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Boxes To Check Before You Sign For A Rental Property

Renting offers a raft of advantages for those who aren’t ready, willing or able to buy real estate. Taking on a lease offers flexibility, and it is also a much cheaper option than buying in the short-term. If you’re thinking about renting, or you’re on a hunt for a new home to lease, here are some boxes to check before you sign for a property.


When you take on a rental contract, you are liable to pay the agreed fee for a fixed term. In most cases, tenants pay monthly. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’re aware of how much you’re going to be paying each month, what the cost includes and how long the contract lasts for. Most people pay a fee that covers their rent only, but in some cases, utility bills are included.

Check for additional extras, for example, service charges for apartments to rent. Once you know how much is going to be leaving your account each month, you can check your budget to make sure the payment is affordable. Sharing houses and renting individual rooms is a cheaper way of finding a new home for those on the budget.


For many prospective tenants, location is key. If you commute to work, you’re keen to be close to schools or transport links, or you want to be near to family or friends, set out a search area before you start looking for a new home. It’s always a good idea to do a practice journey if you plan to drive or get the bus, train or metro to your workplace to get an idea of how long the commute will take.

If you’re using public transport, checking prices is also beneficial, as it might help you decide which property will suit you best if you have a shortlist and there are differences in price.


When you’re looking for houses or flats to rent, it’s wise to consider your lifestyle and to think about how much space you need. Do you work from home, do you have pets or children, are you an outdoorsy type, or do you live for spending the weekends dining out or catching up with friends?

Ideally, you want to find a property that will fit in with your routine and enable you to combine work with interests and hobbies.


As a tenant, you will be required to sign a contract that outlines your responsibilities and obligations. It is critical to take the time to read the agreement properly to ensure that you understand what you are liable for and which jobs should be passed on to the property manager or the landlord or landlady.

If you have a garden, for example, you might find that the agreement states that it is your responsibility to maintain it. It’s also important to be aware of rules related to the number of inhabitants, keeping pets and giving notice if you plan to move.

Renting is often a temporary solution, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to find a home that checks all of the boxes. If you’re looking for a property to rent, take these steps before signing a contract.


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