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Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale

Price range: $579,000 - $3,000,000
Enjoy life on the water. Wake up every morning to the sunrise of a tropical paradise in a private, guarded community. Live a life of convenience close to fine dining, beautiful beaches, and outdoor activity hubs. Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale has it all. Each day is a new indulgence of pleasure for its residents. The neighborhood offers the ultimate in privacy and serenity for those who would like to be close to it all, yet still away from the chaos of urban life. This community is one of the most prestigious in all of Ft Lauderdale with every lot offering water frontage. It's a boaters paradise, a dream home development. And the docks are not tiny; they are quite spacious with most larger than 100 ft. This makes it extremely desirable for large yacht owners. The Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale homes for sale are quite rare due to the highly attractive location and accessibility for large vessels to get into the open water. The 24/7 security is also a wonderful amenity for supreme privacy and peace of mind. All guests must enter through the guard gate, making ad-hoc interruptions by visitors non-existant. You'll feel quite comfortable knowing that you and your family are protected at all times and will never be inconvenienced with unwelcomed guests. The grand, waterfront real estate within Bay Colony is certainly a site to see. Many homes have the breathtaking architecture to blend in well with the gorgeous surroundings and posh interior floor plans and design. The proximity to the water, the direct feeling of the sea is certainly a site to behold. It gives a special feeling of tranquility that can't be matched in other landlocked developments in the area. And these mansions within the community are not starter homes. Many range 15,000 square feet in size and above, forming estate homes that are fit for royalty along with guest houses and massive docks. Residents love the proximity the beach that is or is nice morning jog or short bike ride away. And the neighborhood is stocked with award winning schools, restaurants, and anything else that you may need. The community is made up of a grouping of waterways and canals that give it a modern day, Amerian Venice feel. Many of the Bay Colony homes have a special modern feel that utilizes abundant glass and creates a unique indoor / outdoor lifestyle. Large sliding doors open to reveal the incredible backyards that are a perfect waterfront playground of enjoyment. Homeowners within the community take great pride in their landscaping, and the neighborhood is ripe with gorgeous trees and foliage that has a picturesque feeling of perfection. Browse the listings above and once you see the properties that you are interested in, message us today. We will arrange a private property tour for you. Live in your dream home at Bay Colony. You deserve the best that life has to offer.
Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale
18 Listings Available

Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale

Price range: $220,000 - $3,000,000
Boater's paradise of gorgeous waterfront homes. Enjoy the yacht club and marina within the community. Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale has it all. This exclusive neighborhood sits in the prime area of East Fort Lauderdale to the west of the intercoastal waterways between the main thoroughfares of Sunrise and Commercials Boulevards. The beautiful Bayview Drive runs through the community offering many attractively priced homes, while Middle River Drive is home to many posh estate mansions. The Coral Ridge Yacht Club and Marina reside in close vicinity to the Sunrise Drawbridge and offers up an outstanding array of amenities to its members. With services such as a fishing club, kayaking club and a junior sailing program, owners of Coral Ridge real estate are never short of watersports to enjoy in the perfect, endless summer climate of South Florida. Throw in the outdoor activities of golf, tennis and paddle boarding and it's no wonder that this community is so highly sought after. The homes located on Bayview Dr offer outstanding waterfront access for marine lovers. There are no fixed bridges leading out to the Intercoastal and the ocean. Homes in this area are in high demand and short supply. The houses located on the west side of Bayview also have excellent water access for their boats. However, larger yachts may have fixed bridges in place which would not be ideal for ocean access. Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale real estate still comes as an exceptional value for families that are looking for starter homes near that water and entertainment areas of the city. Occasionally, houses come on the market for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars or less, while a short distance away, there are magnificent waterfront estates that are valued at nearly ten million dollars. Coral Ridge homes tend to have a modern look to take advantage of the water views, but there are also many homes within the neighborhood that have an old Florida look and feel. However, they don't last long; it's common for new home buyers to do complete renovations of older homes to maximize their values within the upscale community. The outstanding location of Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale is highlighted by its proximity to The Galleria Mall. It's walking distance away from the homes that are located on the south side of the neighborhood. The mall is a shopping and dining mecca for South Florida residents. Some of the world renowned retailers within the mall include, the computer giant Apple, national retailers Neiman Marcus, Macy's and the fashion icon Michael Kors. The restaurants and bars in the mall are the best in Broward County with an amazing blend of food and drink and a chic and hip scene for the hard working residents of the area. Pamper yourself with a wonderful massage at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and then grab a delicious lunch at the highly acclaimed Seasons 52. Grab a drink at happy hour at the hip vibe of Blue Martini. Coral Ridge has it all. A beautiful active lifestyle of convenience on the water combined with world-class shopping and dining mixed with an array of gorgeous, well-priced homes. Browse our listings above and be sure to contact us once you have completed your search. We often have off market listings that come to our attention from homeowners that are not actively marketing their property to the general public. We'll arrange a private tour of the best homes in the neighborhood, perfectly suited to your tastes. Find the homes of your dreams and live in paradise.
Coral Ridge Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale
8 Listings Available

Las Olas Isles

Price range: $1,250,000 - $12,000,000
Decadent, opulent community with homes completely surrounded by gorgeous calming waters. A boaters dream. Heaven on Earth for those with an Aquarian nature. Water is life; it is the very nature of our existence, and Las Olas Isles offers an amazing life that is centered around the very best of what Fort Lauderdale has to offer. The community is viewed with high esteem by real estate experts, investors and local homeowners due to its incredible location and lifestyle of convenience. The prized land in this community no doubt gives rise to the nickname that Fort Lauderdale is the Venice of the United States. However, the neighborhood outshines the European comparison in a number of ways. Las Olas Isles real estate is surround by water, yes, but it also has the perfect weather of South Florida...the endless summer make boating feasible and highly desirable year-round. The community is also quite modern offering homes that take the greatest advantage of the magnificent water views from every lot. Even better yet, the surrounding waters are deep, making it the absolutely perfect area for yachting. Las Olas homes take advantage of this benefit through the addition of large docks to berth some stellar vessels. Touring through the neighborhood, it's a sight to see. Gorgeous yacht after yacht is attached to stellar mansions. It's the perfect harmony of prized trophy assets for those who can afford the very best of what life has to offer. The neighborhood is a wonderful place for those who enjoy long walks and bike rides set in gorgeous surroundings. The Las Olas Isles waterfront homes appeal has been aided greatly by the community having the residential streets as dead ends. This keeps the neighborhood ultra-quiet with no through traffic from people outside of the community. Some of the properties within the community have deep water access and linear water frontage of up to a whopping six hundred feet...a huge amount by any standard in Florida. The lack of fixed bridges allow for easy access to the sea; it's the perfect boaters community without questions. The homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale FL are quite impressive. Most would be considered mansion estates. Some of them date back to the nineteen twenties, but the vast majority of the homes have since been sold as teardowns to make way for stunning new houses with the latest modern designs, architecture, appliances and other necessities for a regal lifestyle. Las Olas homes for sale run in the range of several million dollars. A starter home can generally be had for north of two million dollars, while the estates on the water can cost more than twelve million dollars. The beautiful tree lined streets and overall landscaping within the neighborhood is exceptionally attractive. They give you the feeling of time standing still as you appreciate the raw beauty surrounding you. The proximity of E Las Olas Blvd to the north makes for a nice walk or a quick drive to the very best dining and entertainment that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Feeling like you are in the mood for sushi?Well, Sushi Rock Cafe is just up the street. Are you craving some Mexican with a lively bar atmosphere? Look no further than Rocco's Tacos and Tequila bar. And if you would like to visit another fun bar in the neighborhood, Kavasultra Kava Bar Fort Lauderdale is a perfect spot to enjoy a night out. Craving some beach time? Well take Las Olas directly east and you'll hit some of the best beaches in all of Florida. All in all, this community can't be beat. It offers everything that one could imagine for an active life, yet the residences are incredibly quiet and serene. Browse our listings above and contact us once you see something that you like. We will schedule a private tour for you to get a first-hand look at the homes in this spectacular community. We may also have some off-market options...situations where property owners might sell for the right price, but they are not interested in marketing their home to the general public for a variety of different reasons. Live in Las Olas Isles. Create your own private paradise!
Las Olas Isles Homes for Sale
8 Listings Available

Lauderdale by the Sea Real Estate

Price range: $429,000 - $1,500,000
Diving Capital of South Florida. Pristine waterfront community. Lauderdale by the Sea real estate is still an exceptional value for those who adore an active, outdoor lifestyle. Walking through the city streets is a breath of fresh air, literally. The sea air is delightful tantalizing... stimulating the senses, and enjoying the lush landscaping around every corner. The lush canopy provided by the beautiful tree-lined streets blends in perfectly with the attractive retro streetlights and large brick sidewalks that connect the village. Lauderdale by the Sea real estate is best known as eclectic and multi-faceted due to the countless options of outdoor activities presented to its residents. While tourists may love visiting the town throughout the year, homeowners love this place as a permanent home...the perfect place to raise a family and enjoy the endless summers of Fort Lauderdale. It's a SCUBA diving and snorkeling paradise, as the community was named the Diving Capital of South Florida due to its proximity to a gorgeous reef just fifty yards off of the sandy beaches. Residents love venturing down Commerical Pier and taking in the outstanding panoramic views of the glistening, aquamarine ocean. The pier jets out over the water for almost a quarter of a mile and is quite a romantic spot, day or night. The gorgeous beach is perfect for a casual swim or day lounging in the sun. Venture further off of the beach to discover the famous Pelican Square, the beautiful pelican sculptures that pay tribute to the beautiful creatures that frolic around the community. Exploring into the village, one will find some excellent retail shops and dining options. There are even museums that are perfect for kids to learn about a multitude of historical and cultural facts that relate to the city. This barrier island is a short distance to the rest of the city and is a great place for world travelers to call home due to the proximity near the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Overall, the city is nearly one and one-half of a square mile in area and almost seventy years old. The town center has a village-like feel that is both quaint and vibrant. The structures in this area are zoned to be limited to four floors in height, this keeps the eyesore skyscrapers away and continues giving residents the small, beach town feel that has been prevalent in this community for the last several decades. Lauderdale by the Sea real estate has demonstrated a strong and steady climb in value through the years, while still be affordable when compared to the oceanfront communities to the South which may be triple the price. The community has options to meet virtually any single family home budget. The Lauderdale by the Sea homes for sale can often be purchased for under five hundred thousand dollars while large waterfront homes in Lauderdale by the Sea can run north of two million dollars. The high side of the market is still very reasonable. Industry experts see this community as the next up and coming waterfront area to rocket up in price. The style of Lauderdale by the Sea homes tends to be of a traditional Floridan style. And there has been a recent wave of new construction and renovations leading into the contemporary architecture that leads to huge windows, walls of glass and large patios and pool areas to take in the magnificent views that Fort Lauderdale by the Sea homes tends to have. Make your move today. Browse our listings above and contact us. We may have access to additional properties that may not be listed by their owners to the general public. Once we hear from you, we'll arrange the perfect private tour of properties that will be most suited to your lifestyle. Find you dream home today in this tropical paradise!
Lauderdale by the Sea Real Estate Homes for Sale
7 Listings Available

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale

Price range: $299,000 - $2,280,000
One of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods in all of South Florida. The perfect waterfront location of nearly one thousand homes. Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale is the place to live if you love life out on the water. The community has a history dating back to the nineteen twenties, giving it a unique rich history when compared to the rest of South Florida. Several of the core streets in the community extend out into the Stranahan River as dead end streets, making them projectiles out into the water. Homes on both sides of these streets enjoy water views, and mansions at the end of the roads offer wide open one hundred and eighty degree views of the water. It's certainly a sight to see and an amazing place to live. The neighborhood is located in an exceptional spot that is bordered by the river to the East and US 1 to the West. The Tarpon River is the border to the North and SE 12 St is the border to the South. There are many comparisons made between Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale and Coral Gables, the gorgeous suburb to the South in Dade County. The areas both feature abundant shade from large old trees that give the neighborhoods a unique character. The style of homes is also classically Spanish influenced for the most part with modern homes popping up more and more routinely to take advantage of the awesome water views. The neighborhood is one of the most luxurious in all of South Florida. The Rio Vista Fl homes tend to have exceptional landscape designs, gardens and an overall feeling of lush vegetation. Strolling through the community for a brisk walk or jog is wonderful due to the canopy of the large trees and tranquil feeling of water around every corner. The area has a distinctly residential feel that is well suited to raise a family. Residents are often see traveling around the area in golf carts instead of automobiles, certainly a nice feeling and a subsequent safety improvement for young children to play freely. The children also have access to a wonderful park within the neighborhood and can take tennis lessons in the area of the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club. Rio Vista Florida homes are in high demand. Families tend to hold onto them longer than the typical real estate in Fort Lauderdale, and when they do come onto the market, they are often purchased quickly. There is a strong trend now happening that has new homeowners buying up any home available in the area and making full renovations bring the house of the million dollar plus standards. However, finding one of those homes for under a million is now more difficult. All in all, this neighborhood scores an A+ for liveability. You can't go wrong selecting this area for your new home. Take a look at the inventory that is listed above and be sure to contact us. We often have additional options for you of properties that are not marketed to the general public by their owners. We will arrange a private showing for you of the very best that Rio Vista Fl has to offer. Find your dream home today!
Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale Homes for Sale

About Fort Lauderdale

From Colee Hammock to Victoria Park, stunning real estate litters the coast of Fort Lauderdale. No longer the least flashy city in Miami, the area has undergone a renaissance, now boasting some of the most luxurious Fort Lauderdale homes amidst world-class eateries, shopping venues, and vibrant entertainment spots. It’s home to many upcoming tech companies, it's the boating capital of Florida, and without a doubt, a paradise home for beach lovers. From sunrise to sundown and even late into the night, people living in the city can experience life at its fullest; socializing and creating cherishable moments. Whether you want to sunbathe or relax in the hushed tropical breeze under a palm tree, there are plenty of options to choose from. The city’s beaches are renowned as some of the best in the world. Enjoy the sunrise at Pompano Beach just north of Fort Lauderdale or stop by Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, a charming beach town where sun seekers gather together for an unforgettable experience. The possibilities are simply endless with Fort Lauderdale real estate.

From the famous nightclubs and bars in South Beach to the ecologically fascinating Everglades and the adrenaline-pumping rides at the Orlando theme parks, investing in homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale means that your next vacation is right next door – and, you hardly have to worry about the weather. Travel from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Hollywood International, or go for a longer drive from the Miami International Airport for your next overseas adventure. Or, start an adventure from Port Everglades, the largest ship terminal in the area. The city is a convenient location for individuals who want to explore the world. Fast and reliable transportation makes it easy for people to commute from Fort Lauderdale homes, by air or water. There are plenty modes of transportation available for residents to choose from. Rightfully labeled as the “Venice of America,” the city is riddled with over miles of waterways canals making it somewhat of a large parking lot for water taxis. In fact, it’s one of the few places in the world that you can hop on board a water taxi for a refreshing journey. Travelling has never been easier, and, there’s no rule that you have to go overseas for a vacation.

While many cities in the United States shiver through long winter period, the lucky few in Fort Lauderdale can always kick back on the beach with a piña colada in hand. Flip-flops and short shorts are the preferred uniforms among residents 365 days a year. Outdoors the residential venues and beautiful landscapes flourish in the tropical climate, beautifying the exterior of the houses, especially alongside the water features. Surely with its warm days, recreational opportunities, and diverse residential selections, Fort Lauderdale is one of the best places to live, work and play. Houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale offer excellent accommodations for people seeking high-end residences. Besides great weather and stunning beaches, homes for rent in Fort Lauderdale give you first class access to a truly cosmopolitan environment, unlimited transportation options, entertainment spots, and education and job opportunities. With one of the largest fully accredited school systems in America, residents can gain access to high-quality education; from elementary straight up to university. Keiser University, Broward College, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and Nova Southeastern University are some of the accredited tertiary institutions where students who want to study close to home flock.

Amidst the educational facilities, there is a perfect balance of “hand out spots.” Go for an evening stroll and enjoy a meal outdoor at Las Olas Boulevard, a famous vacation spot where tourists from around the world gather at clubs, bar, art galleries, boutiques and shopping destinations to have a good time. Fort Lauderdale homes give residents access to an abundance of shopping options, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to hold onto your paycheck every month. One popular spot in the metro area where visitors and tourists alike like to visit is the Galleria Mall. Not only does it host some of the most stylish boutiques but it also offers convenient access to a great selection of entertainment and dining options. Stop by with the entire family – there something for everyone to enjoy.

Fort Lauderdale homes offer pleasurable living experiences for everyone. You’ll find a diverse selection of residential properties, from high-rise buildings with one, two, and three bedroom units, to penthouses and stunning ocean front properties, all boasting amenities to relax and refresh the mind. Beachfront houses are ideal for those of you with an immaculate taste for the finer things in life, while high-rise condominiums provide affordable housing for young couples – or simply go with what floats your boat. There is a wonderful selection of homes, so you are bound to find one that fits your lifestyle. Whether you opt for a condo on the lake or a single-family house, the chances are that you will be able to "enjoy the finer things in life.” Spend the day relaxing in a swimming pool or spa, or enjoy dining under the sun by the pool or oceanfront. These are just a few of the luxuries that come with owning Fort Lauderdale real estate. Available houses display equally stunning architecture and incredible interior design; it’s a feast for the eyes. They are designed with relaxation and comfort in mind and boast a combination of contemporary designs for a more unique personality. By investing in Fort Lauderdale real estate, you can enjoy all the wonders the city has to offer right at your fingertips! There simply aren’t a lot of places to call home that features such charming personality and unrivaled natural beauty. You don’t want to miss out. Take some time to browse out listing for a diverse selection of Houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale. We’re here to make the process of acquiring your dream home in Fort Lauderdale, as simple and effortless as possible.