlights to point upward and create a grazing effect. 

5. DIY Lighting

Use your creative skills to put together some unique outdoor lighting ideas. Use jars with wire hangers and tealight candles. 

Repurpose an old chandelier and hang it from a tree. Use mason jars to create a canning jar light fixture

String icicle lights around a hula hoop for a unique chandelier over your outdoor dining table. 

Paint your planters with glow-in-the-dark paint and place them around your yard for a subtle glow. 

Backyard Lighting

Now that you’ve learned some awesome outdoor lighting solutions, it’s time to get to work. Which type of lighting fits your backyard vibe? 

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