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Sky Five Properties provides cutting-edge market intelligence, supreme negotiation capabilities and superior dedication to you. We are the gateway to selling Miami real estate to the world through the most sophisticated network of agents and market specialists in the country. Whether you are looking to find luxurious condos for sale in Miami, waterfront homes for sale in Miami Beach or any other type of prime investment property, Sky Five will deliver exceptional, life-changing results.

In particular, we are experts in the highly sought-after communities of La Gorce Island, Pinetree Drive, Star Island and the Venetian Islands. These luxury communities are highly sought-after, and we have the knowledge to give you an unprecedented buying advantage. Each community has its own special character and with our diverse base of agents and Rolodex of buyers and sellers, we are able to deliver exceptional opportunities. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a starter home or a highly experienced buyer looking for a Fisher Island real estate, we have the outreach to deliver outstanding results.

As South Florida continues to grow, we keep a watchful eye on the key economic indicators that are critical to understanding market trends. When some communities buck the overall trend, we do the research to get to the bottom of the how and why of the micro-cycle. You won’t find another Miami real estate broker with this level of sophistication.

As you dive into our website, you’ll see that every bit of necessary analytical data has been formulated on the page and updated in real time. When clicking into an individual condo or house for analysis, you’ll be able to track the exact amount of monthly expenses for holding the property including homeowners association dues, property taxes and any principal & interest from a mortgage.

Once you have made progress in searching through our super-site of Miami luxury real estate, be sure to contact us. The greatest real estate investors will all tell you one common fact: success in real estate is predicated by the quality of your team. The Sky Five team has direct experience in closing thousands of luxury condos, condo hotels and homes in the beautiful region of South Florida. Together, we will form an unstoppable team that will bring your dream property into your life.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Home for the Better
May 07

When you’re keen on making your home as comfortable as possible, then you don’t want anything to upset the apple cart. Sometimes, improvements can do that for you, and other times, it’s about fixing what’s wrong because it’s become an irritant. Either way, making progress is the key.

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Here are four ways to improve your home for the better.

Focus on the Air Quality

When it’s regularly stuffy indoors and you’ve not gotten to it yet, it’s never something to ignore forever because it won’t fix itself.

Look to give each room a breath of fresh air. That can be done by opening the windows and back door to facilitate airflow (this will also let fresh air inside). If it’s humid and this is contributing to air quality issues, get a dehumidifier that can filter the air and reduce the humidity levels.

A long-term solution is a whole-house filtration system that filters air retrieved from outside and expels stale air to create good air circulation. This is helpful for anyone in the home with asthma or other respiratory diseases where declining air quality is immediately noticeable.

Get Plumbing Issues Fixed Before They Worsen

Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a water boiler that’s playing up, or something else to do with the water pipes in the home, don’t leave it too long to address it.

Hiring a Bronx plumber is the best thing to get problems with the internal workings of the water system resolved. Otherwise, one morning you could wake up and discover a flooded bathroom floor or even worse.

Reimagine the Outdoor Living Space

Plenty can be done to jazz up the outdoor living space. If you hunkered down for winter and have yet to fully embrace springtime, then now’s the time to do so.

Do you enjoy sitting outdoors but sometimes find it a bit too chilly once the temperature has dropped? Then consider an outdoor patio heater that can extend the time you can spend outdoors. They’re extremely popular right now.

Also, look at turning the patio area into something more functional. That could be better seating, a charging point for a smartphone, a larger BBQ, or an umbrella ready for the hotter days to come.

Let the Porch Grab People’s Attention

If you have a front porch, it’s likely been overlooked for other areas at the front of the house. But isn’t it time to give it some love?

Does it need a new paint job? Perhaps the paint is fading in places or maybe flaking off and you hadn’t noticed before? Do you want to change the color now too?

A couple of planters or some hanging plants can inject some life into the porch. If it’s large enough for you to sit inside and look out, some greenery will lend it that indoors-outdoors blended feeling that’s most welcome. Also, if it can be too dark in the early evenings, add more lighting on automatic sensors to tackle that too.

Pick the first improvement that you feel capable of tackling and make it a project for next weekend. The sooner you start it, the quicker it’ll be done.

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6 Things to Consider While Remodeling Your Garage
May 07

Remodeling a garage can lead to many stunning possibilities. From giving it a complete makeover to turning it into something other than a garage – you can do anything you want. The possibilities are truly endless. You just have to ensure that the execution is done properly.

So here are a few things you might want to consider if you are remodeling your garage.

#1 Utilize Unused Spaces

The best way to utilize unused spaces is by setting up shelves and cabinets. Since it is a garage, just the shelves will be enough. However, do not shy away from installing a few cabinets if you can manage the space to fit them.

By setting up these shelves (and cupboards), you can utilize almost all the unused spaces in your garage. You can use them for keeping your tools, gardening equipment, and other necessary items. You could even turn your garage into a storage room of sorts if you want.

#2 Invest in New Flooring

The garage flooring should be remodeled per its use. A workshop, for instance, needs flooring that is resistant to oils, chemicals, and abrasives. A bedroom, on the other hand, can make do with a simpler flooring that is pleasant to look at. If you are on a budget, you can also paint the floor with a color of your choice. You can click here to learn more about various types of floor paints. Afterward, you can decide what variation of flooring you want based on the need.

#3 Allow the Entry of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make even the gloomiest of places look stunning. Your garage too should have access to this lighting. If your garage does not have a window, you should arrange for it during the remodeling. Use the top half of the garage door for the window if there is no other space available for it.

A bit of natural lighting is always appreciated inside a closed room. On top of that, it is a must-have feature in your garage if you are using it as an office, a bedroom, living room, etc.

#4 Add Insulation

There are plenty of reasons why you should add an insulating layer to the roof of your garage.

For starters, the insulation will maintain a uniform distribution of heat and temperature all around if your garage is attached to the main house. Besides, the insulation will also protect your personal belongings from extreme temperatures. The insulated garage will also reduce the outside noise. Hence, you can enjoy plenty of quiet inside the garage.

While insulating the garage, be sure to consider the garage door as well. Most of your efforts will go to waste if you do not insulate the garage door.

#5 Give It a New Coat of Paint

Any remodeling or renovation job is incomplete without a fresh coat of paint. Your garage deserves one too. The exterior of the garage is usually painted the same color as the house. Inside, however, you need to paint the garage per its purpose. Give it a nice aesthetic look if you are using the garage as a living room or a bedroom. People, who are not used to seeing a garage used in such a manner, will feel a bit confused when they see you using it like that. Hence, you want to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

#6 Use the Garage for a Different Purpose

One of the most innovative things that you can do with your garage is remodeling it for a completely different purpose. That means that instead of using it as a garage, you can use it as something else.

You will often hear people turning their garages into workshops. A workshop is one of the most common remodeled versions of a garage. Other than this, you can also turn the garage into your office. That is something people all over the world are doing right now, given the current work-from-home situation. You can even use the garage as an extension of your house. Perhaps you could turn it into a dining or living room. You might even want to use it as a spare bedroom for guests.

Or, you could even consider turning your garage into a game room. The possibilities are endless; you just have to get a bit creative.

While working on your garage, be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions. You should also consider asking your friends or family members to help you out with the remodeling job. You could also hire a professional renovation or remodeling contractor if necessary.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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