Transform Your Bathroom: 5 Easy Bathroom Updates

Bathrooms are one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a house, right up there with kitchens and basements. There’s nothing worse than having to spend time in an outdated bathroom that hasn’t been upgraded in about three decades.

But what if you just can’t afford to completely renovate your bathroom? How can you transform your bathroom without breaking the bank?

Keep reading for five easy bathroom updates that’ll give it the facelift it deserves (and needs).

1. Paint Your Bathroom a Bold Color

Do you want to drastically change the vibe of your bathroom for less than 50 bucks? All you need to do is paint the walls a bold color!

Painting a room a new color can give it a completely new feel and make it look modern, even if the foundation of the bathroom is still outdated. You can choose a color that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home, or go for a color that is unique to the bathroom to really make it stand out.

2. New Shower Curtain and Rugs

Raggedy rugs and ripped shower curtains can age a bathroom ten years, which means replacing those old items can give your bathroom and cheap and easy facelift.

Don’t just buy new versions of the same rugs and curtain you had before—if you really want an upgrade, look for something entirely new that can transform your bathroom right away.

3. Add Some Storage Space

Do you constantly find your bathroom cluttered and messy? You probably need some new accessible storage space to clear up the bathroom and make it look more open and clean.

Adding some shelves above the toilet is a super-easy way to store things like hair supplies, extra toilet paper, skincare items, and more! That way, your sink counter won’t be cluttered with all of the items you use daily.

4. Bring in Some Artwork

Ready to add something unique to your bathroom that requires hardly any effort on your part? All you need to do is hang up a couple of pieces of artwork!

You can hang paintings that loved ones have gifted you, or go out and buy some art and support your local artists!

5. Install Glass Doors

Are you looking to make a major upgrade to your bathroom? There’s no better way to modernize a bathroom than by adding glass doors in place of curtains. 

Getting a company like Multi-Glass of Texas LLC to install glass doors in your bathroom might cost a bit more than the other options, but this can completely transform your bathroom and give it the clean, finished look you’re looking for.

Try These Easy Bathroom Updates for a Transformation

You don’t need to break the bank to give your bathroom the facelift it needs. All you need to do is get creative with these inexpensive and easy bathroom updates and your bathroom will be completely transformed.

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