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1200 cordova rd
1200 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, 33316
Year: 2015 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,231 Baths: 5/1
Price: $2,280,000
1701 se 11th st
1701 SE 11th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33316
Year: 1968 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 9,375 Baths: 2/
Price: $1,975,000
1735 se 8th st
1735 SE 8th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33316
Year: 2005 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 10,500 Baths: 3/
Price: $1,950,000
714 se 9th st
714 SE 9th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33316
Year: 2003 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 6,250 Baths: 3/1
Price: $1,499,000
913 se 7th st
913 SE 7th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33301
Year: 1931 Beds: 4
Sq.Ft: 8,534 Baths: 3/
Price: $899,000
804 se 12th st
804 SE 12th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33316
Year: 1945 Beds: 3
Sq.Ft: 5,500 Baths: 2/0
Price: $445,000

About Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale

One of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods in all of South Florida. The perfect waterfront location of nearly one thousand homes. Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale is the place to live if you love life out on the water. The community has a history dating back to the nineteen twenties, giving it a unique rich history when compared to the rest of South Florida. Several of the core streets in the community extend out into the Stranahan River as dead end streets, making them projectiles out into the water. Homes on both sides of these streets enjoy water views, and mansions at the end of the roads offer wide open one hundred and eighty degree views of the water. It's certainly a sight to see and an amazing place to live. The neighborhood is located in an exceptional spot that is bordered by the river to the East and US 1 to the West. The Tarpon River is the border to the North and SE 12 St is the border to the South.

There are many comparisons made between Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale and Coral Gables, the gorgeous suburb to the South in Dade County. The areas both feature abundant shade from large old trees that give the neighborhoods a unique character. The style of homes is also classically Spanish influenced for the most part with modern homes popping up more and more routinely to take advantage of the awesome water views. The neighborhood is one of the most luxurious in all of South Florida. The Rio Vista Fl homes tend to have exceptional landscape designs, gardens and an overall feeling of lush vegetation. Strolling through the community for a brisk walk or jog is wonderful due to the canopy of the large trees and tranquil feeling of water around every corner. The area has a distinctly residential feel that is well suited to raise a family. Residents are often see traveling around the area in golf carts instead of automobiles, certainly a nice feeling and a subsequent safety improvement for young children to play freely. The children also have access to a wonderful park within the neighborhood and can take tennis lessons in the area of the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club.

Rio Vista Florida homes are in high demand. Families tend to hold onto them longer than the typical real estate in Fort Lauderdale, and when they do come onto the market, they are often purchased quickly. There is a strong trend now happening that has new homeowners buying up any home available in the area and making full renovations bring the house of the million dollar plus standards. However, finding one of those homes for under a million is now more difficult. All in all, this neighborhood scores an A+ for liveability. You can't go wrong selecting this area for your new home. Take a look at the inventory that is listed above and be sure to contact us. We often have additional options for you of properties that are not marketed to the general public by their owners. We will arrange a private showing for you of the very best that Rio Vista Fl has to offer. Find your dream home today!

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale Homes by map