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3 Quick Reasons Why You Should Move To Florida

The Sunshine State has been a favorite go-to destination of tourists, families, and people looking for a fresh place to start. But before you start calling those furniture movers and preparing your sunblock, you might want a little more information on what exactly makes Florida so appealing – and how what it has can work for you.

The people

In terms of median age, Florida leans towards the older side – after all, it’s well known for its retirees and the community that’s sprung around them. What this means though is that the environment that you can expect from Florida is one on the quieter side of things – especially if you choose to settle further up north. It’s the perfect place to raise a family or retire.

But younger homeowners need not fret – South Florida is bustling with all sorts of activity, largely influenced by it’s Caribbean and Latin American traditions. Nightlife is bustling in South Florida, and if you can land a property right in the center of these two districts, you’ll be able to party during your weeknights and take some tanning sessions on the beaches on weekends. Aside from being surrounded by a bustling variety of people – you’ll never run out of things to do.

The activities

Florida is home to plenty of attractions – some novelties, while others are events that you’ll want to go through again and again. It’s the home of the Daytona 500, the quintessential American experience that is never quite the same every time it happens. You can’t also forget Disney World, an experience that everyone should rightly try at least once while they’re in Florida. For those looking for a more historical jaunt, Florida’s home to the Spanish-constructed settlement of St. Augustine, a landmark that’s been well preserved for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s not even get started on the landscapes: numerous parks, theme attractions, and day trips all make their home in the Sunshine State. One such attraction is the Bok Tower Gardens, a botanical wonder that’ll delight families and guests.

The cost of living

Remember those furniture movers we mentioned earlier? You might want to bring a couple more of them since Florida is one of the few states that actually has no state income tax. It makes it far easier to move and re-establish yourself there, which makes it a haven for those who simply want a place to build their lives the way the wish, and generally enjoy themselves. Even those who have a more entrepreneurial bent might find things a little easier in the Sunshine State: Florida’s sales taxes are also some of the lowest nationwide.

This frees up your pocket for the expenses your really want to enjoy – whether it be a family trip to Tampa for the weekend or sunning yourself on the beach. The cost of living in Florida is well worth it to people who’ve worked hard and earned their rest, making it the state of reward.

Florida beckons to anyone who wants to settle down, have a drink, enjoy their hard work, and live life the way they want it to. If you’re ever worried about how exactly to mortgage your dream Floridian home, there’s plenty of companies that are willing to help you out. And in the case that you aren’t satisfied with the house you purchased, you can use Florida cash home buyers to buy the house off of you.

For example, we here at Sky Five Properties make it our goal to ensure that your new life in our state is as comfortable as possible. We know what Florida has to offer to those who want to settle here – and we’re willing to work with you every step of the way in order to make that happen.

Is there anything else you think we should add to the reasons why someone should move to Florida? Leave some in the comments below.


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