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7 Must-Haves for a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel requires strict attention to detail. It can be difficult to determine what to prioritize when you’re revamping your cooking space. We’ve created a guide to the 7 most important changes to make in a contemporary kitchen. No matter your personal style, there are several upgrades that are essential for any home. From aesthetic value to practicality, these should be at the top of your list.

Sleek Countertops

Implement the top trends for kitchen surfaces by replacing your current countertops. For a minimalist interior, go with something sleek and chic like trendy quartz. If you’re looking for something more dramatic, consider a dark, moody marbled look. Pair your new kitchen countertops with a vibrant piece of kitchen wall art.

Trendy Hardware

Hardware trends go in and out of style, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest styles. While chrome and nickel were all the rage over the last few years, designers are leaning towards warmer-toned metals. Experiment with knobs and pulls in shades like gold, bronze, and copper.  Warm metallic details are a great way to create a cozy feel in an otherwise cool space.

Tiled Floor

The go-to for kitchen flooring has always been tile. This is due to its durability, versatility, and water resistance. Choose a high-quality, porcelain tile for optimal longevity. Feel free to play with different colors and patterns, as tiles come in a variety of striking selections. You can also choose between a rectangular subway tile, a large contemporary square, or an eclectic mix of different cuts and sizes.

Low-Profile Cabinets

Ornate cabinets are out and plain, low profile cabinets are in. You want your cabinets to blend into your space rather than be the focus of the room. The hardware and modern countertops should be the eye-catching elements within your kitchen. The more subtle your kitchen cabinets, the better. Let the important details shine, and don’t fully focus on elaborate cabinets.

Modern Sink

While farmhouse-style sinks have risen to popularity over the last five years, a new type of kitchen sink is taking center stage. Although the farmhouse sink is still a stylish statement piece, under-mounted sinks are all the rage. These sinks blend right into the countertop, and they look sleek and sophisticated. Remember, the deeper the sink, the better!

New Appliances

It may be tempting to keep your old appliances, but a new refrigerator or stovetop can go a long way. In addition to completing the look of your contemporary kitchen, there are plenty of energy-efficient options on the market. Go for a brushed metal finish rather than shiny chrome for a truly modern look. Make sure to research reviews on appliances and prioritize longevity over affordability if it is financially plausible.

Bold Backsplash

Add a touch of creativity to your kitchen with a funky backsplash. While the rest of your kitchen may look contemporary and cohesive, your backsplash is an excellent opportunity to have some fun with your décor! Explore different tiled patterns that incorporate a splash of originality. This is a great way to make your kitchen stand out among the rest. While your backsplash doesn’t have to be loud, it should exemplify your personal style.

Culinary Chic

Whether you’re gutting your kitchen or just doing a few cosmetic upgrades, it’s important to plan you’re remodeling accordingly.  Give your space a brand-new look with these 7 tips for a successful kitchen renovation. Pick your perfect tiles, hang a piece of wall art, and make sure your appliances are top-notch. A remodeled kitchen can instantly elevate the look of your entire home.



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