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Four Tips For Extending A Property

Extending a property can have its challenges. It’s not something that everyone prefers to do when it comes to the home. There are a lot of factors and often legal hoops to jump through in order to achieve what you want.

However, if it’s done correctly, it can add real value to your home. With that being said, here are four tips for extending your property.

Draft Up A Detailed Budget

Firstly, you’ll need a budget. This is important so that you don’t overspend, leaving yourself in debt. A lot of that can happen when it comes to doing an extension so it’s important to be detailed. Think about how you want to lay out your budget so that it’s easily managed.

There are plenty of ways to do it but the main thing is to estimate correctly. From the different materials, supplies, and labor costs, estimate at the top end. This is good to do because that way you won’t be shocked at prices when they’re given to you.

A detailed budget is one that will help keep you in line when it comes to spending your cash. Remember, the more money you spend and potentially waste, the more it eats into profit.

Choose Your Contractors Wisely

Your contractors are an important element of the build. They will be responsible for bringing your vision to life. There are plenty of reputable ones out there but there are also not-so-good ones too. Whether you’re looking for an excavation contractor or someone to do the plumbing, shop around.

Make sure you’re looking for reputable companies and individuals. It’s not always about the price either. There can be those that are expensive but still be worse than the cheaper option.

Scope out the best, ask for recommendations and trust your gut. If it’s not the right one, then find someone else to do it.

Set Out A Timeline

A timeline is good to have because there will often be challenges that come your way. Extensions can take time but it’s good to have a timeline to give to the contractors. Not that they’ll slack but they may need some gentle pushes at times. It’s good to have a timeline for you and your household to work by. That way, you’ve got everything you need to know when it comes to what’s arriving when, etc.

The more prepared you can be, the better.

Expect Delays

There will always be delays whenever it comes to building work. Whether it’s weather-related, a problem that’s arisen, or delays to supplies, it’s worth knowing. This can be something that’s incorporated into your timeline. Try to have patience but know when to push your contractors along. After all, you don’t want to be taken for a ride when you’re spending a lot of money.
Extending a property is a great way to add space and value. It’s not available to every property but if you have the land, it’s worth doing. Use these tips to make the right choices for your extension.

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels


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