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Choosing the Best Landscape Design Software

Professional landscape design software has come a long way in only a few years. Currently, there are a lot of landscape design software options in the market. Landscape designers and contractors need to know the differences between software programs and the purpose which the different types of programs can serve.

Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for the perfect design software for your next landscaping project:

Benefits of using landscape design software

More and more designers, landscape architects, contractors, and landscapers prefer to use design software over manual drafting. Here are a few advantages of using landscape design software.

  • Time-saving: Using landscape design software enables you to place common design elements in only a few seconds. It removes all the exhaustion and hassle that one may acquire in hand-drafting
  • More natural coordination with clients and teams: Most landscape design programs allow you to deliver previews to suit the lifestyle and preferences of your clients or deal with collaborations in terms of design with other workers.
  • Simplification in terms of functions: Several landscape design programs allow you to generate complete proposals, material lists, and cost estimates.
  • Professional touch: Numerous alternatives allow you to generate a 3D VR experience, video walkthrough, multi-slide presentations, and 3D models.
  • Redundancy and security: There is a need for proper storage of a design in your mobile phone or computer if you are a landscape architect or designer

Factors to consider in choosing landscape design software


Usually, this is the first factor that contractors and landscape designers consider when looking for design software. Yet, cost should not be your primary concern. In terms of pricing, you need to determine if you will buy or rent the software and if it comes with updates. There are software programs wherein, after paying for the license, there are free updates. But, there are also software programs that keep you in a particular version unless you pay more for the newer features.

As long as you know how to deal with the upfront price, any type of landscape design software can be considered and should pay for itself within a few months. Check if your software charges for every user. If the design approach requires numerous employees, then costs will eventually add up. Finally, check if your landscape design software comes with a money-back guarantee.

Convenience of use

Your chosen landscape software should not be too tedious or time-consuming to learn. In terms of speed, note whether your software has tutorials or if it has absolute compatibility with your learning style. Check for instructional manuals or videos.

Collaboration with teams

Maybe you are designing a garden, and you are probably used to working alone. Yet, if you wish to have several workers collaborating on a more elaborate design, then this will shorten your list of what software to choose. A one-time payment for landscape design software enables you to enjoy some features for collaboration.

Consideration of hardscape, irrigation, and pools

There are a few software programs that are not just for the sole purpose of designing landscapes in homes. If outdoor décor, outdoor lighting, hardscaping, patios, decks, irrigation, and swimming pools are being considered, these aspects become an essential part of your landscape designs, and your software program should be able to reflect on that.

Specific elements should be considered, especially if it involves resource management, designing, and rendering of landscape design proposals. There are specific software programs that handle hardscaping, patios, decks, gardens, ponds, swimming pools, rails, fencing, lighting design, material management, and irrigation. These software programs place more emphasis on 3D rendering to meet the needs and preferences of your clients and other homeowners.

Indeed, there are a number of different options you can check out to find the best landscape design software, especially when you are designing a garden, large-scale commercial landscaping installation, and everything else. It is not too difficult to look for an app or software program that fits your needs.


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