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Best Places in Oregon To Live With Family

Even though Oregon’s living cost falls on the upper echelon of the US average, the state’s urban-suburban vibe, a plethora of natural attractions, and the nation’s top schooling systems make it the perfect place for families. OR’s versatile neighborhoods offer a fulfilling life for individuals with different lifestyle choices, whether outdoor-centric, school-oriented, or tech-savvy.

Top 5 Oregon Locations That Are Ideal for Families 

1. Ashland, Jackson County 

Ashland’s housing market and world-class medical facilities attract millennial families with growing children with a residential property budget of around $600k. The Asante Ashland Community Hospital, which provides medical care for 600,000 people from Oregon and California, assists children with vaccinations and other medical procedures. The Pediatric department treats children aged from one day to 16 years, while the telemedicine service ensures that newborns and toddlers don’t have to travel far for treatment and check-ups. 

In 2023, Ashland’s residential property market became a buyer’s market where young professionals can bag a great deal. The suburban single-family homes saw a 15% YoY dip in August 2023, with a median sale price of $575,000. The proximity to the California border (15 miles) promises employment opportunities in both states sans the overbearing living expense of CA.  Although the Southern Oregon region is prone to wildfires from May to October, the Ashland Wildfire Mitigation Project reduced the overall risk through preventive measures; outdoor debris burning, fireworks, and lanterns are prohibited. 

2. Bethany, Washington County 

Bethany’s proximity to 120 private and public schools -featuring international, STEM, charter, magnet, and faith-centric schools- landed it at the top of the OR location where parents want to relocate. As part of the economically strong Portland metropolitan area, the house prices are one of the highest in the US- detached family homes sell for $879,500. Despite the hefty house price, people are moving in due to the downtown perks: employment, lavish retail stores, education, and cultural exhibitions. 

Unlike many metros, Bethany has multiple child-safe parks ( Bethany Meadows Park, Bethany Lake Park, and Kaiser Woods Park) featuring playgrounds and water activities. Because of the community’s focus on education, toddlers (12-36 months) get introduced to the literary world through public programs organized by the Bethany Library. Thanks to the parks, recreational establishments, reading events, and bike-safe suburbs, parents don’t have to drive miles to keep their kids entertained. 

3. Central Point, Jackson County 

Central Points has become a hotspot for outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts thanks to the lots and single-family houses with water bodies and greenery stretching for acres. Whether farming or raising horses and other animals, the city lets the residents get closer to the environment without stripping off the city amenities. Also, Central Point’s school district comprises 8 public schools, 2 specialized academies, and an international soccer camp- meaning the parents don’t have to homeschool their children to live near nature. 

Photo from Horse Properties

Since Central Point has a climate similar to the Mediterranean zone, residents can enjoy outdoor activities and retreats to the wilderness all year round- the lowest winter temperature is 50F. The public parks (Bear Creek Greenway,  Rogue River, and the Pacific Crest Trail) serve as getaways for hiking, camping, biking, swimming, boating, fishing, and rafting. However, the seven streams running through the city made it susceptible to floods- meaning the homeowners need to do seasonal drain cleaning, retrofitting the property, and getting flood insurance. 

4. Hillsboro, Washington County 

From a strong job market fuelled by Hillsboro Industrial District and a diverse community setting with 2400 bilingual kids in 10 schools, Hillsboro delivers economic support and an inclusive culture for the families. Tech executives boast the majority of employees of the neighborhood courtesy of conglomerates; Intel and  Nike total more than 24,000 employees. Moreover, medical professionals gain significant work opportunities from bioscience and medical device organizations, such as Oregon Health & Science University, Kaiser Permanente, and Tuality Health Care. 

Hillsboro’s nickname, “The Silicon Forest,” lives up to the name through housing laws and curated technical schools. Hillsboro CTE (Career-technical education) goes beyond the traditional automotive training and teaches Biotech, Robotech, Graphic Design, etc. The community adopts the latest technology to aid the new residents as well. All house sellers from the region must present a Home Energy Score (HES) before publicly listing the home. Hence, the potential buyers can assess the home’s structure, heating and cooling systems, and other energy-related features in advance. 

5. Corvallis, Benton County 

As 56% of young adults (18-24 years old) live in their parental home, Corvallis appeals to families with juvenile members. The college town has become a coveted location for parents who want to take advantage of in-state tuition fees; Oregon State University’s tuition is $13,494 for in-state and $35,664 for out-of-state students. Also, the Linn-Benton Community College has an in-state fee of $5,675 per year, a fraction of the out-of-state tuition of $13,000 per year.  

Corvallis Transit System (CTS), a free public transit system, covers all the corners of the city. The expansive bike walking lanes save fuel costs as 11% of Corvallis residents commute by bicycle, and 12% commute by walking to their destination. The city’s flat topography and interlinked bike lanes help to finish any trip within 15 minutes. Corvallis’s unique Emergency Ride Home (ERH) service makes the biking and walking around safer. ERH supports county dwellers for medical conditions, carpool misses, and a late pick-up from the office. 


Oregon functions as the perfect state to raise children from newborns to college-level children. The versatile geography lets the children grow close to the wilderness- a feat kids are robbed of in a big metro. As the state has a profound economy through tech, education, and bio-medical sectors, parents can raise their children without pinching for pennies.


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