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26 indian creek island
26 Indian Creek Island, Indian Creek, 33154
Year: 1948 Beds: 0
Sq.Ft: 80,000 Baths: 0/
Price: $29,500,000

About Indian Creek Miami

Unique country club community with magnificent estates offering supreme exclusivity. Many consider this community to be the top address in all of South Florida. And one could argue that this is rightly so, due to the record-setting prices of homes within the prestigious village. This Indian Creek Miami community is as exclusive as exclusive can be. After all, it is a private island with its own police force, golf course and only one street (Indian Creek Island Road) as the main route on the island. Miami Beach is known for being the playground for the uber-wealthy and powerful. And Indian Creek is the king of the hill when other communities are compared.

The private island is as boutique as it gets with only 35 properties in total and a population of 90 inhabitants. Each and every home in Indian Creek Miami has an incredible, expansive view of the glowing aquamarine waters of Biscayne Bay with lots that average nearly an acre and a half. The 294-acre island was founded in the year 1939 with a number of relatively modest homes. Today it's a virtual who's who of billionaires. The community has made a radical transition from one-time vacation properties to full-on palatial estates lining up one right to the next. The interior of the island is home to its own golf course and country club, which is spectacular. Even more intriguing is the fact that the village has its own ten officer police force to patrol the island 24/7 and accompanying patrol boats for the ultimate in protection from the water. There is no comparison for other high-priced, exclusive islands in South Florida and quite possibly the rest of North America.

It is an extremely tight supply and demand market. Each and every home on the island is spectacular. When a home does make it to the market, there is a strong volume of immediate interest. Any older properties that come to market are purchased as tear downs, and plans have been quickly put into place to build their Indian Creek Miami mansion. A 2012 sale of $47mil within the neighborhood has pressed records forward to new heights. And it isn't just prices that are setting records, the new homes being built are getting records for their size, where 20,000 square foot homes are becoming more and more common within the community.

Indian Creek Miami residents include 4 of the 500 wealthiest Americans including the aggressive and dominant corporate takeover specialist Carl Icahn. Another two financial traders and fund owners in that prestigious mix include residents Eddie Lampert and Charles Johnson. Also included is the fierce proponent of the Miami Marlins's public financing for their stadium was Norman Braman, who is well known for his professional football team and auto sales empire. All four men choose to make Indian Creek Miami their homes and have estates the are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Other notable residents include singing legend Julio Iglesias, supermodels Elle MacPherson & Adriana Lim along with the greatest football coach ever for the Miami Dolphins, Don Shula. The concentration of wealth is so great within the community that the residents have a net wealth of greater than $40,000,0000,000. That number represents a population of only 90 people. Simply amazing... when you take a moment to think about the level of power and influence residing on the island.

Indian Creek Village homes have generally been rebuilt with more of a modern flair to blend in with the overall theme of the neighborhood, yet there are a mix of architectural styles that give the community some ample mansion diversity. The private island village would best be described as a community of dream homes. The kind of homes that most would dream about while skimming through a Robb Report.

The Indian Creek County Club is also known as one the most exclusive groups in the United States. Members pay over one hundred fifty thousand dollars as an initiation fee and fifteen thousand dollars annually. Offering top level tennis & golf instruction along with fun themed social activities, the country club is a wonderful amenity for residents to enjoy. Overall, Indian Creek Miami has it all. When an estate does come on the market for sale, it is imperative to take action. Contact us today to arrange a private tour of showings. Make your dream home a reality.

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