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The Essential Outdoor Spring Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

So, to help get your yard in tip-top shape here’s a look at the top essential outdoor spring maintenance items to add to your list.

Examine Your Fence

A fence is something that looks incredible when it first goes up, giving you the privacy you crave, and helping to keep kids and pets contained. Over time, however, the fence starts to weather. It can be damaged by storms and wind, and it just degrades overall.

While your fence doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, the key to prolonging its lifespan is to pay attention to it and do little things to keep it in prime condition.

Some of the things you’ll want to watch for with a wooden fence include general wear and tear, fixing it whenever possible before it becomes a bigger issue; not letting dirt and debris get caked on, which means washing it; watching for any water and rot damage; staining it yearly to protect it; looking for any loose nails that need securing; and, of course, keeping an eye open for pest and insect damage.

As for the maintenance checklist for a vinyl fence, this one is much shorter. You just want to keep the surface clean by washing it with warm soapy water and a sponge, then hosing it down with the garden hose and making sure you do all you can to prevent staining and mildew from starting.

Give Screens a Good Cleaning

This is a great opportunity to remove any screens from windows and give them a good cleaning. Once it’s warm enough to open the windows, you want to be sure the screens are clean and aren’t circulating dust, dirt, and debris around the home. Screens can be vacuumed with a hand-held vacuum, then hosed down outdoors and left to dry in the sun.

Weed and Feed Your Lawn

As the grass starts to green up, you can help it along by applying some sort of weed remedy and fertilizer. These products will work together to provide you with the lushest, healthiest lawn possible. Just be sure it’s also getting enough water.

Give the Driveway a Fresh Coat of Sealant

If you happen to have an asphalt driveway, you understand just how faded, worn, and yucky it can start to look. Spring is the best time to remove moss and grass growing through cracks, give it a good wash, and a fresh coat of blacktop – sealant. This will help to protect it from the elements and also looks great.

Using these tips will make sure that your yard is ready for the spring and summer season.


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