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7 Surprising Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

The location is perfect. The schools are great. It’s priced to sell.

You even updated all the fixtures and appliances.

So what’s the problem? Why is your house not selling?

These are the types of questions homeowners ask themselves every day while trying to sell their homes.

On average, a house is on the market for 65 days. If you’re past this mark it could be just a bad market or poor timing but it also could mean that something fundamentally wrong with either your home or how you’re going about selling it.

In this article, we’re breaking down the top X shocking reasons your home isn’t selling and what you can do to fix it.

It’s time to tap into your inner interior decorator; we’re getting started.

House Not Selling? Here are 7 Reasons Why

When it comes to selling your home it all comes down to three main things: price, location, and condition. If you think you’ve got all the bases covered but are not seeing any offer, it could be one of these reasons you may have overlooked when listing your house.

1. You’re Using Lackluster Photos

Photos are everything when selling your home so take them seriously and make them look as professional as possible.

You must prove that your house is amazing through photos and descriptions alone. Pictures have the impossible task of convincing people to get off their couch and attend a showing at your home.

We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words. Pictures triumph descriptions any day of the week. Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in the house so the more pictures, the better.

Take images from every angle and don’t forget the aerial shot. Properties with overview pics via a drone or even google maps sell 68% quicker than homes advertised with the boring, standard images.

Set yourself apart from other buyers with an aerial view or even a 360-degree video of the home and property.

2. Inside is Clutter Overload

When taking photos and prepping for a showing, it’s important you remove clutter around the house. Staging is essential when selling a home. It all goes back to showing the potential for another person living in your home.

Remove personal effects such as artwork on the fridge, family photos, and laundry before an open house. Clean out your garage and finish your basement to create the vision of free space they can make into their own.

It’s even a good idea to remove bulky furniture, exercise equipment, and any unnecessary items that will make the house and its features look smaller. Some realtors even suggest cleaning out your cabinets and pantry. This can be frustrating for sellers but it’s an important part of showing off your home.

3. It’s Dark Inside

When taking pictures and even preparing for showings, make sure that you’re showing off your home with ample light, whether that’s from the windows or lamps.

Buyers are always looking for natural light sources but even if you don’t have access to adequate light the right accent lighting can change a room.

4. It Has Poor Curb Appeal

Poor curb appeal can deter a buyer before they even enter your home. Even small things like weeding, raking, shoveling, and taking down old Christmas lights are huge when it comes to showing your home.

If they can’t see past your front lawn, they likely won’t even make it inside the home.

Take pride in the exterior of your house. This can include cleaning your windows, replacing the mulch, painting the front door, replacing the shutters, mowing your lawn, and repaving the walkway.

5. You Have an Old Roof

Buyers will often be game to redo a kitchen, remodel a bathroom, and even a basement but something no one wants to do is replace an old roof. An old roof is scary to buyers and if they’re on the fence between two homes, they’ll pick the one with a newer roof every time.

Want a killer selling point? Install a new roof and flaunt it for all it’s worth–and trust us, it’s worth a lot. Don’t forget to size your roof before getting an estimate to avoid financial surprises.

6. You Have a Pet Problem

For people who aren’t “pet people,” a home with dogs or cats can be non-negotiable. It can be hard for them to look past the animal hair, spots, and smells. Even excessive barking during a showing can turn off a potential bidder.

Yes, we know the carpets can be easily vacuumed and replaced but some buyers won’t see the potential. Be sure to get a professional carpet cleaner to remove all signs and smells of your pets prior to your showings. Don’t forget the furniture and the steps too.

7. You’re All About You

A good rule of thumb in selling tour home is to never turn down a showing. We know life is hectic but every open house and showing can lead to a potential offer.

All too often we encounter sellers that have strict showing hours, refuse last minute showings, don’t prepare for them at all, or even cancel showings because it’s inconvenient for them. Make sure when the reason your house isn’t selling isn’t because of you.

If you’ve gone through all of these tips and tricks and are still having trouble selling your home you still have options.

It’s always a good idea to check out a “we buy any house company”; you may end up with a great deal. They’re the perfect option for houses that aren’t selling or people who need to sell their homes fast.

Find Your Dream Home

Hopefully, these reasons reduce the stress of your house not selling. A few small tweaks and you’ll find a buyer in no time.

If you’re selling your current house, you’re most likely looking for a new place to settle down in. It’s time to look for your dream property and that’s where we come in.

At Sky Five Properties we excel in closing on your luxury home or condo. Head to our website and browse the various options and find the property you’ve been dreaming of.


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