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3 Best Private Islands with Mansions for Sale in Miami

Out of all of the available mansions for sale in Miami, prime waterfront property on an exclusive private island is the ultimate in extravagance.  The unprecedented surge in foreign investment into the real estate market of South Florida has brought with it an insatiable demand for incredible mansions on prime estates. Billionaires, celebrities and foreign dignitaries of all sorts have anointed trophy waterfront properties in Miami as being a must-have addition to any real estate portfolio of personal residences.

There are several core reasons why the elite are choosing the Magic City as a place to call home.  Most notably, the lack of Florida state income tax is seen by many as an incredible incentive to name Florida as a primary residence.  It’s a huge perk to literally get paid (indirectly) by the State to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.   With New York and California state income taxes hovering around 10% annually, that’s a huge savings. Secondly, Miami is seen as the capital of Latin America.  A large number of the mansions for sale in Miami are acquired by wealthy Latin American families that are looking to hedge their assets against a currency default or a financial catastrophe at the hands of a dictator (hello Argentina and Venezuela). And lastly, the American government has been printing money like crazy since the Great Recession – and this inevitably means that strong inflation will be upcoming…and of course gold and real estate are the preferred assets in an inflationary environment.  With that said, lets examine the 3 best private islands with mansions for sale in Miami.  These communities are exceptional choices for value appreciation, prestige and overall quality of life. 

Star Island: #1 Community of Mansions for Sale in Miami

Out of all of the mansions for sale in Miami, Star Island ranks as the absolute top private island community.  Star Island homes for sale are quite limited in number because there are only 34 properties on the island – making them incredibly exclusive.  Each and every home on the ultra-chic island sits on over 40,000 square feet of prime waterfront land. Every estate has incredible unobstructed water views and the capacity to berth a wide variety of yachts. The incredible level of seclusion and privacy prove to be ever-so-tantalizing for a long list of celebrities owners that have included:  Madonna, P-Diddy, Shaquille O’Neal, Sylvester Stallone, Naomi Campbell and Kanye West.  For those looking for the convenience of South Beach being only minutes away down the MacArthur Causeway, yet still wanting expansive lots and elite neighbors, Star Island is a winner.

Sunset Islands: #2 Community of Mansions for Sale in Miami

For someone wanting a magnificent estate on a private island that is still walking distance away to Lincoln Road, there is only one answer – the Sunset Islands. Consequently, location is the primary reason why the Sunset Islands are one of the top private islands communities with mansions for sale in Miami.  Homes within the island offer active residents limitless options to easily explore the best that South Beach has to offer.  Additionally, the current available list of Sunset Islands homes for sale offers a very nice range of homes that can cater to a multitude of different design and architectural tastes.  The islands are home to some of the most glamorous annual costume parties on planet Earth.  And overall, the residents tend to be more sociable than some of the other stuffy private island neighborhoods.

La Gorce Island: #3 Community of Mansions for Sale in Miami

La Gorce Island has the talk of Miami recently. A new record of $611 per square foot for land and $2,889 per square foot for a home have set Miami Beach records. La Gorce sits at the top of the high-end market out of all mansions for sale in Miami due to its connection to the incredible La Gorce Country Club and extensive high-security for the island. Residents feel like they are in their own planet with lush tropical landscaping around every corner and influential neighbors. The current range of La Gorce island homes for sale is quite tight.  These grand estates are some of the absolute best that Miami has to offer and owners have shown long-term tendencies to buy and hold indefinitely .  The highly exclusive community has an outstanding and convenient location on Miami Beach. Straddling the waters between Biscayne Bay and the Miami shoreline, La Gorce Island is close to the mainland and yet far enough for privacy.  If you are looking for an estate that is a true residential paradise with its own luxurious country club lifestyle, La Gorce island is the best choice in all of Miami.


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