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Remodel on a Budget: 5 Cheap Kitchen Renovations That You Can Do

Over time, our kitchens are bound to lose a little bit of their luster. While we can put with this for a certain amount of time, there comes a point when enough is enough and a change needs to be made.

Perhaps you’re at this point, but don’t have the money to make big renovations to your kitchen? Maybe you’re wondering if there are any renovations you can make on the cheap?

If so, you’ll be pleased to find out that there are. Here are 5 cheap kitchen renovations that you can do with ease.

Cheap Kitchen Renovations to Consider

While even cheap kitchen remodeling projects will be relatively expensive, they will still be substantially less money than standard remodels. You should be able to complete the following 5 budget kitchen renovations for just a few thousand dollars.

1. Paint Your Cabinets

Because your cabinets comprise a good deal of your kitchen, the simple act of painting them can have a huge aesthetic influence on your kitchen as a whole. You have the option to paint them any color you want and could even add attractive stains to provide them with a touch of elegance.

If you paint your cabinets on your own, you probably won’t have to spend any more than $250. Of course, the exact price depends on the number of cabinets you have and the types of supplies you buy.

2. Swap Out the Hardware

Another cheap and easy kitchen renovation option is to swap out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers. This can generally be done for between $100 and $500 depending on the quality of the hardware that you buy.

3. Add a Light Fixture

One of the most effective kitchen renovations is to change the main source of lighting in the room. For instance, if you use a hanging chandelier, you could consider switching to track lighting. A new lighting fixture can cost anywhere between $50 and $200.

4. Opt for a Cheap, But Effective, Countertop Material

Is your countertop cracked? Maybe you’re just getting tired of looking at it? If so, you could opt to change it in exchange for a cheap, but effective, countertop material.

There are a few different attractive, functional, and low-cost materials available, including butcher’s block and tile, to name just two. These materials cost between $10 and $25 per square foot.

5. Get Thrifty with It

Sometimes, all it takes to drastically improve the look of a kitchen is to replace the chairs, tables, and accessories. While you could absolutely opt for new kitchen furniture and accessories, another option is to opt for cheap, thrifted items.

Scope out thrift stores and antique shops to find vintage chairs, tables, towel hangers, and more.

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Are you, by any chance, trying to make some kitchen renovations before selling your home? Need a little help with the home selling process?

If so, SkyFive Properties can help. As one of Miami’s premier real estate firms, we have helped thousands upon thousands of home and businesses to sell and buy property.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!


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