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Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in a residential cruise ship condo

In recent months, the travel industry underwent a revival. More and more people have a renewed and stronger desire to unwind and travel around the world. These include early retirees, who want to reap their hard work and families, who want to go on the biggest adventure of their lives and take their children on memorable and tangible learning experiences. With a residential ship, you can take your family as you travel around the world without leaving your home.

What is a residential cruise ship?

A residential cruise ship condominium is a collection of home units that are built on a residential cruise ship. There, you can have a place to call home while traveling the world.

The difference between a traditional cruise ship and a residential ship is that a residential cruise ship allows you a longer period of time on board and the future of living aboard for a long time. A residential cruise ship also has public spaces that are more akin to a luxury resort such as wine and juice bars, yoga studios, pop-up restaurants, cooking facilities, a library, and a theater. A residential cruise ship has resident lounges onboard the ship. These are private spaces where residents can relax and work. These spaces feature a hot tub, bar service, and even cabanas.

Why Should You Invest in a Residential Cruise Ship Condo:

1. You’ll have access to several amenities onboard

Not unlike residential condominiums located on land, residential cruise ship condos have several wonderful amenities. There are pools and a wide range of restaurants and cafes that are available onboard. Some luxury residential cruise ship condominiums include a theater and a vast library. With plenty of great amenities, you won’t easily get bored onboard.

2. It’s a major investment

Investing in a residential cruise ship condo will be worth it because of its payoffs. With your residential cruise ship condo, you will have access to great amenities such as theaters, pools, restaurants, cafes and in addition, you’ll be traveling around the world in style and comfort.

3. You can travel the world without really leaving the comfort of your home

With your residential cruise ship condo, you have a new home that is constant and on the move. You’ll explore new places and learn about new cultures on every port from where your cruise lands. You won’t suffer homesickness, because your home is your constant.

4. Traveling the world can give you (and your family) a more practical educational experience

Parents nowadays desire their children to have more interactive and tangible learning experiences that take place outside their rooms. Other families have turned to world schooling so that they can balance their love of travel and need for tangible learning experiences.  Learning in-person is beneficial for children as it leads to better skill training and the ability to discuss, practice, and collaborate “live” with other people.

World schooling is an educational movement based on the belief that the best education a child can have is through interacting and experiencing with the world around them. Families who take part in world schooling usually have a desire for travel and wish to introduce children to the wider world around them.

Lastly, travel abroad gives people a better understanding of other cultures and this leads to a stronger sense of empathy.

5. Meet people who are like you

Condominiums on land have clubs and associations to form a community. It also applies to residential cruise condominiums. Abroad your cruise condominium, you will meet a community of diverse people who are bonded by their love of travel. Meeting like-minded people is a surefire way to make a friend and become part of a warm community!

6. You can work flexibly even while you travel the world!

Working conditions have greatly changed and evolved over the recent years. People can now work flexible hours online, as long as they have access to a good internet connection. Luxury residential cruise ships are also equipped with reliable internet connections so in case you need to work, it won’t be a problem at all!

7. You can rent out your residential cruise condo unit – when it’s not in use

The practice of renting out condominium units has become a business and a way for unit owners to earn money. If you’re busy and prefer using another apartment for your home, you can opt to rent your residential cruise condo unit as a way to earn money. In recent year, demand for unique accommodation on Airbnb and similar sites rose. With a floating home, your residential cruise condo unit is as unique as it can get due to its mobility, access to amenities, and reliable internet connection!

With changing times and along with it, attitudes towards traveling and working, investing in a residential cruise condo has become very viable. For cruise condo owners who are not able to use their units, it can be an additional source of income.

Owning a cruise ship condo while experiencing travel around the world is a truly priceless experience. There, you can make more memories with your family, learn new things, improve your mental health, and overall, become a better person.
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