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High status in one of the world's greatest cities. Primed for generations of future appreciation due to the city's wonderful international appeal.
Miami homes are encircled with countless entertainment options, attractive neighborhoods, exciting shopping malls, electrifying nightlife and a conglomeration of restaurants that offer a multitude of cuisines for a fantastic dining experience. In addition, other than being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it is emerging as a preferable place to live and work. The city is lush and green year round. Even though it has steamy summers, the breeze from the ocean pushes temperatures down, making Miami a preferable place for cycling, windsurfing, golf, tennis and boating. Located on a broad plain between Biscayne Bay to the east and Florida Everglades to the west, it contains several natural islands, the biggest of which contains the South Beach and Miami Beach. For thousands of years, Miami was inhabited by indigenous cultures before encountering the Europeans. It became popular as a seaport city on the Atlantic Ocean located in South Florida. Due to this, it has attracted quite a number of people, making its metro area the eighth most populous urban area in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Ranked as the 8th best city to take a walk, Miami is the ideal location to live if you don’t have a car. Its overall walk score is 86; therefore, you can do most things on foot – from experiencing the culture, to enjoying the beaches and having fabulous shopping and dining experiences.

At first, Miami might seem confusing, but becomes easy to navigate with time. The geographical heart of the city is located in the downtown area, composed of a cluster of buildings close to the beaches and airport. Miami mainland houses cover a dozen neighborhoods that make it among the list of the best destinations to live with your family or visit as a tourist. The Upper Eastside of Miami homes stretches between Wynwood’s street areas to North Miami’s suburban tranquility. It is an eclectic community with a blend of urban sophistication in a rural setting, making it a fantastic location for children to grow up. It has attracted the likes of artistic and creative professionals, primarily becoming a residential neighborhood filled with historic homes which have been beautifully preserved, making it have a throwback feeling where life traveled at a slow pace and people were not overly occupied with ever-growing technology. It also has modern condominiums to show modern architecture, placing a high value on natural beauty. It is one of the neighborhoods in Miami, sitting on Biscayne Bay.

The Upper Eastside is a residential neighborhood comprising largely of historic homes from the 1920s for single families, with Biscayne Boulevard extending through the center of the area with high office towers, apartments, and hotels. With water surrounding most parts of the city, it is a beautiful environment for some of the most beautiful buildings in the United States. The estate homes in the Upper Eastside of Miami are surely a sight to see. A range of celebrities and even presidents of the United States have lived here. It boasts of having several parks including Baywood Park, Legion Park, Morningside Park, Pelican Habour Park and Manatee Bend Park; all promising to give you an amazing experience. The neighborhood is located south of Miami Shores, and east of Little Haiti. A drive to the airport takes only a 15 minutes. South beach is only about 20 minutes drive away. There are a few different sub-communities of the Upper Eastside, which has subdivisions such as Morningside, Bay Point, Belle Meade, Magnolia Park, Palm Grove, Bayside, and Shorecrest. A fewer number of Miami homes are found in the most exclusive areas of Bay Point and Belle Meade. Located east of Biscayne Boulevard,

Morningside has a deep history and sense of culture. It is considered one of Miami’s few historic communities that remain intact. Also, it is popular for its beautifully preserved buildings with Mediterranean architecture styles and Art Deco. The neighborhood has its own park, which makes it an ideal location for families who wish to live in a historic area in Miami. Bay Point Estates is an exclusively gated community having streets privately owned by households. People who do not own homes are not allowed access to the community or to use its waterways and roads. The only exception is if they are guests of any of the homes on Sabal Palm Road, which is the most expensive street to live. The best part is that security is tight there, having security service operating 24/7, making it one of the safest Miami single family home communities.

The Upper Eastside’s MiMo district is one of the highlights of living in Upper Eastside of Miami. It consists of structures that were originally built after World War II and had been renovated fully. This subdivision is an architectural style of movement that came to be in South of Florida. The name MiMo means Miami Modern, with most of the buildings now serving as hotels, cafes, and other retail shops. The Upper Eastside community is the most diverse neighborhoods in Miami. Different races and ethnic groups reside in the neighborhood, consisting of middle and high income earning families. A lot of the residents include journalists, artists, photographers, writers, and professionals. It is 76% safer to live in than other cities in Florida according to the latest public safety reports. If you have kids, Upper Eastside of Miami is a safe place to live and raise your children with little worries. What attract people to live in the Upper Eastside of Miami is the suburban appeal, and a long list of amenities the neighborhood offers, making it have an urban and modern feel. This community is perfect for families or individuals who are creative and wish to get inspiration. The Upper Eastside of Miami homes has a unique sensibility and charm placing it top the list of the most sought-after neighborhoods in South Florida. Browse our listings above and contact us today to find your perfect Miami home. In speaking with us, we may have some additional properties for you to choose from which might not be listed publicly. We will arrange a private tour of all of the top properties in the community that perfectly fit your appetite and budget. Contact us today. Secure your dream Miami house.


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