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12 Listings Available

Allison Island

Price range: $4,950,000 - $19,999,900
Tropical living amongst an urban backdrop of Miami. The diverse mix of architectural styles makes the homes in this community a highly desirable destination. Allison Island is rich in history and is a landmark in the development of Miami Beach. Allison Island is an 8.5-acre island located within the Biscayne Bay. The island is divided by 63rd St into the North and South parts of the overall community. The northern end of the island is comprised of magnificent waterfront homes, while the southern end of the island is home to the guard-gated community of Aqua. Residents of Allison Island are nestled in the perfect location near La Gorce Island, Indian Creek Drive and Pinetree Drive. Estates within the community enjoy abundant access to the water with no fixed bridges to stop boaters from easy cruising into Biscayne Bay. Many of the homes have oversized lots of greater than a half acre that offer 100 to 200 feet of water frontage and dock space. It is common to see ultra contemporary homes here that set a new standard for modern living. Private island life has its privileges and life on Allison Island is unmatched in terms of its grandeur. The community has experienced excellent property value appreciation and now stands as a premiere investment choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a waterfront mansion. Allison Island enjoys twenty-four / seven guard gated security. This gives the neighborhood an extremely quiet and secluded feel even though it's a ten-minute drive away from the dining and entertainment options of South Beach. In fact, the North Beach area itself has undergone a virtual renaissance as of late with a multitude of new restaurants and retail options coming soon. The homes for sale in Allison Island are relatively scarce considering the location and value. It is a tight market and residents now tend to hold onto their properties for the long term. When the homes do come onto the market, they are often snatched up with brisk velocity. Prices have ascended to over $2,200 per square foot for some estate mansions within the community. And the neighborhood is undergoing a new wave of celebrity ownership, led by the Chief Executive Officer of the chic Louis Vuitton house of fashion. Micheal Burke has acquired a mansion with nearly two hundred linear feet of water frontage in a house fit for royalty. There really is no comparing the homes at Allison Island. You'll never regret living in this South Florida paradise on the water in such proximity to the shopping of Bal Habour and the beautiful glistening beaches of North Beach while having the new Faena District and South Beach only a quick Uber ride away. And if you enjoy biking or jogging as part of an active lifestyle, there are plans in place to fully connect the beachfront promenade from North Beach all of the way down to South Pointe Park on the southernmost tip of South Beach. Browse our listing options above and contact us today to arrange a private tour of your desires. Live in the Allison Island and live the dream lifestyle.
Allison Island Homes for Sale
60 Listings Available

Golden Beach Miami

Price range: $949,000 - $42,500,000
Live a life with the beach as your backyard. The very best that Florida has to offer. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of ocean life along your private beach. Golden Beach Miami is a community like no other. To feel this lifestyle, you would need to travel to a Caribbean island or some exotic place. But you wouldn't have the security, convenience, and luxury that this community has to offer. Each day here is a celebration of the sun, sand, and magnificent natural beauty that the rising and falling tides of the Atlantic Ocean bring. Fall asleep with your windows open at night and hear the gentle crashing of the winter waves while the majority of American and Canada are pelted with frigid conditions. Hear those gentle waves pulling you into a dream life of serenity. There is no better place to raise a family with children growing up in the water and playing on their own beach. Some may call this a privileged life, but through smart decisions, you can call this community home. To draw out a comparison to any other community in Miami or all of South Florida would be impossible. Golden Beach real estate is in a class by itself. There are countless lifestyle amenities that make life better, making your overall sense of well-being stronger. The boutique community is a recharger. A place where you can allow the very best of you to shine and glisten. With incredible palatial estates on expansive beachfront lots, Golden Beach Miami is an oceanfront enclave of single family homes like no other in South Florida. Special protection has gone into the community laws that prevent all commercial and retail businesses from disrupting the residential continuity and serenity of the village. There are also strict prohibitions of large, multi-family developments that can oversaturate the area with condos. These building codes enforce a protection of a unique feeling of privacy and estate ownership. It makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the neighborhood. With a population of only 1,000 residents, homeowners are in unique company. They own homes in the most desirable beachfront community in the entire state of Florida. The area within Golden Beach Miami stretches a full mile along the Atlantic Ocean offering unprecedented access to private beaches for the residents. Purchasing a home in Golden Beach is a smart investment for some reasons. Above and beyond the obviously incredible advantage of living in a boutique, non-commercialized village, homes have experienced excellent appreciation through the years. Proving to be an excellent, safe investment. Beautiful starter homes can be purchased around the two million dollar mark, while the oceanfront mansions easily cost ten times as much. It's never a bad idea to enter a neighborhood with palatial estates. The powerful residents in these homes have very little tolerance for poor management of the community. Golden Beach is irresistible and the municipality runs a tight ship. It's clean, safe and incredibly luxurious. Celebrity architect, Chad Oppenheim, has designed many of homes here to beautiful modern standards that merge perfectly with the surroundings. There has been the record high price of $860 per square foot for a non-watefront home. This has demonstrated the trend that Golden Beach is the place to be, waterfront or non-waterfront. Demand keeps on surging. Four spec homes have been designed by Oppenheim to impeccable standards and have ranged in price up to $36,000,000 for one of the estates. The star-studded community has had many famous residents including the legendary high-fashion photographer Brue Weber, who has shot countless Vogue covers. His home on Golden Beach has been the spot for many of the ultra-popular Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein and Versace campaigns. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also resided here along with Eric Clapton, who loved the lifestyle so much, he wrote a popular song about his Ocean Blvd residence. Extra amenities for the village include its own police force, who are well known for fiercely protecting the area from speeders passing through and wandering individuals in search of the perfect beach. The police know that their job is to keep the neighborhood safe and private, and they do just that...quite well. The village has been around for nearly 100 years and has grown from a sleepy retreat of vacation homes to a vibrant community of uber-wealthy individuals wanting the best of the best lifestyle for their families. Browse our listings and contact us today to arrange a private tour of the homes for sale in Golden Beach. Bring your dream home into your reality and live the life that you have always wanted to live.
Golden Beach Miami Homes for Sale
47 Listings Available

Hibiscus Island

Price range: $1,350,000 - $30,000,000
Affluent community perfectly located in between the South Beach and the downtown area. Part of the prestigious chain of islands within Biscayne Bay. Hibiscus Island Miami Beach is accessible through Palm Island and has 24/7 security. Residents enjoy the close proximity to South Beach through a short drive down the MacArthur Causeway while simultaneously appreciating the privacy of their island. The 70 acres island is well-known as being a home to the rich, famous and wealthy citizens of the world. There are many breathtaking waterfront homes within the island, as well as some dry lot homes that still can be purchased for good value. Hibiscus Island is immensely popular with the boating community. With no fixed bridges impeding navigation, residents are free to cruise around the Bay of Biscayne with ease and dock their large or small vessels efficiently. Living within the community is the ultimate in prestige. The island was part of the man-made group of islands (including Palm Island and Star Island) which were constructed during the expansion era of the 1920's. This glorious history has continued to get even more exciting through the years as the island has become synonymous with a beautiful, affluent lifestyle for its residents. With the downtown life just a five-minute drive away and the glorious, sun-loving lifestyle of the sand and nightlife five minutes in the other direction, Hibiscus Island Miami Beach is an amazing choice for purchasing a house. The last record-breaking sale of $13.6 million for a 6,913 square foot luxury home located at 151 N. Hibiscus Drive demonstrated the continuous high demand for Hibiscus Island real estate. The six bedroom / seven bathroom home had a modern flair with a magnificent pool, spiraling staircase and a rooftop entertainment area with simply breathtaking views. The sale has set a high ceiling for property appreciation potential for the entire community. Hibiscus Island homes offer a large array of options and architectural styles for virtually any personal taste. Whether you are a bachelor looking for the best waterfront home near South Beach or a family looking for a second vacation residence, the community is built to suit your needs. From ultra-modern to Moorish and classic Mediterranean styles, the mansions on the island are simply magnificent. You'll be blown away by the sheer beauty from every direction within the community. Residents enjoy the protection of the gated community and the overall exclusivity within Hibiscus Island. For this reason, celebrity homes are abundant within the area. The community attracts those in search of an active lifestyle with many enjoying long walks around the beautiful neighborhood. There is even a meditation and yoga center on the island. Chakrasamvara Buddhist Center operates out of one of the many mansions on the island and is a popular place with residents that wish to start off their days with a beautiful yoga practice or meditation.  Many feel that the island is a special place of enlightenment and serenity for those lucky enough to take residence there. The price of homes within the neighborhood tend to have a large range from a couple of million if a starter land-locked home is available up to thirty million plus for a breathtaking mansion on the water.  The number of bedrooms range from three to ten. This serves to make the community an attractive location for those who seek maximum flexibility and future appreciation.  In walking around the island and taking in the fabulous views of the glowing aquamarine waters of the bay, it's easy to fall in love with Hibiscus Island.  View our current listings and contact us today to arrange your private showings.
Hibiscus Island Homes for Sale
1 Listings Available

Indian Creek Miami

Price range: $35,000,000 - $29,500,000
Unique country club community with magnificent estates offering supreme exclusivity. Many consider this community to be the top address in all of South Florida. And one could argue that this is rightly so, due to the record-setting prices of homes within the prestigious village. This Indian Creek Miami community is as exclusive as exclusive can be. After all, it is a private island with its own police force, golf course and only one street (Indian Creek Island Road) as the main route on the island. Miami Beach is known for being the playground for the uber-wealthy and powerful. And Indian Creek is the king of the hill when other communities are compared. The private island is as boutique as it gets with only 35 properties in total and a population of 90 inhabitants. Each and every home in Indian Creek Miami has an incredible, expansive view of the glowing aquamarine waters of Biscayne Bay with lots that average nearly an acre and a half. The 294-acre island was founded in the year 1939 with a number of relatively modest homes. Today it's a virtual who's who of billionaires. The community has made a radical transition from one-time vacation properties to full-on palatial estates lining up one right to the next. The interior of the island is home to its own golf course and country club, which is spectacular. Even more intriguing is the fact that the village has its own ten officer police force to patrol the island 24/7 and accompanying patrol boats for the ultimate in protection from the water. There is no comparison for other high-priced, exclusive islands in South Florida and quite possibly the rest of North America. It is an extremely tight supply and demand market. Each and every home on the island is spectacular. When a home does make it to the market, there is a strong volume of immediate interest. Any older properties that come to market are purchased as tear downs, and plans have been quickly put into place to build their Indian Creek Miami mansion. A 2012 sale of $47mil within the neighborhood has pressed records forward to new heights. And it isn't just prices that are setting records, the new homes being built are getting records for their size, where 20,000 square foot homes are becoming more and more common within the community. Indian Creek Miami residents include 4 of the 500 wealthiest Americans including the aggressive and dominant corporate takeover specialist Carl Icahn. Another two financial traders and fund owners in that prestigious mix include residents Eddie Lampert and Charles Johnson. Also included is the fierce proponent of the Miami Marlins's public financing for their stadium was Norman Braman, who is well known for his professional football team and auto sales empire. All four men choose to make Indian Creek Miami their homes and have estates the are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Other notable residents include singing legend Julio Iglesias, supermodels Elle MacPherson & Adriana Lim along with the greatest football coach ever for the Miami Dolphins, Don Shula. The concentration of wealth is so great within the community that the residents have a net wealth of greater than $40,000,0000,000. That number represents a population of only 90 people. Simply amazing... when you take a moment to think about the level of power and influence residing on the island. Indian Creek Village homes have generally been rebuilt with more of a modern flair to blend in with the overall theme of the neighborhood, yet there are a mix of architectural styles that give the community some ample mansion diversity. The private island village would best be described as a community of dream homes. The kind of homes that most would dream about while skimming through a Robb Report. The Indian Creek County Club is also known as one the most exclusive groups in the United States. Members pay over one hundred fifty thousand dollars as an initiation fee and fifteen thousand dollars annually. Offering top level tennis & golf instruction along with fun themed social activities, the country club is a wonderful amenity for residents to enjoy. Overall, Indian Creek Miami has it all. When an estate does come on the market for sale, it is imperative to take action. Contact us today to arrange a private tour of showings. Make your dream home a reality.
Indian Creek Miami Homes for Sale
11 Listings Available

La Gorce Island

Price range: $3,000,000 - $34,900,000
Scenic, private and perfectly suited for those with a love of golf and the outdoors. La Gorce Island Miami Beach is rich in history relating to its exclusive country club. With a mix of waterfront and golf course lots, the overall community offers something for everyone. In addition to golf, the country club provides superior tennis play and exceptional fine dining amenities. The guard-gated entrance provides security for residents in addition to 24-hour land and sea patrols. The community has recently made headlines with record-setting home price sales in addition to the buzz around the celebrities that call La Gorce Island their home. Impressive yachts are often docked adjacent to some of the magnificent estates within the community. The homes, entrances, and landscaping within the neighborhood are all top-notch - providing for an excellent homeowner visual experience. The experience of having your home on La Gorce Island is like no other. Mingle with some of the world's most successful and renowned individuals becomes a part of daily life, yet the privacy and incredible amenities of the community have a six-star resort-like, secluded feeling. It's easy to feel as though you are on your private island on some days as you sink back and enjoy the lush landscaping and incredible water views that are present throughout the properties. On any given day in the past, you might have bumped into Jason Bourne himself, the celebrated Hollywood actor Matt Damon or Miami Heat iconic past superstars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Even rapper Lil Wayne and singer Billy Joel have resided on the island. Matt Damon and his Argentinian-born wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso, acquired double lots on La Gorce Island back in 2005 shortly after they were newly married. Damon met his wife while she was a bartender at the famous nightclub Mansion. They paid $14,500,000 for the lots and remodeled their new La Gorce Island Miami Beach home to suit their tastes. Like many of the estates on the island, the home now possesses a historically-sound Mediterranean architectural style. The estate with nearly 13,000 square feet of living space is nothing short of spectacular. The 7 bedrooms and 10 baths house, it's expansive rooftop terrace, and the two-bedroom guesthouse was a perfect fit for entertaining and screening some of his movies to friends and family. And 170 feet of water frontage along the bay with a dock made yachting ultra-convenient. The estate recently sold for $19,000,000. The latest record-setting sale in the neighborhood was recently sold by one British businessman to another. Billionaire Mike Ashley, who owns the world famous Newcastle United Soccer Team in Great Britain, sold his 1.6-acre estate located at 42 La Gorce Circle for $45,000,0000 to Michael Murray, the President of Mash Miami. The waterfront mansion has eleven bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms with 15,000 square feet of living area. The magnificent lot stands with 350 linear feet of bay frontage and possesses views to die for. Named the Castello del Sol, this mansion has been known as one of the absolute finest homes on La Gorce Island for quite some time. And that is impressive, considering the fact that the neighbors are a virtual who's who of the rich and famous choosing to live in beautiful South Floria. In typical billionaire style, Ashley made an outstanding profit on his investment in the home. The mansion estate was originally listed at $37,000,000 in the year 2012. The following year, Ashley made the acquisition for more than 20% below the asking price at $30,000,000. A three-year holding period yielded an approximate 50% profit on his investment with the ultimate sale taking place at $15mil about his purchase price. This example brightly illustrates the power of La Gorce Island real estate. The upside and potential for explosive appreciation is baked into the supreme, regal lifestyle that the island offers. Rapper Lil Wayne has also been a resident on the island, purchasing a nine bedroom, 15,000 square foot La Gorce Island home in 2013. The mansion was known for its glass elevator and skating park on the roof. Wayne paid $11,600,000 for the home in 2006. 94 La Gorce Circle is also known for its sprawling glass walls and ultra-modern feel. You might see it in some of the Samsung smartphone commercials. You can't miss the ultra bright, modern feel, which feel perfect for filming commercials or movies. Miami Heat fans will certainly recognize another big name celebrity that calls La Gorce Island home. Dwayne Wade has been a legend with the team. He guided the Heat to three NBA championships along with Chris Bosh. Both Wade and Bosh are avid businessmen beyond basketball with many different companies and are also shrewd real estate connoisseurs. When they decided to team up together and build the dream team, La Gorce Island and North Bay Road were the spots for dream homes. The communities provided the ultimate in convenience with proximity to the AA Arena in downtown Miami, which is only seven miles away. Dwayne Wade purchased his six-bedroom, 12,000 square foot waterfront mansion for $10,650,000. That was quite a bargain off the listed price of $17,900,00 back in the year 2010. Rumor has it that he purchased the home site unseen. He resides there with his celebrity actress wife, Gabrielle Union. With the amazing history, the privacy, the security, golf, tennis, yachting, and jaw-dropping direct bay views from every corner, it's easy to see why the community is so desirable. For those who have it all, a La Groce Island estate home is the ultimate status symbol. From the beautiful entrance, through the stunning architecture and landscaping on every street, the neighborhood is unquestionably the king of the area. If you feel that Star Island is a bit too pretentious and not guarded well enough due, then this community would be a wise investment from the perspective of both property appreciation and a margin of safety due to the billionaire neighbors. Simply put La Groce Island real estate is a worthy investment for those who can afford it. Consequently, homes for sale on La Gorce Island do not reach the market often. Since the residents are so financially well-off, they tend to buy and hold for the long term. When they do sell, it's for a very nice profit. We have seen it time and time again, as record prices continue to get set when a top level home reaches the market. So, upon browsing the listings, if you see something interesting, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. You won't be disappointed with the life here. It's simply magical. Contact us today to arrange your private showing of the properties that are available.
La Gorce Island Homes for Sale
90 Listings Available

Normandy Island

Price range: $269,900 - $7,490,000
Quality value for Miami Beach. Luxury living with abundant serenity and convenience. Normandy Island is surrounded by the Biscayne Bay and offers an abundant mix of beautiful waterfront and non-waterfront homes. Boaters and golfers are both quite fond of Normandy Isle due to the ease of entry onto Biscayne Bay and the proximity to Normandy Shores Golf Club. The area offers tremendous convenience through easy travel along 79th Street to the beach or driving across to the mainland of Miami. Residents have the best of both worlds in their community. Many feel that homes in the area offer quality value to what is available on the market in North Miami Beach and further west into Miami.
It's impossible to miss the unique style of MiMo buildings that give a special authentic charm with a hint of European influence to Normandy Isle.  This style from building to building stands out from the rest of Miami Beach or the Art Deco of South Beach. The small community has its own character and is labeled as the next great up and coming area now that Mid Beach has transformed fully into the Faena District with condos setting record high prices on a daily basis.
The area is currently undergoing a renaissance that is benefiting residents and business owners alike.  The North Beach location is the last remaining stretch of Miami Beach to undergo a massive round of property value appreciation.  The canals and waterways that run through the community give it a special feel and connection to the water for the residents. With its shops and amazing beaches, Collins Avenue is a short stroll away to for those who wish to enjoy the gentle warmth of the South Florida sun. There are several highly-rated restaurants within the community that are strong attractions to those that are interested in the more reasonably priced, high-quality food (that is growing increasingly difficult to find on Miami Beach).  Residents of Normandy Isles can enjoy a wide variety of international dishes without having a five-diamond chef prepare them and charging fifty dollars per entree. It a community that has a down to Earth feeling while still containing breathtaking, world-class natural scenery.  The stunning palm trees and vegetation that line the neighborhood and gorgeous water views are simply jaw dropping.
Henry Levy is known as the founder of Normandy Island. He moved to Miami Beach from Cincinnati and took the community from a mangrove swamp into a modern, thriving city. For the years, he demonstrated a razor-sharp focus of 24-hour dredging to carve out the land best for development. He was also instrumental in getting the approvals and building the 79th Street Causeway, which still today is the major connector of the area to the rest of Miami. Later in the 1920's Levy created the trophy monument within the community. Normandy Fountain back then, was quite close to having a beachfront location before the expansion of land further into the Atlantic Ocean. Levy's background was that of a movie mogul, specializing in the silent movies of the time. He saw Normandy Island as a jewel of the South with no other land in the North able to compare. The goal was to create an integrated community that came together through outdoor events and markets.  The glue that brings people together living consciously and happily.  Most of the boulevards and streets within Normandy Island are named after cities in France along with the country's best geographical landmarks. Nowadays, the square around the fountain, attractive non-chain restaurants and a farmer's market combine to gather people together for an active lifestyle full of events and a micro-culture away from the glitz and pretentiousness of South Beach.
The Miami Vice era saw Normandy Island plagued with drug-related street crimes. But things have changed completely into the 2000's.  Today police officers now often know residents by their first names and patrol the area on golf carts. This makes it easy for smooth access to the Normandy Island golf course.  The land encompassing the golf course was donated to the City by M. C Gryzmish in January 1928. The golf course then began to take shape in 1937 by golf course architects Howard Toomy and William Flynn. The course, clubhouse, and amenities were completed in the later part of 1941. A subsequent renovation took place in 1956 and at that point the area was christened as the IT spot for the rich and famous of the world to congregate and enjoy the beautiful South Florida endless summer. Normandy Island was a legendary community that had many professional golfers as regular players on the beautifully manicured greens within the municipality. It stands to this day as a wonderful course for the neighborhood to enjoy.
Normandy Isle leadership is forward thinking with a watchful eye for the future. The city is making a significant capital investment into the open water areas with supporting activity bases.  Life around the water will allow residents to enjoy new kayak stations and docks for personal watercraft, along with benches and landscaping to get the most out of the magnificent community.  Plans are underway to fully connect a biking and jogging thoroughfare through amazing natural scenery along the water.  The path will extend all of the way up from South Point Park on South Beach to Normandy Isles.  Residents enjoy the perfect location with the amazing shopping of Bal Harbour to the North East and the nightlife and fun of South Beach to the South. One day strolling through the community, you just might bump into one of the famous celebrity residents like actor Andy Garcia. With so much to offer it's no wonder that Normandy Isle is one of the hottest new residence locations on all of Miami Beach. Browse our listings and contact us today to arrange your private showing of homes.
Normandy Island Homes for Sale
91 Listings Available

North Bay Road Miami Beach

Price range: $667,800 - $35,900,000
Chic, exclusive, and star-studded. Incredible waterfront estates. This single family home community offers over 150 waterfront homes with a wide variety of extravagant estates mixing architectural styles. North Bay Road Miami Beach is a highly attractive magnet for those seeking the best of the best in life. Celebrities and athletes alike gravitate to the proximity to South Beach and wide, expansive water views offered by many of the properties. Beginning on Sunset Drive near 20th Street and extending all of the way north to La Gorce Island near 63rd Street, the prestigious street glides through South Beach, Mid Beach and North Beach. The location on Miami Beach offers a distinctive residential feel as it sits as the westernmost street of the island, the most precious land for luxury homes. With the perfect location set right on the water, North Bay Road homes offer an excellent choice for those in love with the aquamarine waters of Biscayne Bay. If you are a boater or simply love the tranquil energy of water views, then this community is for you. The neighborhood is absolutely perfect for local and international celebrities alike. Miami star architect Kobi Karp knows South Florida residential real estate quite well. He has designed countless condo buildings and magnificent mansions, and of all places to live, he has chosen North Bay Road Miami Beach. His waterfront property at 5328 North Bay Road is somewhat modest by typical size standards with a home of nearly 5,500 square feet sitting on a third of an acre of waterfront property. However, Kobi certainly got good value for his purchase paying just over six and a half million for the property. There will be plenty of upside for the starchitect in the future as his neighbors continue to tear down and build larger and larger estate homes. Just down the street, Karp is designing a home at 5061 N Bay Road for the chic, contemporary developer Todd Michael Glasser. Glasser has purchased several prime waterfront properties on North Bay Road Miami Beach and is having them designed by starchitects that also include Chad Oppenheim and Domo Design and Architecture. These magnificent properties located at 5020 NBR and 5446 NBR have a flair that fits perfectly with the modern, decadent feel of the area. With prices in the 50's block going upwards of $30,000,000, it's no doubt a residential base for the rich and famous jet setters of the world. Home developers like Glasser keep a close eye on the neighborhood and are quick to move when a new property comes onto the market with the potential to be a tear down replaced with a grand estate. The rapid ascension about the $30mil figure was led by New York Yankees baseball star player Alex Rodriguez. The home run king's twenty-one thousand square foot mansion located at 4358 North Bay Road was sold for a cool thirty million. Celebrity residents of North Bay Road Miami, both past and present, include Hollywood action film director, Michael Bay, who has a deep love for the area and Miami in general. He was seen around town recently shooting the new Victoria Secret commercial with twenty or so of the Angels. The famous 80's performer Phil Collins has recently entered the neighborhood. His classic hit, I can feel it in the air tonight, became synonymous with the sexy, alluring vibe of the Miami Vice tv show and now he's back living on the uber-prestigious strip. He purchased the home from Jennifer Lopez at 5800 North Bay Road for thirty-three million dollars. Several other singers have also owned homes along the strip including the La Bomba Man himself, Ricky Martin, and the hips shaking Shaikira. There was even a castle built in the neighborhood. The castle once stood at 4462 North Bay Road Miami Beach, but caught fire many years ago and now is up for sale as vacant land for $17.5mil. To this day it is still a monument to see, as many within the community are excited for its inevitable revival by some eclectic homeowner or ambitious developer. The community may not be set on a private island or guard gated, but that certainly has not stopped tremendous interest in North Bay Road Miami Beach real estate. The mystique of the strip is one that extends around the world. The address has become synonymous with the best that South Florida has to offer regarding beauty, location, and exclusivity. For what massive, glamorous hotels and casinos are to the Las Vegas Strip, North Bay Road is that for luxury waterfront mansions with amazing views of downtown Miami. The bayfront homes are like entering a parallel Earth of some sort, a fantasy of beauty. You can't help but be overwhelmed by incredible architecture, magnificent interior and exterior design and homes that are furnished to the T. The homes that line the bay have a sense of serenity surrounding them that feel incredibly zen. It is a true, quiet paradise. Scan the properties that are available within the community, and when you see some homes that you like contact us today. We'll arrange your private tour of the homes and neighborhood. Live in the home of your dreams.
North Bay Road Miami Beach Homes for Sale
33 Listings Available

Palm Island Miami Beach

Price range: $1,050,000 - $32,000,000
Bask in the sun or find shade under a tall palm tree, discover the feel of warm sand beneath your feet or dive into crystal clear waters amid beautiful marine life. Palm Island Miami Beach is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Situated just south of Hibiscus Island (in Biscayne Bay, Florida) the island offers a unique vacation lifestyle for avid sailors and other thrill-seekers. Home buyers hoping to get back in touch with nature can choose from several real estate options for a chance to get front row seats to witness nature at its finest. The lavish Bayfront homes are a fusion of Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern style residences, all in close proximity to most idyllic swimming conditions. Island residents enjoy a peaceful & quiet lifestyle inside the coastal borders of this island. It’s a serene escape dedicated to luxury and relaxation with pristine blue waters, unmatched marine life, and lush landscapes; all in a family-friendly atmosphere. Palm Island Miami Beach occupies 82 acres of land and serves as a home to 200 residents amid the reclusive seas turtles and other marine life in the surrounding water. The island, once known for its high-energy casino games and whiskey-drinking culture, is now an opulent residential neighborhood; tucked away in tranquility and only accessible by land via the MacArthur Causeway. With its strategic location, Palm Island homes for sale attract both serenity seekers and party-goers alike. Al Capone, Barbara Walters, and Enrique Iglesias Jr. are just a few of the A-listers who have called Palm Island Miami home. They come for the sandy beaches but stay for the relaxing pace of life away from the bustle of the mainland. For those who want to escape the island's laidback ambiance for an evening, the commute to SoBe, Miami Beach is short and rewarding. SoBe offers a one-of-a-kind social experience; head to a club, a bowling alley, or hit up the famous al fresco shopping destination. SoBe is one of the best neighbors that Palm Island Miami could ask for. Palm Island Miami is a family oriented community with a little bit of everything for everyone. The island shares a well-made park with Hibiscus Island, which is popular picnic spot. Basketball, tennis, and handball courts are attractions in the park as well as a children playground which consists of seesaws, slides, and swing seats. Parents who want to immerse their children in a safe nature-filled environment are among the islanders and Palm Island Miami Beach is a zone to several schools in Miami-Dade County. From elementary through middle and high school, children are provided with quick access to quality education. The 24/7 guard house situated at the sole entrance of the island also gives parents a peace of mind knowing that their children are safe. There are few roads and even fewer cars, leaving plenty room for spacious luxury estates with an abundance of privacy to spoil residents. Many properties come with marble floors, infinity-edge swimming pools, fitness rooms, steam rooms, and other amazing amenities to provide homes buyers with value for their money. Most smaller and mid-size 70’s ranches litter the interior lots with the famous luxury estate homes on the waterfront. The waterfront Palm Island Miami homes for sale are excellent for boating enthusiasts. The island is enclosed by Biscayne Bay and offers the perfect conditions for boaters. In fact, luxury yachts are a common sight on the island. Most homes come with a double lot and even triple in some cases to provide accommodations for small boats and yachts. For any avid boater having a dock for their boat behind their house is a dream come true. Even visitors come to Palm Island to sail the pristine Miami Beach waters. After all, there simply aren’t a lot of places in America that will give you express entry to the Atlantic Ocean. Even so, you don’t need to be a boat enthusiast to enjoy living within the community. If a waterfront house does not appeal to you, then there are plenty of dry lots to choose from. Residing at this getaway is more like being on a lifelong vacation where sun-kissed mornings by the patio give way to warm evenings on the beach. It’s a place where you can live and breathe nature. What Palm Island Miami residents enjoy about the island is its seclusion and easy access to some of the best social venues in Florida. Purchasing Palm Island homes for sale is the key to making your dream vacation an everyday reality. Simply visualizing living on the island is enough to get you excited. A secluded retreat where lazy days are spent resting in a hammock with cool sea breeze around you. Where there’s no loud traffic to mask the beautiful sound of nature. And where every moment of every day is anticipated. It’s a home you will hate leaving but love going back to. Nowhere else offers the combination of tranquility and natural beauty that Palm Island Miami Beach offers. That’s why it’s reserved as one of Florida’s most captivating destinations. Live out your dreams on this island escape by purchasing a home here. Palm Island Miami homes for sale tend to carry a higher price tag but think of it as a bonus fee for the privacy, exciting nightlife, comfort, and sheer splendor that you’ll have while residing on the island. You’ll enjoy luxury amenities and panoramic views from your patio with the best conditions for swimming, boating, snorkeling, jet skiing, and scuba diving just steps away. But be careful about having visitors over - they may never want leave. Start the search for your dream home today by browsing our real estate listings. We’re sure you will find a property that’s just to your liking.  Then give us a call right away, and we will arrange a private tour of the properties for you. Learn what it’s like to live in paradise by finding the right home for you in Palm Island Miami Beach today!
Palm Island Miami Beach Homes for Sale
7 Listings Available

Pinetree Drive

Price range: $695,000 - $8,975,000
Grand, regal, waterfront estates residing behind decadent gated entrances. Over 150 waterfront residences situated off of one of Miami’s true iconic residential streets. Pinetree Drive stretches from 23rd to 63rd Street and is separated from Collins Avenue by the Intracoastal Waterway. Some of the waterfront homes facing East were originally built nearly one hundred years ago. The estates in that area are often seen with incredible mega-yachts docked directly behind their mansions. Many other home options exist for buyers that are looking for more affordable options with the same exceptional location next to Billionaire neighbors. This quiet community is exclusive and quite suitable for families due to its incredible location stretching north and south, connecting the North Beach to South Beach. Many of the Pinetree Drive houses are waterfront estate homes situation on spacious lots with incredible views of the water. It is the best of the best residential community where families can enjoy life due to the availability of the luxury amenities such as pools, boat docks, tennis courts, lush gardens and basketball courts. Being close to the Miami International Airport, South Beach and all the main thoroughfares makes it an ideal neighborhood to live for both local and international commuting. Living within the community is an experience like no other. It feels good breathing the same air of distinction with the world’s famous celebrities who live here as well. But it wouldn’t be a compelling narrative without mentioning who lives at or owns Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach FL. The list starts with one of the newest owners in the community; boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. He acquired the waterfront house at 5501 Pine Tree Drive in 2016 for $7.7 million. This modern home shows off water views of the Indian Creek and a wide-open floor plan. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom estate sits on 4,817 square feet and has white glass and light-colored hardwood floors. Each room is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows that let in abundance of natural light. William H Dean is the owner of 4949 Pinetree Drive which was formerly owned by S.S Kresge. The waterfront property sits on an astounding 2.5 acres of prime real estate. The house underwent renovation in 2013 after the owner, Dean, lived in the house for two years. The home, which initially featured six and eight bedrooms, now has 15 bedrooms, six-half baths, 20 full baths, and two kitchens in the main house. The luxurious house includes a gym, spa wing, grotto and pagoda-style pool house that functions as a small nightclub, volleyball and tennis courts. Much of its furniture was custom made in a combination of classical and modern styles. Another intriguing sale was in 2015 by the developers of 4395 Pine Tree Drive (Todd Glaser and Jarrett and Sean Posner) at a sale price of $19,480,001 million. At the time, the magnificent waterfront home marked the highest price on the street. The sale of the modern style home of 11,500-square-foot was a clear indication that high-end Pinetree Drive real estate was comparable to some of the most lavish island communities of South Florida. The stunning home features a tropical garden and pool, wood deck, boat dock, and a driveway and motor court with space for 15 cars. Moreover, the outstanding gated majestic entrance and the eye-catching, stylish features of this property leave anyone viewing it speechless. Robert Downey Jr. filmed scenes from the iconic movie Iron Man III within the community. Telemundo taped telenovelas in some of the Pine Tree Drive homes. In recent years, the 84-year-old Manor at 4821 Pine Tree Drive, Villa Vecchia, has hosted shoots on 30 occasions or more. On any given day, there is a specialized crew filming something somewhere in the community. Many filmmakers have made huge returns from their films on this location. It has several permits for everything from Magic City to Telemundo shows. And Villa Vecchia was owned for close to 20 years by perfume importer Luis A. Quintero. In 2012, Quintero sold the property for less than $13 million. 4333 Pinetree is located in one of the top locations in all of Miami Beach. This 5 Bedroom Waterfront Estate is truly an astounding property. It is only five minutes drive to the middle of South Beach. A gorgeous pool and a private dock make this home a entertainers dream. This property sits on a 41,412.5 SF lot with 100 ft. of waterfront. Similar lots with a new structure on equivalent SF were sold in 2015 for more than $19,000,000. This waterfront home is owned by Rhonda Weiss and Thomas Weiss. Villa Katerina LLC owns the 10,694-square-foot mansion at 4855 Pinetree Drive. The luxurious mansion was under auction in 2015 after its owner made an attempt to sell it for over $25. The 6 bedroom, eight bathrooms, and luxe finish home is a good match for someone with interest in a waterfront compound. There is the opportunity for redevelopment of the property. The listing price of the property was $ 14.77 million. On any given morning the residents can have private access to a magnificent, regal patio overlooking the water. There will always be a reason to live at this luxurious and exclusive community. Most of the homes are quite new while others have undergone extensive renovations. Owners understand that with land so valuable, the highest and best use is to create their dream spaces. So the community continues to develop into a modern utopia. The tropical lifestyle is the ultimate place to enjoy Miami's endless summer. With two outstanding golf courses nearby, it's an outdoor enthusiast's heaven. Contact us today to view the properties listed within the neighborhood and experience the stunning, varied architectural designs of these homes. We have access to every listed property along with other unlisted properties that often come to us through owners that do not wish to have their properties publicly marketed for one reason or another. Take the leap forward and discover your dream home.
Pinetree Drive Homes for Sale
7 Listings Available

Star Island Miami

Price range: $14,900,000 - $65,000,000
Yes, this is THE STAR ISLAND Miami Beach FL. Hideaway for the rich and famous. Property here is more than just beautiful views and fascinating neighbors; it’s a symbol of true status. This community houses lavish mansions on oversized lots – each and every one of them with absolutely breathtaking waterfront views. Containing only 34 lots, the ultra-exclusive private island offers a lifestyle that is simply incomparable; it is the best of the best. And each lot begins at 40,000 square feet, making the entire community a neighborhood of luxury estates. The pristine waterfront location makes boating easy. Homes within the neighborhood enjoy the benefits of expansive dock space in their backyards. It’s common to see magnificent yachts docked directly behind incredible mansions. The ample lot sizes also give way to stunning pools and landscaping that bode well for entertaining. And Star Island Miami is world-famous for the parties and events thrown by their residents. New Year's Eve and other holidays come to life within the community like no other island in Florida. It’s simply an amazing environment. Famous residents with a flair for extravagant parties have included P-Diddy, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Shaq, and Kanye West. Residents feel quite assured that their homes are protected at all times with a constant security presence at the guard gate entrance. Star Island real estate is considered to be incredibly valuable; in fact, many consider Star Island Miami as one of the most prestigious addresses on Earth. Residents understand this and have spared no expense in outfitting their estates with incredible finishes and architectural features. The lush landscaping throughout the properties is simply a beautiful sight to take in and appreciate. With the perfect location as the closest island to South Beach, Star Island homes offer the difficult-to-find private lifestyle while still being minutes away from the incredible dining and nightlife options of South Beach. The MacArthur Causeway also connects the community to all of the happenings of downtown Miami seamlessly. In looking at some of the most valuable properties in America, Star Island real estate reigns as the supreme trophy asset and spot to live for the world's rich and famous. The sheer amount of wealth that congregates on the island is incredible. It's so popular that Miami has its own lucrative boat tours that specialize in touring these spectacular waterfront mansions. On a daily basis, the general public enjoys the tours encircling the island and marveling at the billionaires and celebrities that live on the island. Rumors come and go with the latest speculation on the luxurious island's residents. So that begs the question of who lives on Star Island exactly? The list begins with the legendary Gloria Estevan living on 1 Star Island, which is currently listed on the market for $40,000,000. Even if the house is sold, the Estevan's still plan on living on the island at another one of the residences that they own at 39 Star Island Miami, which is a beautiful 2-acre estate. The Estevan's originally purchased the home in 1993 for just under $2,000,000, and they are expecting a very nice return on their investment. It certainly pays, in the long run, to live on the most expensive island in Florida. 7 Star Island is owned by Stewart Miller the CEO of the powerhouse development company Lennar. The mansion has ten bedrooms and 11 baths and is approximately 10,000 square feet with beautifully maintained landscaping on the property. Since Stewart is a home builder, this property is no doubt an example of what a billionaire's home should look and feel like. Recently there has been quite a bit of news surrounding Miller and his plans for further development within the community, and he seems to be quite well capitalized to do so. In 2015, Miller was paid compensation totaling $17.9 million for his position with Lennar. Miller is looking to combine three lots within the community to form one mega-compound like nothing seen before among residents. The new property would encompass nearly three acres and the city of Miami Beach is currently reviewing his proposal for variances in lot size and home size. With a property over 120,000 square feet, it will certainly be an eye-catcher. He has proposed a two-story mansion that would include subterranean parking for over 30 spaces, berthing for a super yacht, a magnificent lagoon, and waterfall, along with other essentials like a motor court to display classic, rare vehicles. There would be multiple guest houses on the property along with an art gallery multiple kitchens around the 70,000 square foot mansion. Could this be the Miami Star Island Beach FL home that ultimately breaks the $100,000,000 threshold? One could assume it could if approved. 5 Star Island is owned by the South Beach legend Thomas Kramer, who over the years has been known for his decadent parties. He is the one the virtually singlehandedly gave Star Island Miami the reputation of prestige. To get into one of Thomas Kramer's parties was no small feat back in the 90s, and it still is today. We had the pleasure of attending one a few years ago, and the level of beautiful (both from models and interior and exterior design) was amazing. With 13 bedrooms and 12 baths the property is fit for a king. And for Thomas Kramer, Star Island certainly fits into the role quite well as a palatial neighborhood to call home. The mansion is available for rent for a mere $150,000 per month, and this price has not kept many renters out of the market. 21 Star Island is the home of billionaire Philip Frost. The mansion is a whopping 37,000 square feet in size, and the property is a gorgeous showcase of some of the most beautiful landscaping on planet Earth. With a lot that is nearly six acres, Mr. Frost certainly has a home that is fit for entertaining royalty. He made his fortune in the pharmacy business and had made a stellar investment in having one of the most admired Star Island homes. 29 Star Island was once owned by the ultra-famous shoe and fashion designer, Donald Pliner. Former Ambassador Paul Cejas is the proud owner of the Moroccan-styled home. The property stands over 10,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and nine baths. The towering ceilings inside the residence gave way to a gorgeous open floor plan. The front door to the mansion makes quite an impression as it looks fit for a Prince of Persia. 30 (and 31) Star Island Miami Beach Fl is owned by Wayne Holman .  He is the owner of a powerful New York hedge fund, Ridgeback Capital Management. Wayne had a fine eye for new construction quality and purchased #30 as a newly constructed spec house. He and along with his wife Wendy acquired the home in 2014. The homes both have lush landscaping and gorgeous waterfront views. 33 Star Island is owned by Gerald & Joan Robins. They are the parents of the powerhouse developer Craig Robbins, who is developing most of the Design District area currently. The 10,000 square foot home sits on over 1.3 acres. The family has owned the property for over 40 years, making them the longest continuous residents of Star Island. The community is the ultimate status symbol for exotic, waterfront living. It's never too late to make a purchase on the island, though. Lots #1, #28 and #45  are currently on the market beginning at $17,000,000. With the rate of property value appreciation of the neighbors, those prices might be a bargain in a few years. So contact us today to see any of the properties listed within Star Island Miami. Your private tour of the properties will be an adventure in fine design and architecture. The best of the best.
Star Island Miami Homes for Sale
88 Listings Available

Stillwater & Biscayne Point

Price range: $575,000 - $4,426,000
The Biscayne Point, Miami Beach homes for sale are currently some of the hottest properties on the market. It's no wonder why celebrities like Lenny Kravitz (7936 Biscayne Point Circle) have called this neighborhood home. This luxurious community is known for its incredible location along Biscayne Bay with magnificent waterfront houses and mansions that are still reasonably priced for Miami Beach. With a location that is just north of Normandy Isle and just a few blocks from the beach to the east, the location is simply perfect for an active lifestyle. The Normandy Shores Golf Club is merely one island down to the south offering golf lovers a very convenient lifestyle. Of all of the Biscayne Bay homes for sale, Biscayne Point houses stand out as a premier gated community of luxury homes with a beautiful, lush landscaping. Many of the waterfront lots offer incredible views of the bay.  Consequently, the area is popular with those that enjoy boating, fishing and water sports. There are many different types of architectural options available, and homes predominately range from three to six bedrooms. Square footage of homes ranges from a modest 2,000 square feet all of the way up to 12,000+ square feet for breathtaking mansions. The community is also known for having a lush canopy of magnificent trees that offer abundant shade. It's a man-made neighborhood that was once only a mangrove and has developed over the years into what many real estate investors see as the best deal for homes in the area. The city planners did quite well with the development of the community by creating a horseshoe type of lot plan, which afforded nearly every home valuable waterfront property on North Beach. Residents enjoy the great proximity to the world-class shopping options of Bal Harbour Mall and nightlife & dining options of South Beach.  In arriving at Biscayne point, you'll cross a bridge over the Tatum Waterway and through the security gates of the community that is manned by security to give homeowners an ultra-sense of security. The Stillwater Miami Beach homes are located just north of BP and just south of the uber-prestigious billionaire community of Indian Creek.  Yes, this is prime Stillwater real estate. And the houses on Stillwater Drive are highly sought-after. Together these two neighborhoods are the place to go if you are looking for luxury AND value. These days it isn't easy to find that mix. It is always smart to buy into areas close to billionaire neighbors and the proximity to the mansions at Indian Creek bode well for the future upside of these neighborhoods. The sky is the limit when for potential appreciation. The market for rentals within the communities offers a wide variety of pricing options with homes often ranging from $3,500 to $25,000. With that sort of variety, the neighborhoods, no doubt offer something for everyone from the started family home to the impeccable and extravagant waterfront estate that is fit for royalty. It is why we at Sky Five Properties feel that this neighborhood is a must see for those attracted to Miami Beach. Once you have had time to browse the listings, contact us today to schedule showings for your favorite properties.
Stillwater & Biscayne Point Homes for Sale
54 Listings Available

Sunset Islands

Price range: $1,896,000 - $25,000,000
Private, convenient and glamorous. Magnificent aquamarine water views. The Sunset Islands Miami Beach are formed by four islands with a reputation as being the most desirable private home communities in all of South Florida. One doesn't have to think much about why these luxury homes are in such tremendous demand. It's quite simple. The old adage of real estate aptly describes the situation…location, location, location baby. The community has an ultra-special amenity – walking distance to Lincoln Road. There aren’t many private islands in the world that are walking distance to a world-class High Street retail. Many condos across the globe are located in major metropolitan areas that have walking access to the finest shops and restaurants within their city, but single family homes are much rarer. The land is simply too valuable near these chic areas of high pedestrian traffic. Not the Sunset Islands Miami Beach, though. They are diamonds that stands out among all other precious real estate gems. Sunsets and bay views on the islands are impossible to ignore. These panoramic bay views offer sunsets that are truly something to behold. Many luxury residences are built on the waterfront property of the island, giving residents some of the best views in Florida. Since most of the waterfront lots on Sunset Islands 1 and 2 are around 20,000 sqft and above, with their own private security guard gate and homes that range up to $25,000,000 and above. Needless to say. the neighborhood is considered to be an incredibly high-end area. With more than 100 feet of water frontage at many locations, these islands offer a unique aesthetic comprised of Mediterranean influences and modern sophistication. Each of the more southern islands also offer great sunsets, but are in closer proximity to the center of Miami Beach. The cuisine near the Sunset Islands is impossible to beat. Well- known restaurants like Sardinia Ristorante, Juvia, Meat Market, and Barton G are all nearby. Hot clubs like Set, Story, and Hyde at the SLS Hotel are all in proximity. The Sunset Islands are the perfect choice for anyone in the market for sweeping sunset views and an active day or nightlife. The two southernmost islands of the four islands, are Sunset 3 and 4. Like Sunset Islands 1 and 2, magnificent sunsets can be enjoyed from many of these homes. These two southern-most islands are a bit closer to Miami Beach's pulse. All of The Sunset Islands are in close proximity to all that Miami Beach and South Florida offers. Residents often discuss amongst themselves that the Sunset Islands are the coolest and least pretentious of the Miami private islands communities. The islands are home to some of the most glamorous annual costume parties on planet Earth. Some of the most wealthy and influential figures of Miami reside within Sunset Islands including the master real estate developer Scott Robbins who has recently re-developed the Miami Design District into a thriving six-star international food and dining mecca. Robbins no doubt understands real estate value, and it speaks volumes that the Sunset Islands are his place of chosen residence. The hottest nightclub owner in all of the United States, Dave Grutman also takes residence within the community. His nightclubs Liv and Story have consistently been the place of choice for the rich, famous and decadent to spend their nights on South Beach. And the Sunset Islands Miami are his home. His home sits on a double lot with 210 linear feet of water frontage. You can often see him zipping through the expansive Bay of Biscayne in his sleek Van Dutch boat. Like many residents on the island, his home is a virtual museum of art pieces and eye-catching interior design. But the real fun comes with the pool area and exterior landscaping. South Florida is truly blessed to have an endless summer and homes on the Sunset Islands Miami Beach are located in the enviable position to maximize an indoor / outdoor lifestyle on the water. The community offers a wide variety of homes ranging from 3,000 square feet entry level homes around $3,000,000 to premier estates of over 20,000 square feet and priced at over $25,000,000. This is a neighborhood that looks and feels like it is perfectly suited for those that enjoy being active and making the most of what South Beach has to offer. You could look into the grand estates of Star Island or the privacy of Fisher Islands, but you won't enjoy beautiful strolls to the best dining and entertainment in all of South Florida. This community is truly unique. Browse our listings above and contact us today. We'll arrange a magnificent private showing for the most desirable properties and make certain that when you find what you like, we'll negotiate a highly favorable deal. The future is yours. Spend it on the Sunset Islands.
Sunset Islands Homes for Sale
19 Listings Available

Treasure Island Miami

Price range: $268,500 - $2,999,000
A wonderful enclave of single family homes. Perfect for a lifestyle of convenience and outdoor activities. Treasure Island Miami stands just as grand and exciting as the name implies. This island is one of the finest neighborhoods in all of South Florida. Located within the trendy North Bay Village, this community reaps the benefits of being surrounded by the gorgeous waters of Biscayne Bay. It is perfectly located in between North Beach and the Mimo Historic District of Miami. The location is an extreme plus, offering the best of both worlds of beach and city life. A decade ago things were different; Mimo was not nearly what it is today, and North Miami Beach was still an up-and-coming area. Things are much different now. The MiMo District was named the neighborhood of the year recently, and the upper east side is an excellent place to explore the new cafes and restaurants that seem to be popping up in droves. To the east, the beach is the beach; there are not many places on planet earth that compare to the life on the waters of Miami Beach. There is a reason why tourists and second home buyers from around the world flock to this area religiously. Treasure Island Miami captures it all while maintaining a distinctly peaceful and residential feel. The perfect spot to call home. The Treasure Island Miami homes for sale are available in a variety of different architectural styles and lots sizes, but the supply of houses available to purchase is tight. A starter home can still be found for under $500,000 while a larger bayfront mansion will cost north of $2,000,000, which is still a tremendous bargain when compared to some the of the adjacent communities like the millionaire's enclave of La Groce Island and the mansion estate community of Allison Island. Real estate values within the area continue to rise with single family homes coming as a premium. After all, there are only so many houses on Miami Beach. The supply is naturally turning over into higher and higher quality, and bigger and bigger homes as older properties get purchased as tear down and are metamorphosized into trophy, dream homes. The market forces continue to do this and seem to set new records with the passing of each day. In addition to Treasure Island Miami having its distinct residential feel, there are also some notable restaurants and entertainment options within the community that are well-known throughout all of Miami. Shuckers Bar and Grill is an incredible spot to take in a sporting event or have an evening date sitting out directly on the bay. There are very few restaurants in the city that offer these direct views of the water while dining. It's simply hypnotizing. A view made for postcards to make your friends envious. The famous Benihana of Miami Beach is also situated on the island offering another unique location for dinner. Watching the expert chefs work their magic never seems to get boring. And the fact that is just a stone's throw away from many of the luxurious waterfront homes makes the community all the more appetizing. If you are thinking of living the South Florida island life and entering the single-family homes market but don't want to spend millions up millions of dollars, then Treasure Island Miami is an exceptional neighborhood to explore. Browse our listings above and once you have found the properties that interest you the most, be sure to contact us. We'll arrange a private tour of the best properties within the community. Start living your dream lifestyle now.
Treasure Island Miami Homes for Sale
6 Listings Available

Venetian Islands Miami Beach FL

Price range: $1,598,000 - $13,500,000
Incredible, expansive sunset water views amongst the backdrop of countless sailboats and the magnificent skyline of Miami. The Venetian Islands views are simply the best of the best; the word breathtaking still does not do them justice. The community is a cluster of man-made islands in the Biscayne Bay and home to some of the most incredible real estate in Miami. The islands are, from east to west, Belle Isle, Rivo Alto Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island and Biscayne Island. The four islands furthest to the east belong in Miami Beach, and the other two belong to the city of Miami.  These artificial islands represent the beginning of a much larger project that never came to fruition, a plan that included the building of four more islands, more bridges, and more roads. After the “Great Miami Hurricane in 1926 and the end of what was referred to as the Florida land boom in the 20’s, plans to keep adding islands came to a halt, and the six current luxurious and exclusive islands were the result. What people love so much about Venetian Islands real estate is the diversity of looks, styles, and sizes of the homes on each island. Some Venetian Island houses are on the water some are more inland. From midcentury modern mansions selling for $6.5 million, to Mediterranean style and Balinese-style homes that you can rent for 50k a month, you’ll be able to find just the right home, on just the right island.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle is the easternmost island in the chain that makes up the Venetian Islands. It is a quiet island composed of apartment buildings, a public park, and a hotel. The Venetian Causeway runs through this island connecting it to Rivo Alto Island on one side and Miami mainland on the other. A major highlight of Belle Isle is the Standard Hotel and Spa. This five-star hotel offers a modern spa experience to hotel guests, unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Roman waterfall hot tubs, mud lounges, an arctic plunge, fitness classes and a salt water infinity pool encourage a holistic approach to relaxation. Instead of feeling like a typical hotel, The Standard feels more like a posh spa with guest rooms.

Rivo Alto Island

The second island in the chain is home to architecturally diverse Miami real estate, and unlike Belle Isle, is strictly zoned for single-family residential property. Waterfront lots in Rivo Alto Island have unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay and/or the Miami skyline, and it’s close proximity to both Downtown Miami and South Beach makes it a desirable place to live. Residents can walk to Sunset Harbor for a wine tasting, fitness class or have dinner at popular restaurants like Pub Belly or Yardbird Southern Table and Bar. The Miami International Airport is only twenty minutes away, and this unique island has a way of blending luxury real estate with a classic small town community feel that is hard to find on the other islands.

Di Lido Island

The largest island in the chain, Di Lido Island is separated into “East Di Lido” and “West Di Lido’ by the Venetian Causeway and is home to luxury waterfront mansions and chic pool homes. There are trendy brunch places and coffee shops that line the quiet streets that are dotted with palm trees and million dollar homes. Recently, Miami model Daniela Urzi sold her Venetian Island home on Di Lido Island for $10 million!

San Marino Island

For luxurious, waterfront property with incredible views of the Biscayne Bay, many high profile figures flock to San Marino Island for the epitome of VIP living. Multi-million dollar homes with private docks and yachts make up a majority of this island.  During the winter, many high profile figures and celebrities quietly retreat to their Venetian Island mansions to get away from the craziness of Miami and enjoy a little peace and privacy.

San Marco Island

High profile figures and celebrities like San Marco Island because it offers the exclusivity and privacy that only an island can offer, while still being close enough to the beaches and just a short drive on the Venetian Causeway to the mainland. Homes here have expansive square footage, sparkling pools and meticulous backyards that overlook the bay. Million dollar listings go quickly here, and residents appreciate the privacy and privilege that comes from living on this highly sought after island. Many Miami residents who are venturing out to the Venetian islands for the first time star with rental homes on the Venetian Islands so they can get used to the lifestyle, and eventually find the island that fits their style and personality, and finally purchase a Venetian Islands home of their own.

Biscayne Island

Originally home to an airport, this unique island is the closest to the mainland and offers waterfront real estate for almost every home on the island. The views of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay from almost every home on the island make it a popular place to buy real estate. The Venetian Causeway connects the island to the mainland, where residents can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, sidewalk boutiques, name brand clothing stores, bars, fitness centers, juice bars and more.

Getting On And Off The Islands

The causeway started as a wooden bridge built in 1913, which opened up the possibility of growth and development that surpassed the water’s edge. It is very common to see Miami residents jogging, walking or skating on the Venetian Causeway, a gorgeous route that offers 360 views of the water from its bridges. The causeway connects all of the islands so the mainland, and runners appreciate the beautiful scenery and passing the various multi-million-dollar homes for sale on the Venetian Islands is a welcome distraction on a long run. The causeway was just revamped last year and has helped ease traffic getting on and off of the beach.  The newly updated bridges made running and biking a little easier and widened the lanes to relieve some crowding. Even if they have to take a break to let the drawbridge go up or down, exercise enthusiasts are happy to have the scenic route available to them for a breathtaking run. Running on the causeway is the only place in Miami where you can run and have water on both sides of you!

Shopping and Dining

The location of the Venetian Islands is excellent for residents who want to be close enough to South Beach and Lincoln Road to experience all of the local restaurants and dining options, but still want the ultimate privacy and seclusion that comes with living on one of these prestigious islands. Downtown Miami is just a short drive from any of the islands, and the adjacent Sunset Harbor community provides even more luxury real estate options. Living on the islands feels like a private paradise, but a short drive over the causeway and you’re smack in the middle of the action, the excitement and the conveniences of South Beach. For many, living in an affluent part of Miami is a dream come true, but Venetian Islands real estate truly takes it up a notch. Living here, whether on a dry lot or waterfront property, is the definition of luxury, comfort, and convenience. It is how Miami’s elite experience a tropical island paradise without being too far from what makes Miami sexy, sophisticated and fun. These islands are rich in history but, in true Miami style, are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the upscale lifestyle of the people who live here.
Venetian Islands Miami Beach FL Homes for Sale

About Miami Beach

Miami Beach - also known as the Magic City - offers a wonderful tropical climate, a mix of cultures and some of the hottest entertainment and shopping in the world. The area has been a popular vacation spot for the famous and wealthy for a century. With its trendy nightclubs, upscale restaurants and Art Deco buildings, there's truly nothing like Miami Beach.

Miami Beach draws in real estate investors from around the world with its beachfront condominiums and single family homes, as well as town homes, lofts and oceanfront villas. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, Miami Beach draws in millions of tourists each year who enjoy pristine beaches and outdoor activities like boating, diving, fishing, water skiing and more.

Because the area allows for high-rise developments, luxury residential towers continue to go up around Miami Beach. Still, beachfront land is limited and demand continues to grow. With condos like the Green Diamond and the Bath Club, it's no wonder Miami Beach continues to draw in investors, tourists and new residents.