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6 Ways To Organize Your Outdoor Spaces

One’s outdoor space is a glorious extension to your indoor living space and should be decorated as such. Achieving a well-designed balance between aesthetics and utility should be the aim when you are decorating and organizing your outdoor spaces whether large or small. Here are a few ways to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

  1. Buy Practical Outdoor Furniture 

You may be keen on buying very beautiful lawn furniture that can weather poorly in a short time. If you plan on using your outdoor space, especially for gathering buy modern, contemporary, and practical furniture pieces. Never fill your outdoor area with furniture and come up with sensible options such as benches or convertible options to make sure there is adequate seating along with optimal utilization of the available space. Invest in some sturdy basics such as a few seating options and a good table and work your way up from there.

  1. Continue The Style

Evaluate the style you have predominately opted for in your main house décor. Try to have your outdoor area be an extension of that style whether it’s farmhouse chic, contemporary modern, vintage or Scandinavian. This enhances the illusion that the indoor is flowing into the outdoor area and there isn’t a sharp contrast. In many houses sliding or French windows mean the space can open up and in essence be combined with the sitting area indoors.

  1. Let Purpose Guide You

Your outdoor space should ideally be designed and organized according to zones. You can have an area with a grill and some furniture, a separate zone for the vegetable garden, a shed for gardening tools, or even a spot under some foliage for meditation. It all depends on your personal requirements but designing by zone and purpose is a great idea if you are confused about where to start. Having a shed as mentioned above for example may be helpful for keeping lawn mowing equipment such as a commercial robotic lawn mower safe from rain and other natural elements.

  1. Make Allowance For Temperature Changes

You may have been recommended to sit outside in the sun or get some fresh air at least for 40 mins in a day, but what if the temperature is really hot or really cold? You need to make allowance for different temperature changes so make sure you have a canopy or lawn umbrella for the summers with furniture that doesn’t absorb heat and is light-colored. A small portable fan for example would be very welcome on a hot summer day. Many people also have a designated area with a mini-fridge for cool drinks!

For winters you can have a space heater or any outdoor heater as well as a sitting area designed around a cooking pit or BBQ grill. Make sure there are plenty of cushions, rugs, and throw blankets to make your outdoor sitting area cozy and warm! Depending on your budget it might also be worthwhile to enclose a part of your lawn or garden just to prevent rain, snow, or hail from getting into it.

  1. Don’t Forget The Lights 

Lighting is majorly instrumental for the ambiance so if you have beautiful light fixtures, string lights, and fairy lights with sublime warm bulbs, you will enjoy sitting outside with a cup of tea or reading a book. Not to mention gatherings, parties and BBQs will be a lot more fun. If you prefer nightclub lighting or neon signs you can also use them to create a certain mood. It is all about the ambiance that personally gives you joy.

Be sure to have spotlights on areas of your garden you wish to highlight to guests even in the evening such as a particular vegetable patch, the pool area, or a hammock. Light fixtures depending on their quality can come in either satin nickel or brushed nickel finishes and when doing a comparison between the two you will find out that nickel plating helps the steel in the fixture resist rust, corrosion, and discoloration

  1. Décor Elements, Night Scented Flowers, Ornaments 

An outdoor space should have customized décor elements that strike your fancy such as framed wall art, hanging tapestries, painted flower pots, rugs, or even a water fountain! Plant night-scented flowers like Petunia or Star Jasmine to further enhance the ambiance for evening get-togethers at your place. Your outdoor space is just like any other area in your home, it deserves to have elements that display your interests and hobbies.


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