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100 la gorce circle
100 La Gorce Circle, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1952 Beds: 7
Sq.Ft: 77,748 Baths: 9/1
Price: $34,900,000
94 la gorce cr
94 LA GORCE CR, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 2004 Beds: 9
Sq.Ft: 20,858 Baths: 9/2
Price: $12,000,000
98 la gorce cr
98 LA GORCE CR, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1997 Beds: 7
Sq.Ft: 32,953 Baths: 7/1
Price: $11,950,000
98 la gorce cir
98 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1951 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 32,953 Baths: 7/1
Price: $11,950,000
58 la gorce cir
58 La Gorce Cir, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1995 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 18,000 Baths: 7/2
Price: $10,500,000
6655 brevity ln
6655 Brevity Ln, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1936 Beds: 6
Sq.Ft: 17,875 Baths: 6/2
Price: $6,800,000
6655 pine tree ln
6655 PINE TREE LN, Miami Beach, 33141
Year: 1955 Beds: 7
Sq.Ft: 17,200 Baths: 6/1
Price: $4,900,000

About La Gorce Island

Scenic, private and perfectly suited for those with a love of golf and the outdoors. La Gorce Island Miami Beach is rich in history relating to its exclusive country club. With a mix of waterfront and golf course lots, the overall community offers something for everyone. In addition to golf, the country club provides superior tennis play and exceptional fine dining amenities. The guard-gated entrance provides security for residents in addition to 24-hour land and sea patrols. The community has recently made headlines with record-setting home price sales in addition to the buzz around the celebrities that call La Gorce Island their home. Impressive yachts are often docked adjacent to some of the magnificent estates within the community. The homes, entrances, and landscaping within the neighborhood are all top-notch - providing for an excellent homeowner visual experience.

The experience of having your home on La Gorce Island is like no other. Mingle with some of the world's most successful and renowned individuals becomes a part of daily life, yet the privacy and incredible amenities of the community have a six-star resort-like, secluded feeling. It's easy to feel as though you are on your private island on some days as you sink back and enjoy the lush landscaping and incredible water views that are present throughout the properties.

On any given day in the past, you might have bumped into Jason Bourne himself, the celebrated Hollywood actor Matt Damon or Miami Heat iconic past superstars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Even rapper Lil Wayne and singer Billy Joel have resided on the island. Matt Damon and his Argentinian-born wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso, acquired double lots on La Gorce Island back in 2005 shortly after they were newly married. Damon met his wife while she was a bartender at the famous nightclub Mansion. They paid $14,500,000 for the lots and remodeled their new La Gorce Island Miami Beach home to suit their tastes. Like many of the estates on the island, the home now possesses a historically-sound Mediterranean architectural style. The estate with nearly 13,000 square feet of living space is nothing short of spectacular. The 7 bedrooms and 10 baths house, it's expansive rooftop terrace, and the two-bedroom guesthouse was a perfect fit for entertaining and screening some of his movies to friends and family. And 170 feet of water frontage along the bay with a dock made yachting ultra-convenient. The estate recently sold for $19,000,000.

The latest record-setting sale in the neighborhood was recently sold by one British businessman to another. Billionaire Mike Ashley, who owns the world famous Newcastle United Soccer Team in Great Britain, sold his 1.6-acre estate located at 42 La Gorce Circle for $45,000,0000 to Michael Murray, the President of Mash Miami. The waterfront mansion has eleven bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms with 15,000 square feet of living area. The magnificent lot stands with 350 linear feet of bay frontage and possesses views to die for. Named the Castello del Sol, this mansion has been known as one of the absolute finest homes on La Gorce Island for quite some time. And that is impressive, considering the fact that the neighbors are a virtual who's who of the rich and famous choosing to live in beautiful South Floria. In typical billionaire style, Ashley made an outstanding profit on his investment in the home. The mansion estate was originally listed at $37,000,000 in the year 2012. The following year, Ashley made the acquisition for more than 20% below the asking price at $30,000,000. A three-year holding period yielded an approximate 50% profit on his investment with the ultimate sale taking place at $15mil about his purchase price. This example brightly illustrates the power of La Gorce Island real estate. The upside and potential for explosive appreciation is baked into the supreme, regal lifestyle that the island offers.

Rapper Lil Wayne has also been a resident on the island, purchasing a nine bedroom, 15,000 square foot La Gorce Island home in 2013. The mansion was known for its glass elevator and skating park on the roof. Wayne paid $11,600,000 for the home in 2006. 94 La Gorce Circle is also known for its sprawling glass walls and ultra-modern feel. You might see it in some of the Samsung smartphone commercials. You can't miss the ultra bright, modern feel, which feel perfect for filming commercials or movies.

Miami Heat fans will certainly recognize another big name celebrity that calls La Gorce Island home. Dwayne Wade has been a legend with the team. He guided the Heat to three NBA championships along with Chris Bosh. Both Wade and Bosh are avid businessmen beyond basketball with many different companies and are also shrewd real estate connoisseurs. When they decided to team up together and build the dream team, La Gorce Island and North Bay Road were the spots for dream homes. The communities provided the ultimate in convenience with proximity to the AA Arena in downtown Miami, which is only seven miles away. Dwayne Wade purchased his six-bedroom, 12,000 square foot waterfront mansion for $10,650,000. That was quite a bargain off the listed price of $17,900,00 back in the year 2010. Rumor has it that he purchased the home site unseen. He resides there with his celebrity actress wife, Gabrielle Union.

With the amazing history, the privacy, the security, golf, tennis, yachting, and jaw-dropping direct bay views from every corner, it's easy to see why the community is so desirable. For those who have it all, a La Groce Island estate home is the ultimate status symbol. From the beautiful entrance, through the stunning architecture and landscaping on every street, the neighborhood is unquestionably the king of the area. If you feel that Star Island is a bit too pretentious and not guarded well enough due, then this community would be a wise investment from the perspective of both property appreciation and a margin of safety due to the billionaire neighbors. Simply put La Groce Island real estate is a worthy investment for those who can afford it.

Consequently, homes for sale on La Gorce Island do not reach the market often. Since the residents are so financially well-off, they tend to buy and hold for the long term. When they do sell, it's for a very nice profit. We have seen it time and time again, as record prices continue to get set when a top level home reaches the market. So, upon browsing the listings, if you see something interesting, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. You won't be disappointed with the life here. It's simply magical. Contact us today to arrange your private showing of the properties that are available.

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