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Kaya Wittenburg‘s Story

Welcome to the Sky Five Properties Blog. I’d like to make the majority of this post highly personal. In reading other blogs, I always seem to enjoy the business talk a bit more if I know the filter by which that person views the world. What kind of person are they? What are their passions and motivations?

So, a good place to start would be to jump into answering these relevant questions and more. Why am I doing this anyway? What is Sky Five Properties all about? And who is this Kaya guy, the person, behind the words in this blog? I’ll start with who is this Kaya guy and why is he writing a blog about real estate in South Florida.

Ever since I was a child growing up in the friendly Mid-western suburb of Brookfield, Wisconsin, I always enjoyed creative writing. I was incredibly shy, so writing was a way to express myself in a thoughtful and detailed, yet emotionally safe way. Some of my most vivid memories were eagerly waiting for my mother to get home from work so that she could tell me all about the real estate deals that she was negotiating in one of her exclusive gated communities. I was particularly drawn to the negotiation processes themselves. It was fascinating to hear about the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, gamesmanship that went on through the property acquisitions. Each closing had its own unique trials and tribulations, which my mom openly shared with me as if I were an adult. And when closing day arrived, there was always a celebration in the Wittenburg household once mom’s buyers moved into their new homes. The part of real estate that I really had grown to admire was the fact that if you work exceptionally hard at what you do, good things happen – luck eventually falls in your direction, and your life improves in countless ways. I watched both of my parents work seven days a week – week after week. I grew up watching dedication and hard work as critical success and fulfillment behaviors, second to only love and family.

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