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6 Ways To Make Your Home Seem Welcoming

The old adage that ‘not every house is a home’ rings true even more in the modern world as we need our homes to be a place of contentment and relaxation far away from the stresses of daily life. When thinking about the décor of your home, you need to look into incorporating elements that will give a comforting and relaxing vibe to anyone who walks in the door. Here are a few ways to make your home seem welcoming, full of life, and an oasis of peaceful vibes.

  1. Perfect The Opening Act

The entrance of your house, apartment, or living unit needs to be as inviting and beautiful as possible because first impressions are very important. You don’t have to spend a fortune but making sure your entryway is clean and has a few well-placed items can make all the difference. Your entryway should be well-lit, have a welcome mat, and if possible use flower pots or even artificial foliage to give a refreshing aura.

Using a welcome sign or banner and having a diffuser in the corner is just about as good as it gets when someone walks into the door. Furthermore, use some convenient items like a key rack, a coat rack, a shoe cabinet, or a small table with items like sanitizers on it just to make yourself and any visitors more comfortable.

  1. Navigation Matters

Many homeowners or apartment owners make common décor mistakes such as making the main living area difficult to navigate. Guests will never be comfortable in a space if they are colliding with furniture or if items like couches or tables are placed in a manner that they get in the way of someone walking through the room. If you are working with a smaller space, use principles of minimalism and keep only items that you cannot do without.

Installing shelving and using vertical space can also be a great way to make the most of any room. When buying pillows, rugs, chairs, or small tables, never crowd them all together into a single room because it can cause tripping, accidents, and a feeling of claustrophobia. Strike the right balance between cozy and convenient.

  1. Use Fabric 

Fabric-related décor like gorgeous plush pillows and couch blankets, rugs, and tapestries add that extra homely touch. It can also have the added effect of making any guest feel cozier and more at ease. One of the main differences between the sitting area of a home and a more formal space is really additions like blankets!

  1. Customize It 

In your home, you need to selectively add décor items that showcase your passions and interests in life such as movies, sports, animals, books, and so on. There is such a thing as going overboard however so keep the customizations within reason to make your guests appreciate your interests while not being overpowered by them in your home. A great example is a custom home painting that captures the essence of home for you and is a brilliant conversation starter when guests come over.

  1. Cut The Clutter

To add a comfort element to a home it cannot have an abundance of stressors such as paperwork or items strewn about. Invest in sensible organization and storage solutions depending on the layout and size of your space. This will eliminate clutter and make your space appear cleaner, larger, and less stressful. Organizers for desk items, clothes, etc are very helpful in letting you utilize spaces better and actually be more productive in your daily life. Storage solutions such as drawers under the bed are great for daily items that need to be put away and still remain accessible such as your beloved pet’s leather dog collar and leash set.

  1. Aroma Creates The Mood 

Whether you admit it or not one of the first things anyone notices when entering a home or an apartment is how it smells. Odors are also a sign of neglect of deteriorating mental health or work-life balance. Keep your house smelling great using herbs, flowers, potpourri, essential oil burners and diffusers, and even an air filtration system if you want to invest in the quality of air available to you.

Research has shown that aroma affects both mood and mental health and even your ability to concentrate! If you work from home or simply need your space to help you unwind, choose scents and essential oils according to the effect they are believed to have. Citrus oils help rejuvenation and lavender for example can help with relaxation and detoxification.


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