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Sky Five Properties provides cutting-edge market intelligence, supreme negotiation capabilities and superior dedication to you. We are the gateway to selling Miami real estate to the world through the most sophisticated network of agents and market specialists in the country. Whether you are looking to find luxurious condos for sale in Miami, waterfront homes for sale in Miami Beach or any other type of prime investment property, Sky Five will deliver exceptional, life-changing results.

In particular, we are experts in the highly sought-after communities of La Gorce Island, Pinetree Drive, Star Island and the Venetian Islands. These luxury communities are highly sought-after, and we have the knowledge to give you an unprecedented buying advantage. Each community has its own special character and with our diverse base of agents and Rolodex of buyers and sellers, we are able to deliver exceptional opportunities. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a starter home or a highly experienced buyer looking for a Fisher Island real estate, we have the outreach to deliver outstanding results.

As South Florida continues to grow, we keep a watchful eye on the key economic indicators that are critical to understanding market trends. When some communities buck the overall trend, we do the research to get to the bottom of the how and why of the micro-cycle. You won’t find another Miami real estate broker with this level of sophistication.

As you dive into our website, you’ll see that every bit of necessary analytical data has been formulated on the page and updated in real time. When clicking into an individual condo or house for analysis, you’ll be able to track the exact amount of monthly expenses for holding the property including homeowners association dues, property taxes and any principal & interest from a mortgage.

Once you have made progress in searching through our super-site of Miami luxury real estate, be sure to contact us. The greatest real estate investors will all tell you one common fact: success in real estate is predicated by the quality of your team. The Sky Five team has direct experience in closing thousands of luxury condos, condo hotels and homes in the beautiful region of South Florida. Together, we will form an unstoppable team that will bring your dream property into your life.

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How to Choose an Apartment to Your Liking
August 04

Well, if you got interested in this article, you’re probably going through your best times. Choosing an apartment is usually related to the positive changes in your life: you’re moving to a new city or even country to start a new stage of life. No matter what made you search for a new apartment, you may face difficulties choosing the perfect one. Apartment hunting may be a long and tedious process, even if you know what you like and what you need. The easiest personalities turn out to be the pickiest renters, and it’s okay.

There are so many offers and opportunities that it’s easy to get lost in them. Well, there are some aspects you must keep in mind to find the apartment you’ll like fast.

  1. Ask a professional to help you

Many people who are searching for an apartment never think about hiring a rental agent. It’s a big mistake. Suppose you have completely no experience in finding housing. In that case, it’s always better to consult a person who knows how to identify reliable homeowners and has all the necessary tools to do it. By the way, this approach works for any endeavor, no matter whether you need to find a flat or finish the task you can’t do on your own. Even college students who have difficulties with doing homework prefer to buy essay online. So why not pay for an essay and free yourself from this burden? And why can’t you hire an expert and assist yourself with finding an apartment as well?

  1. Define what you need

Well, it may seem that people who decided to buy an apartment already know what they want, but the reality differs. Many rental agents who start working with their clients state that they find it difficult to start because people can’t describe exactly what they need. The process of buying an apartment can be long and exhaustive, even when you know what you need. Take a sheet of paper and write down the key requirements for the apartment before you start picking the right one.

  1. What about your budget?

No matter what you plan: to buy or rent an apartment, you must evaluate the amount of money you have and find the apartment at an adequate price. Many people tend to spend all their money on rent and living from paycheck to paycheck just to live in a good flat. However, it’s not the approach you should use. Spending more than 50% of your monthly income on rent or mortgage payments is something that will drive you into debt. You have to buy food and spend money on other essential needs, don’t forget about it when choosing the apartment.

  1. Explore the real estate market

You’re supposed to have a certain checklist of your requirements for a suitable apartment. Now your task is to check the apartment websites and pick several variants that suit you well. It may take some time, so be ready to carve out several hours a day to check different websites and find some good options for you. If you hire a rental agent, they will do it for you and will send you all suitable options.

  1. Visit the apartments

Well, you’ve already checked the landlords and apartments and have a few good variants to choose between. Now you have to complete the last step — tour all apartments, communicate with landlords, and make the final decision. Those people who aren’t experienced in buying or renting an apartment may forget to ask some important questions. Find out if it’s possible to have pets in this apartment, there is parking nearby, how much the utility costs. It will help you avoid misunderstanding and find common ground with the landlord. Then you have to define what apartment you like most, draw up an agreement, and move in.

Find your dream house

No matter what reasons make you do it alone, sometimes it’s more interesting and exciting than cooperating with a real estate agent. Moreover, in reality, the process of finding the house turns out to be much easier than you imagined before. Just follow the steps we mentioned above, and you’ll quickly find a cozy place to move in.

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How to Find the Perfect Location for a New Restaurant
August 04

Although it appears that the number of new restaurants has declined, Yelp data reveals their opening rate is on par with what we saw last year.

Yelp determined that more than 18,000 new restaurants opened in the U.S. in the quarter year ending December, down 4% from the previous quarter. The full year saw a 16% decrease over 2019 for total restaurant openings determined by Yelp metrics.

Are you considering opening a restaurant? If so, location is a key factor. Realtors are drilled with that word because it’s just as important for you to find the right spot as an entrepreneur: Location will make or break your business.

Why Is It Important to Find a Good Location

Opening a restaurant isn’t cheap, especially in this post-corona world. You have to think about kitchen appliances, licenses, and supplies, among many other costs. However, one of the most expensive aspects is your location.

Whether you’re buying or renting, the location can make or break your business.

You don’t want to spend too much money on location. You don’t want to end up broke down the line when you need money the most. On the other hand, you can’t afford to cut back on location money, because if your restaurant is located in a low-traffic area, you won’t be able to earn any of your investment back.

The trick is, you need to find the right balance. That’s what we’re here to help you with.

How to Find the Right Restaurant Location

The location of your restaurant will influence many aspects, including the menu and style of the dining room. Keep in mind that if you already have a certain location in mind, make sure it has all the right requirements for success.

·       Your Location Needs to be Accessible

While you might imagine that the perfect restaurant is either in the city center or near a tourist attraction, this isn’t necessarily true. One of the most important factors in choosing a location is accessibility by both car and foot traffic for your customers.

When choosing a restaurant location, you should make it easy for potential customers to find and understand where the restaurant is located.

·       You’ll Need a Parking Lot

One of the best ways to attract new customers is by making it easy for them to find and get in touch with you. For most customers, a parking lot is not much of a factor in determining which restaurant to visit.

Nevertheless, when your customer has difficulty finding nearby parking, it means they are no longer considering your restaurant. Even if your restaurant is handicap-accessible, it is important to remember that disabled people in wheelchairs face difficulties getting there.

·       Make Sure There’s Transportation

If you are on the lookout for food and non-alcoholic beverages in a large city like London or New York, you don’t have to worry too much, because you can easily find transportation. If you decide to open a restaurant in a small city, it is important to consider public transportation options.

Many people don’t own cars in this town, and even those who do like to take the bus or ride a bike or walk to avoid parking challenges. Tourists come to the city center by public transportation. Many tourists use this form of travel, so you need to create an easy-access door location for your store.

·       Check Out the Competition

Exploring the neighborhood or industry for the competition is an important way to sustain growth among restaurants and retail locations. How else can you be sure there isn’t already a restaurant like yours nearby?

Despite the importance of a price war for any business, avoiding one can save you a lot of trouble. Moreover, constantly being compared to an established and popular restaurant day in and day out is mentally draining.

The best way to set yourself apart from other restaurants in the area is by giving your customers something new and different. If you do so, then not only will they be coming back for years to come but it also shows that you value what other restaurant owners have done for your town.

·       Zoning and Health Regulations

When you’re opening a restaurant in the United States, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws. That’s because different places or even neighborhoods in the same city often have very different health, zoning, and business regulations.

It is wise to look up the zoning and other regulatory information about any prospective location before committing. You can find this information on the website of your local government, so make sure to do your homework.

The Bottom Line

Among many other factors, location availability and convenience is an important consideration when choosing a location for your new restaurant. Analyzing geographic locations can help you determine the best location for your business and ensure a successful start.

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